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porcine viral diarrhea is caused by various intestinal Acute intestinal infectious diseases caused by path viruses, general antibiotics are useless to viral diarrhea. The bacterial diarrhea is mainly caused by a pathogenic coli, an antibiotic treatment is effective.
Pig viral diarrhea

Pig viral diarrhea mainly has pig epidemic diarrhea PED, rotavirus RV, pseudoal tray PR and infectious gastroenteritis TGE. However, the most common in clinical or influenza PED, followed by rotavirus RV and pseudo-rampes, but this sort is not a constant.

Pigged pigs are mainly caused by pathogenic E. coli! E. coli can not only cause draft, but also causing volatile edema, sow breastitis and non-specific urinary tract infections. But these diseases are not the theme of our discussions. And what we have to talk about today is how to distinguish between the epidemic diarrhea PED and the white dysentery from the symptoms of the examination.
01, epidemic diarrhea

Pig flow-line diarrhea PED, in pathological description, small intestinal velvet epithelial vacutrometry formation and falling, causing small intestinal fluffs to become shorter and shrink, resulting in intestine enzymes The activity is significantly reduced, so there is no way to absorb nutrients smoothly; although small intestinal fluffs become shorter and shrinking; however, there will be a normal developmental situation, so the intestines will still have peristalsis, so in the early days of the disease, the lack of diarrhea Pig, its feeding capacity and what it wants to eat is very strong. In this case it will eat, whether it is a piglet or a pig, a pig, and you see it has diarrhea clinical symptoms. But it still wants to eat, the stomach will have food, and the pig will still have a normal digestive physiology. There is food in the stomach, and the gallbladder will participate in digestion, so the gallbladder should not be filled with bile. When you usually see the gallbladder during the examination, or when there is a small amount of bile, there will be food in the stomach, this is the experience of experience!

After the milk enters the intestines from the stomach, the pathological changes of the epidemic diarrhea PED mentioned earlier are small and shrinking.Enter the milk in the intestine, it cannot be normal digestion and absorption, so when you are inspected, you can’t see the white thin lineal chyloid in the breast dial!
After the infection of epidemic diarrhea Acute absorption adverse syndrome, so it will see a small intestine in the small intestine, and the expanded small intestine is filled with a large amount of yellow liquid.
The local replication of viral diarrhea intestines is mainly lung and breast. So when you clinically, you will find that there is a pathological change of “like nose and lung”. Why is it often viral diarrhea that will happen to the piglets and have a vomiting? This is the best interpretation of the virus through breast infection!


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02, piglet yellow diarrhea
Piglet yellow white diarrhea is caused by pathogenic E. coli, and E. coli caused toxins produced by bacteria, allowing the small intestine of the intestine to be dialyzed, dialysis The electrolytes inside the pig body suddenly disordered, and the whole pig became very weak. In addition to the influence of the inner factors of toxins, the sick pig will feel that the whole body is very difficult, and I don’t want to go to eat. So when you check, you will see there is no content in the gastrointestinal tract, it is empty! Because there is no content in the gastrointestinal tract, there is no chance to participate in digestion, so the gallbladder is full of bile; E. coli cannot lead to parenterer hair and shrinking, so the chyle is full of whiteColor lineal chylori. It will have a careful consideration when you see this. Gallbladder is full of bile shows that the pig has not eaten for some time. If the spleen is swollen, there is a fever process before the pig is dead, because the heat is uncomfortable, there is no competitiveness, this is a sickness of E. coli Consider the direction!
Bacillus diarrhea is filled with chyllo

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The on-site vacancy is caused by a strong cultivation caused by a strong consumption. The rate can be diagnosed with a viral diarrhea. Once the diarrhea caused by a weaker strain, it is unrecognized from clinical symptoms that cannot be diagnosed out, unless a laboratory diagnosis technology; intestinal content Physical pH Value, it is also possible to initially diagnosis is a viral diarrhea or a white diarrhea. When the piggy diarrhea caused by piglets, the feces of piglets are acid, but his incidence and mortality have no viral diarrhea PED mortality. high.
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