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Author: Shi Zengbin editor: pig professional managers of micro letter ID: YZZYJLR2016
domesticated blue ear disease, we have two tools. One is a tool for synchronous infection, including weak poisonous seedlings, serum, self-cultivation; the other is to speed up the swine autism, prevent poisonous pig detoxification, including sealing, feeding of love, and eliminate poisonous pigs. If you want to keep the blue ear disease remain stable, you have to do internal management work.
Blue ear disease found in the United States in the United States in 1987, it has always been a major disease that plagues the global pig industry, especially in China. Blue ear disease occurs repeatedly in different parts of my country, and causes a lot of pigs to die. In particular, highly pathogenic blue ear disease is a “pig high-fever”, but not only in the domestic and prosperous waves, but also floats over the sea, “export” to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, etc., gain a huge loss to local live pig breeding .

We already know that blue ear disease will cause immunosuppression of pigs, causing other bacteria and viruses. Blue ear disease can’t control, the pig farm is difficult to have. The vaccine immunization of existing PRRS has many deficiencies: the immunogenicity of the inactivation seedlings is poor, and the effect of antibodies after vaccination is low, and the effective protective effect is not effective; the weak toxic seedling should see the homology between the vaccine strain and the wild strain The high and low effects are different, and the intersection of the cross-munctual virus strain is low (the separation strains of thousands of different blue-ear virus have been separated in nature, each genotype poison plant is now Still in variation). At the same time, there is a risk of tatrels in the disappear, and there is a report that the weak drug seedlings can be transmitted vertically and infect the fetus. Weakist seedlings can also affect the boar semen, and the boar is not recommended to vaccinate the weak toxic seedlings. For the sow houses, the sailor, the savage, the blue ear disease purification is also the hot topic of today’s international pig industry. PRRS can continue to be infected in the pig group, but the pigs will no longer spread after 120-180 days. If the pig group began to close group measures, it will not introduce the back pigs in 6 months, and the seal will be emptied. In this way, the PRRS can be removed by this method, and a negative pig is introduced into a lunar pig, if it is no longer being infected, this shows that the pig group purifies the blue ear disease. CARGILL, located in the south of the United States, successfully removed PRRS in a 100,000-head sow, compared to the non-purified PRRS, production has achieved good results, additional diagnosis, drug fees, 51%, antibioticsThe cost is reduced by 70% (feed, drinking water and injection).
But under the current raising conditions in China, it is very difficult to achieve blue ear disease. For multi-point breeded pig farms, blue ear disease purification is relatively easy, sows, conservation pigs and fatty pigs produced in a dragon in the same field, and blue ear disease purification is almost impossible, and it is very easy to re-infect For various reasons, there are only very few pig farms in China to make multi-point feeding. The relevant cost of purification is very high. High quality talents are also bottlenecks. There are still many places that need to explore. The source of blue ear disease negative breeding pigs is also limited (there are only a few pig farms in China. In the breeding of blue ear disease), the pig farm purified by blue ear disease has been re-infected, which is also huge, which makes a lot of intensive farm decision makers.

For the cultured environment and existing level of the domestic farm, the author believes that the control of blue ear disease needs to start with “domestication”. The so-called “domestication” is to control blue ear disease viruses to stabilize infections in the pig group, neither clear or eruption. Domestication is a means, maintaining the stability of the pig, there are two tools, domesticated tools: one is a uniform infection, guarantees that only one serotype blue ear disease dominates, including a bloody pig serum, commercial vaccine, the blue ear isolated Disease homemail; the other is to remove viral blood as soon as possible, inhibit Blue Earth disease with poisonous pig detoxification, maintenance of blue ear disease infection in an unexplugable or even affect production results, including elimination measures, add love in feed Lexin (effective ingredient is Temanochemoon), sealed, etc., which will be described in detail below.

