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Original title: Designing effective boar stimulation systems as a critical feature of the Gilt Development Unit Author: Eduardo Beltranena, Jennifer L. Patterson and George R. Foxcroft Translator: Gao Yan editor: pig professional managers

The rear bonus pigte tract (GDU) is a region where modern breeding pigs is clearly separated. This area is used to raise the backparent sow that is being trammed and waiting for the first time. The boar’s contact tradition is the most important factor affecting the estrus of the pig. Therefore, it is reasonable to design whether the contact area of ​​the bonding pigs is reasonable, directly related to whether the breeding effect is successful, whether labor management is efficient. We have designed a boar attraction area (BEAR) that can effectively use boars.

Design characteristics and layout

Figure 1 shows the concept layout of our boar tract zone. It is transformed from three typical (2.5m × 5.0 m) full-proof fertilizer seam. Both the fields are equipped with a two-way entry and exit bar door that can be two-side switches. The long side of fattening colors is not transformed. The only significant change is in the field, and two columns are installed. These columns are in order to prevent rear preparation sows to be trained to the corner, while these columns provide space for feeding staff to avoid boars. The design of the middle part of the boar’s trace area includes the following facilities:

1) 4 to 6 temptation boar bars (60-75cm width, 2.4m long, 1.15m high) sides of these boar bars There are column door (boar reinforcement) or latching fixed, there are nipple water dispenser on both sides, and the boar can drink water. The boar is fed with a plate. The drip system is installed in the field, which can be used to cool the boar in summer.
2) 1 hammer sow bar (1.2m wide, 1.8-2.4m long, 1m high) two-side switch double switch two-side switch.
3) 1 child fertilizer pound (61cm wide, 1.8-2.4m long, 1m high) open on both sides, the ground scalar is only requiredPreparing mother pigs weighted.
4) 1 feeding personnel channel (20-30 cm wide, 1.8-2.4m long, 1m high, no steel bars) are disposed between the field coil and the boarbar.

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Fig. 1GDu’s boar is trammed. A boar trace area can be retrofitted from 2-3 traditional fattening seizures

Typical pigs flow and management process

1) When the assembly is 150 – 180, no more than 15 per column The reserve sow will arrive at one of the tractors of the boar’s temptation area. 2) The feeding personnel need to carefully observe the backpass. The reserve sow is entering the tract of the trainer, and the boar is in contact with the live pig. It has a quiet estrus response (still standing, the ear is erected), and should be recorded immediately (recording the ear and mark), then the feeding personnel need to score the exterior of the static pork. And record. The feeding personnel should squeeze the sow or ride on the back of the sow to determine the level of the static reaction. A sow that confirms that the quiet estrus should be rushed to the estrus sow.

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2 Boat Traditional Powder

Fig. 2 shows the two groups of home pigs contact with a trainer. In the middle of the boarbar in the middle, the boarbar can enter and exit on both sides, and the boar can face both sides. The rear bonding pigs say weighing scales (middle and upper) and estrus sows (mid-) are also expressed in the figure. The feeding personnel hold the pig board stand in the middle channel and ready to intervene. 3) FeedersA high-performance tractor (minimum of Old) should be released to stimulate the remaining sows in the rest of the residual reaction. The feeder should hide behind the column in the middle aisle or column, he should record the time and observe the reaction of the back of the pig with the boar’s body after a period of time.

4) If other resell sows are stretched in direct contact with the trails of trains, the breeders should intervene. He must close from the side of the home sow and picking up the pig, with a pig board. Then you can drive the livist boar into the boarkey, or drive your estrus, drill into your vicine, and see which way is easier, but the feeder will never allow back to the boar.

5) According to the time of traumatic, the boar’s sexual desire and peripheral temperature can determine the release of the same boar or change the boot to the rest of the rear preparation sow. The breeder observes the reserve sow that is close to estrus after the central walkway or the corner.

6) If there is no sow that exhibits a stretched reaction, the breeder can rush to another group of binding mother pigs to the other side (Figure 2).

7) Like the boar and the rearing sow directly in contact with 15-20 minutes, the trace boar should drive back the boarbar. The reserve sow that is not estrus rushes back to the original circle. Better approach is to first drive the estrus sow from the sow bar, then the remaining coat of the sow will enter the walkway.

8) Emotician reserve sow uses different colors of markers, 5-7 days. After the estrus, the mother pig can drive back the original circle, but they should be related to the limit column a few days. The lady of the boar can be concentrated in reserve sows that have not yet been stretched. After 14 days, the mother pigs can provide additional stimulation. After 23 days, the reserve sow that has not yesterday, can use PG600, and use the boar to directly contact the traction of picking and picking out, it is not estrus. 9) The reserve sow is weighing when the sow is estrus, and the weighing record is to detect whether the backed sow is suitable for breeding. The first breeding of the rear sow is 135-150kg, according to different growth conditions, the second or third estrus should be reached.
10) The traction of the boar should be branched or artificially cooked once a week to ensure good sex.

Facility Advantage

We use the publicThe pig trace area is simple, cost-effective, whether in new pig houses or retrofitting pig houses can be used. The temptation area setting provides two backpass sows trap columns and a middle walkway. A breeder can check the two groups of bacon. The temptation area setting can be stored 6 homatics boars, and the trap boar can enter and exit on both sides, and the boar can face the attrangis column on both sides. Exposure to high-performance boars in front of the reserve sow, the early estrus is a huge excitement. Doing so can identify the estrus of the sow earlier, and the stretched reaction of the sow will last longer. (Table 1)

Table 1 Weaning mother pig is in front of the back pressure, the boar is trammed, both in recommending the four kinds of attraction methods recommended in the trainer traction ( Data Solites from Langendik et al. (J.anim. SCI. 2000.78: 871))

1 back pressure 2 boar traits 1 and 2 simultaneously use 1 and 2 in Bear sow Emotional rate,% 46569097 begins, H107106999 Emospheric duration, H22294255
detects estrus reserve sows to close the sow, picking boars can direct contact with the remaining reserve sows.

In order to ensure that the initial breeding is in a suitable weight range, the reserve sow that detects estrus can be weighed and recorded at the heave.

The column in the column can protect the rear sow from the boar’s injury. The intermediate walkway and corner column also protect the safety of the feeding personnel.

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