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Pantial source antibody pair The piglets before weaning have a natural protective effect. However, 1 to 2 weeks after weaning, the mother-source antibody fell sharply until disappeared, and the immune system and the immune system and the day after tomorrow were not fully established, so it was easy to have an immuniencular window and infected the disease. The following is a brief discussion on the governance law of the mother-of major porcine infectious diseases, in order to provide support for vaccine immunity, related disease prevention and control.

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1, swine fever
swine fever causes an acute, thermal and highly contactive infectious disease caused by swine fever virus. The research data indicates that the 0-day-old piglet without the raw milk, the 1-day pork piglet mother antibody reaches the peak, and gradually decreases; the piglet mother antibody has protected piglets 1 ~ 28 days old Shandian pigs are also protected in 35 days, but the existence of maternal antibodies is also an important factor that causing a bad effect in the immune effect of piglets, so it is very important to determine the right premium. Through experiments, the piglets should be premierated from 28 to 35 days, and the relatively qualified immune protection rate can be obtained. It is an important guarantee for piglets to avoid swine fever during the preservation stage, and do a good job in monitoring of swine fever antibodies in pigs.

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2, Ring

The research data of Zhang Yi et al. (2012) shows that the pre-autoar circular virus vaccine before the pork is tested. Testing the mother’s mother-of-new piglets in the new-raised piglets, the newborn pigs can’t detect the PCV2 maternal antibody before breastfeeding, and after sucking the first milk, it graduallyRising, the parent antibody level is highest at 10-20, and the peak is reached around 20 days, and the rapid decline in 30 days, and the 40 day is reduced to the critical value. Therefore, immunite virus vaccine in 14-20 age is best. The high maternal antibody level of breastfeeding pigs can reduce the occurrence of PCV2 virusmia in serum, inhibiting replication of PCV2 in the body, protecting pigs from PCV2 infection, and can reduce piglet feces, serum and immune organs The number of viruses. After the PCV2 vaccine is vaccinated, the virus has fallen to the infection of the piglet, but does not mean that the entire piglet has been fully protected. If you want the pig, piglets must be fully protected, and piglets must immunize the circular virus vaccine. Foreign research confirmed that the early raw picking of piglets was less than a major factor in the syndrome of weaning piglets. Therefore, in the production practice, the sow is scientifically conductive immunization, ensuring that the new piglets have a good time to eat enough to ensure that the piglet has a good immunity.
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Pig Blue Ear Disease is a disease that is generally infected with pig farm and causes continuous losses. It is very important. Du Xizhong et al. (2012) has shown that the mothermal antibody 21 of the blue ear disease has begun to drop sharply, and the half-life is about 9 days, and the maternal antibody has decreased substantially to the critical value before and after weaning. The results of Han Xiangui (2011) showed that the test results of 14, 21, 28 aerial immune blue ear disease vaccines were seen, and the age of 14 ~ 21 days was best. Depending on the lanceover of the blue-ear sickness, the anti-body-dependent anti-antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of the blue ear disease virus is slow, the anti-antibody is slow, and the immunization of the blue ear disease vaccine is preferably not too late. It is recommended to immunize 14 to 21 days, while doing a good job in the monitoring of blue ear disease antibodies in the mother pigs and the monitoring of blue ear disease stability of commodity pigs.

4, pseudohardn disease

Pseudohadia is a disease that will seriously affect pig farm commodity pig economic benefits, so the anti-rabiesControl must be strengthened. First, you must understand the changes of pseudorantial mother’s source antibody. According to Du Xizhong et al. (2012), it shows that the first 30 days of sow can make piglets to achieve higher maternal antibodies, but the current prevention period of pseudo-raw fashion vaccine is 4 to 5 months, therefore it is recommended that the sow is immunized by 3 to 4 / year / year; the piglets have decreased with the increase of the increase of the mother-induced maternal antibody, and the positive rate of antibody decreases from 100% of 4 weeks. 54.55% of 10 weeks old, which decreased the fastest 6 ~ 8 week old. Du Xizhong et al. (2012) also shows that piglets are immunized by 5 weeks old, and pseudohaviral GB antibody positive rate and S / N value conversion value decrease, indicating that the mother-induced antibody may inhibit the establishment of piglets, vaccine antigen The level of immunized antibodies after the mother-induced antibody is lower than the level of maternal antibody. Therefore, in the design of a pseudo crane immune program, it is critical that the maternal antibody that overcomes the passive immunization of maternal antibodies to the active immunity of piglets. It is recommended that the prevention of piglets in piglets is arranged at 8 ~ 10 weeks. According to the 2012 Destination Pig Farm, the anti-rabies virus of the 120 days of fat parents is basically 0, and it is recommended to be 12 ~ 14 weeks. Aged to reinforce immunization of a pseudo-ravine vaccine. 5, foot-and-mouth disease

Foot-and-mouth disease is a strong infectious disease characterized by a blisters. The results of Yu Qiong, etc. (2012) show that there is no maternal antibody in the 0-day pop-up pig without eating raw milk, and the 1-day pork mother-induced antibody has peak, and it gradually decreases; foot-and-mouth disease maternal antibody is 1 ~ 14 years old piglets have protection, some piglets are also protected from 21 days. The pass rate of immunomatic antibody was less than 70% 21 days after the first time, and after 28 days, the peak is 86.7%. After 1 month, the effective immune antibody level can be maintained for a longer period of time, and gradually decreases later. It is no longer protected after 5 months. Zeng Huang et al. (2010) research suggestions, for 120 days of fettle pigs need to strengthen a foot-and-mouth disease immunity to ensure the immune effect of foot-and-mouth disease.

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