1. Tools of domestication of blue-ear disease

Tools of synchronous infections Theory, commercial vaccines are ideal infection tools, injection of blue ear disease vaccines, so that immune pigs are maintained Horizontal antibody, protect the pigs from the infection of wild toxia, as mentioned above, whether it is a disabled seedling, inactivating seedlings, genetic recombinant vaccine is not high (approximately 32 times), neutralizing antibody The time that appears is quite slow (about 8 weeks), and the protection effect is inconsistent, and the cross-immunization protection of virus strains varied. So the vaccine of the blue ear disease can only be a tool for synchronous infection. We cannot have too high for the vaccine. Which vaccine is selected for each pig farm, it is necessary to detect the serum of this advantage of Bluene virus strains.Closesturized vaccine. Domestic listing blue-ear disappearing vaccine strains include: ATCCVR-2332 strain, CH-1R plant, R98 strain, NVDC-JXA1-R strain, HUN4-F112 strain, TJM-F92 strain, etc., compared to blue The numerous serotypes of the ear disease and the total variation of variations are too small for selective vaccines. The injection of blue ear disease is also a method of synchronous infection. The serum has a slightly higher production, and a typical pathogeneous pig is selected from the serum and ensures that other viruses or bacteria are not contained in the treatment. During the injection of serum, there may be a pig only fever, and fluoronic gluchanosylamine can be injected with fire, feed or drinking water to add aspirin. Pregnant sow is a lifting of the dead, and the feed can be added to the feed, and the stress of the injection of serum is reduced. Homemade is also the same, the key is whether the inactivation can be thorough, whether the disease is typical, and the virus content is sufficient. Previously used driven diseases infected with pig farms, due to poor targeted, poor effect, difference, etc., basically not recommended. According to the status of the pig farm, it can be taken in three methods.
1. Two Tools to Clear Virus Temperature and inhibit Piral Pig Detoxification When Blue Ear Disease is active during the pig, the seal is a relatively conservative but comparative method. Blue ear disease is not like a false rabies, it is impossible to have a lifeline poisonous pig, only sustained infected pigs, Bluene virus infections will gradually disappear over time in the latched population [6]. During the seal, the rear preparation pig is not introduced, in order to ensure that the production is normal, it is ready for at least half a year before the seal. Do a good job in the disinfection of the pig table for each pig, do not use foreign boar semen. Through the seal to remove the infection of blue ear disease in the pig, take a long time, many infected pigs die during the seal. Add a love new feeding pigs in the feed to suppress blue ear disease to replicate in pigs, weaken blue ear disease damage to lung damage, accelerate the swine group to remove viral blood disorder [7]. It is necessary to eliminate those sows that are severely poisoned by poison, and the standards eliminated will be explained below. Three methods can be carried out simultaneously.
2, management measures to maintain dynamic balance of blue ear disease infection In addition to using two tools of domestication of blue ear disease, the pig farm needs to do internal management work, cooperate with blue ear disease in the pig Dynamic balance target.
2.1 to eliminate exogenous plateal blue ear disease on the shock of stable pigs in pig farms

2.1.1 Deprecating a large-scale pig farm should try to be cautious, less typing. After the introduction, it is necessary to isolate the reserve pigs, and the purpose is to prevent foreign blue-ear disease vessels from mixing this, while all of the rearing sow is infected, thereby producing immunity to this homologous PRRS virus. Isolation domestication is carried out in specialized isolation houses (the farther and better of the pigs in the production area), the time is as long as possible. It is necessary to detect blue ear disease antibodies and serotograms before entering the field. Choose the contact with the non-pregnant sows prepared to eliminate, feeding the blue ear stem tissue, such as feces, abortion, hazardous pig lung, domestication process Timely detection of the infection of the pigs in time, the ideal result is that the IDEXX ELISA kit detects blue ear disease S / P to the first rise, the value is stable between 0.8-1.5, and the serotype and the homology of serotype and this field It is less than 80%. Produce serum injection, can shorten domestication time, but generally no less than 60 days.
2.1.2 Try not to use foreign boar semen to spread blue ear disease for anti-boar semen, not recommended to use the semen outside the site, especially the blue-ear disease positive pig farm. Due to the small group, the supply station can be used to purify the blue ear disease by strict biosafety measures. In special cases, it can be used.
2.1.3 When selling pigs, do a good job in disinfection work and transport pig cars in almost every day, and the slaughterhouse. PRRSV on pig car is easy to enter the pig farm through the air or pig staff. When the pig farm sells pigs, they must do a good disinfection work, and picked fat pigs cannot return to the pig. The practice of American pig farms is cleaning, and the vehicle should be baking the vehicle outside of disinfection, and 75 degrees Celsius is baked for 10 minutes, it is worth reference.

