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First, the rear preparation sow is over-term

First intramuscular injection Kang (1 mL), one week later, 1, 1 (5 mL).
Second, the sow is not estrus

There is still no love performance within 10 days after weaning. A muscle injection is piking (1 mL), and then the injection of 1 (5 ml) was again meta. There are genital tract infected, with long-lasting antibiotic Aike treatment.
Third, the sow is a long time to match the infertility

Emotional performance, repeated infertility.
1) Endometric inflammation can cause embryos to take the bed in the uterus, first use high-efficiency antibiotics or disinfection preservatives for 2-3 days, then muscle injection Kang (1ml), mix with antibiotics Treatment, one week later, 1 (5 ml) was adducted.
2) The yellow body function is not completely hidden abortion (the sow does not have a hoby infected person), 1-3 days after breeding, 1000 units (1) per day (1).

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Fourth, sow induction

Pregnant parent pig life exceeds the expected date of delivery. First muscle injection Kang (1 mL), during childbirth, there is a divergence between mass pitch can be used in conjunction with the use of azoine (OT) 20 units (1).
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The second day after childbirth
The second day of birth, the muscle injection Kang (1ML), which is conducive to the promotion of the mother-in-child rehabilitation; The sow is the same day, the muscle injury (1 ml) is conducive to the promotion of the sow.
Sixth, improve the child’s pig from the birth rate and the number of births (LHRH-A3 + HCG)
recommended in the second day of estrus, the second day of the muscle, 1000 units (1); 1 for breeding 1-2 hours muscle injuries floodin 3 (LHRH-A3) 25 micrograms (1).
Seven, sow childbirth control – day delivery

between 7 -8 -8 points before the pregnant mother pig, my muscle injection citizens (1ml), drug effect time is 24 -29 hours, 80% of pregnant mother pigs can achieve the effect of childbirth during the day.
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