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Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED), mainly in winter, a few occurred in the spring and fall, all kinds of pigs can be infected Inspiration, generally, its propagation speed is slower than infectious gastroenteritis (TGE), shortest range, low mortality. Infectious sources are sick pigs and poisoned pigs, through feces, saliva, etc., the secretions discharge a large number of viral pollution environments, and the susceptible pigs are treated with contaminated feed, and drink water to cause disease.

1. Ped pathogenesis
The current law of swine flooded diarrhea, often occurs first from fattening house or pregnancy house, and then spread to the campus, and makeup. Pigs are first vomiting, and then diarrhea, gray or yellow water, is poor, anorexia, anorexia, treatment, category 1 week old, pigs, pigs, 2-3 days, 7 days old Due to severe dehydration, the mortality rate was 50% -80%.
Second, PED Prevention and Control Principles: Isolation, Disinfection, Immunization, Elimination, Strengthening Nursing
(1) Usually do well in the field, especially for air bar disinfection and pig disinfection work, empty bar Require it first with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then spray to the wall, the wall, the surface of the rail, the wall, the wall, and then clean it with water. The next day, 3% of the glyphs were added with 10% raw gray water to any fixing parts and wall surfaces below the 1 meter height of the pig house, thoroughly kill the virus and bacteria. Dry five days later, then use the empty house. Dear proper personal protective clothing when disinfecting, it is best to connect to the eye and skin contact to disinfecting.

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In addition, the pig disinfection work is very important during the onset, and if it is a relatively serious pollution, it is recommended to use 1: 100 Wei Ke Virkon S, 300ml / square meter So far, the only disinfectant that can kill the ring virus is Wei Virkon S.Don’t superstitize other disinfectants; perseverely use DuPont, Virkon S, can do pig disinfection, and have a reduction in the reduction in the ring virus in the environment.

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(2) Strengthen immunity. The reserve sow should be injected with infectious gastroenteritis before breeding, 1 head of the pig flow trap diarrhea, which causes sufficient initiative immunity; pregnant sow is immunized by tire in the first 3 weeks. Inflammation, swine flooded diarrhea and rotavirus triple to defect out virgin, and new studios will be protected by obtaining maternal antibodies, reducing death. Therefore, the management of columns is critical. At present, PED weak drug vaccine officially approved by the application is the two-legged live seedlings of Harvestico’s triple live seedlings and Fuzhou Dabei farm. Most pig farms currently taken the immunization program of “live seedlings to the live seedlings”. .

(3) Do a good job. Once the pig group finds a viral diarrhea, epidemic prevention measures should be quickly taken, isolate the sick pig house, and strengthen the site disinfection work. Pay attention to the contaminated area and assumptions to the assumption, feed, tools, and personnel are completely separated. Pig vomiting and diarrhea should first spray 1: 100 bathing of Virkon S and other disinfectants, then rinse after half an hour, and contaminated utensils should also be disinfected. Patient pigs within a week in the epidemic point is recommended to eliminate emergency, more than 10% of the depth of dehydration of more than a week, 15 ml per day, 10% glucose saline, and good care effect. The rest of the pig can only reinforce drinking water with oral rehydration salt, reducing dehydration symptoms.

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A pig farm undergoing PED is recommended to use infectious gastroenteritis, pig flow trap diarrhea and rotavirus inactivating vaccine, and four weeks after breeding, 2 days before Week’s pregnant sows for emergency immunization, to reduce seed pig detoxification, shorten the PED outtreal period, can beDecrease or terminate the onset of new piglets. The pig farm in the production of three weeks of batch production is performed. It is often used in a number of pigs after a group of pigs, which is a role in the production of many-week batch rhythm production. I hope that this article can give you enlightenment!
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