2.2 Avoid spread between blue ear disease in the field pigs, exchange

2.2.1 Phase the premipotylation of blue-ear disease detoxification sow prevention and control PRRS lies in limiting the virus in the production of each link Communication, key measures are to stabilize the mother and pigs, and timely eliminate the sub-health sows that blue ear stems. Two consecutive ELISA antibody detection values ​​are above 2.0 or more, have eye psoritis, and the back of the bleeding point, which is poor in reproductive performance will not create benefits for the pig farm, but also constantly tangery, infect other sows. Most of the born pigs produced by the blue-ear stem of the poisonous sow, most of them are born with other pigs. Similarly,Biofah disease, sick and weak swigs in the production bed, conservation and fattening stage, are separated or eliminated in time, reducing the source of blue-ear disease tissue spread.
2.2.2 Avoid fostering, do not fade in a piglet that is born 24 hours or more, make the piglets follow the sore sows. Some sows have a high antibody, enough to protect the pig’s degree of lactation, if the poisonous pig is placed in the piglet group itself, the mothermal antibody may be ended in about 2 weeks, Piglets are infected with blue ear disease in their bodies.
2.2.3 After the full-time export of maternal antibodies disappeared, the re-infection of blue ear disease mainly occurred in the precaution period, so the emptying of the posture is equivalent to thorough disinfection. After the composing is completely cleared, then enter a batch of pigs to avoid the spread of blue ear disease in different batch pigs. Similarly, there is a conditional pig farm, fattening houses are also disinfected and empty after a period of time and then transfer to the new pig group, and do the true full-time, guarantee the unidirectional flow of the quasius.
2.2.4 Replace the needle for injection of the needle, the needle for the injection, it is best to replace a needle every injection, if you can’t do it, at least to ensure that each pig is used for a needle, fattening pigs per column A needle.
2.2.5 During the mixed group stage, add Ai Lexin weaning to recycle and income to fattening into these two mixed groups. Add Ireo new, weakened the mixed group stress, inhibit blue ear disease in pig Replication in vivo, protect blue ear disease damage to lungs. In order to prevent other bacterial diseases, anti-germin, fluorbennette, quinolone, etc. can be selected to use antibiotics and love new compatibility. In the real production, the prevention and control of pig blue ear disease must first be objectively realized that the infection of blue ear disease is inevitable (after all, there are very few pig farms with blue ear disease purification conditions), but we are actively doing manual Infection, or a “flooding”, which caused blue ear disease in the pig, it is necessary to reflect. Although the blue-ear disease weak poisonous seedlings can reduce the porcum detoxification, reduce the clinical disorder of the onset, but still cannot block the irregular outbreak of blue ear disease. There are two development directions in the future of blue ear disease vaccine: the first is to do regional home subunit vaccines, separated from viruses in a certain area, and select a specific strain for cultivation, specific methods Extract the viral membrane protein to make a subunit vaccine; the second is that many scholars have changed research direction to the regulatory virus receptacle.Activation or inhibition, thereby controlling PRRS to infection of hosts, the latest research points to: Sialoadhesion and sialoAdhesion and sulphin (Heparan Suiphate) in pig lung dirty macrophages are adjusted to regulate the invasion of the virus invaded The main factor, currently research scholars will place the focus of PRRS infection on these two major receivers. The R & D of the Blue Ear Disease Vaccine is far away. We can’t put the strategy of blue ear disease prevention and control, and it is more effective in better and more effective vaccines.

Now the pig farm is actually a way to control blue ear disease, that is, the domestication of blue ear disease: let a blue-ear sick serot into a dominant strain in the pig group, so that all individuals in the pig group Immunization in this serotype, stop detoxification, so that the virus will lose the new susceptible host, can’t find a place to continue to proliferate, ensure that blue ear disease does not break, try to reduce the loss caused by blue ear disease. Domestication of blue-ear disease, we have two tools. One is a tool for synchronous infection, including weak poisonous seedlings, serum, self-cultivation; the other is to speed up the swine autism, prevent poisonous pig detoxification, including sealing, feeding of love, and eliminate poisonous pigs. If you want to stay stable for a long time in blue ear disease, it is necessary to do internal management, including two aspects:, on the one hand, the exogenous serotype blue ear disease is impact on existing pigs; on the other hand, it is to minimize the inside of pigs. Blue-ear disease communication, thereby producing variations and recombination. In realities, the various work of blue ear disease prevention and control is around the above ideas.

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