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The production, operation and financial statements of the scale pig farm have more than 100, and it is difficult to see all of these reports as non-professional data analysts. So, can there be a statement in the farm to see the production level of the pig farm? Yes, that is – sow breeding efficiency report!

1. Overview

A complete sow breeding efficiency report must include four aspects, respectively, breeding scores, delivery results, weaning scores, stocks. Graphic:

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In particular, it is to emphasize that the four parts are not the same, and the breeding score refers to the performance of the sow population in the statistics period. The score refers to the performance of the sow population of childbirth during statistics, and the weaning score refers to the performance of the sow population of weaning in the statistics period. Do not mess with the score, make the wrong object, the result may be a thousand!

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1, total variety: the number of breeding records of the statistics period;

2 , The number of compounds: the number of complex records of the statistics period, the compounding is a return, empty and abortion in the breeding;

3, the ratio ratio: the statistics period is compounded The proportion of total varieties, the indicator directly reacted the efficiency of breeding;

4, initial age: the average age of the initial shelter after the statistics, the indicator is the most at 230 Good;

5, breaking interval: all the average interval of all weaned breeding after weaning, reaction with the management level of weaning mother, should be less than 7 days;

6. Broken interval ≤7 days ratio: This statistics time interrupt milk breeding ≤7 days record accounts for all weaned breeding records;

7, breeding batch batch rate: This statistics During the specified time range (usually 110-125 days), the indicator is only meaningful in viewing 110 days ago, usually many reports are not reflected.

Third, childbirth results

Main items:

1, childbirth nest number: childbirth recording bar within this statistics;

2, total delivery / 均: Total care and nest of childbirth during this statistics;

3, childbirth alive: core indicators of sow reproductive performance;

4, childbirth dead tires / 窝, 窝 木 / / 窝;;;;; 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 形 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 形 形 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不One of the roots of confusion, weakness, distortion, difficulty, is not very significant, it is recommended not to count, born as long as it is a living unified record live, there is a dispute, the test, can determine if it is born

6, an annual production of live todders / with a seed sow: Number of childbirth in statistics * 365.25 / This period of breeding day, the indicator reflects an average of the average breeding sow The number of live bodies that can be produced is a year-of-year indicator;

7, annual birth time / with a sow (LSY): The number of childbirth records in statistical period * 365.25 / This period of breeding sow feeding day And, also known as the porcine rotation rate, is the core index of the efficiency of the reaction sow, is an annualization index;

8, childbirth rate: the number of childbirth records / (due to the expected date of delivery Breeding record number – During this statistics time, the number of breeding records in this statistics but not in this statistic time is not in the statistics time, but the date of delivery of childbirth is in the calculation record of the statistics period), remember not to be confused with breeding batch batch, object Different;

9. Calibration Girth rate: Dimension in the above childbirth reduction in the expected date of pregnancy, sold, allocated or non-breeding reasons, the probability of incident is small, It is usually not counted.

Four, weaning results

Main items:

1. Weaned woven: there is a number of weaning records corresponding to childbirth record;

2, weaning Total / nest, average: there is a weaned day of weaning and the number of weaning of the weaning of the childbirth record;

3, the average weaning date age: the statistics period has the wealth pig breastfeeding day of the childbirth record / There is a sum of the sum of the weaning pigs in the time of childbirth;

4, the wear width: there is a weight loss of weaning piglets corresponding to childbirth records in this statistical period, and there is a weaning record of childbirth recording. And;

5, the survival rate of weaning: the statistics period has the sum of the number of weaning pigs corresponding to childbirth records / the statistical period has the amount of childbirth of the childhood pigs in the childbirth record;

6, year-old milk, pig (PSY): The number of piglets pigs in this statistics * 365.25 / The sum of the breeding day of the pig breeding day, is the final result of the pig farm, directly react The production level of the pig farm is a year-of-year indicator. It is usually used in a comparison;

7, the number of yellow pigs (PSY): the statistics time, the number of pigs * 365.25 / this statistics The sum of pigs (including backup) feeding days is the final result of the pig farm. Direct reactive pig farm production level is a year-of-year indicator. Because each pig farm is inconsistent, it is usually not used in the relative comparison, only Suitable for comparison within the same production system;

1. Main items:

1, with a model of sows: non-virgin female sows at the end of the store;

2, Reserve Shot Seasons: Virgin Dynasty Demonstration:

3, the number of pigs in the group: the number of maternal pigs into group records;

4 , Update rate: The statistics period into the number of pigs in the group * 365.25 / The sum of the sow feeding day, is an annualization indicator;

5, the number of mother pigs: the number of sows in this statistics

6, the elimination rate: the statistics period eliminated the number of palsy * 365.25 / The sum of the sows in the statistics period, is an annualization indicator;

7, flatAll eliminated gestational age: the statistical period eliminated the number of sows and the number of sows were eliminated;

The definition of the gestational age: the number of childbirth, that is, the back is p-tire before delivery, childbirth One child.
8, the number of death sows: the number of dead sows during this statistics;

9, mortality: Di Death and death in this statistics * 365.25 / This statistics The sum of pigs, the year of the year, is the annualization indicator;

10, the sow final stock: Statistical time period of the sow;

11, the end of the boar period: Statistical time period Pig stock.

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Sixth, Summary

The sow breeding efficiency report is the core statement of each pig farm, which can completely reflect the production and management level of a pig farm. In the basis of the report, the contents of breastfeeding pigs and commodity pigs, boar, semen production can form a complete weekly report, monthly report, quarterly, annual report, etc.; the decomposition of each core indicator can also be formed Various analytical reports; At present, the Benchmarking of the International International is formed on this report, as the basic content of the data management of pig farm, the understanding of the indicators and algorithms of the report is to learn And use the data management of the farmhouse.


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A lot of pig batch management board
Walk into the farm, often see a piece similar to the picture below The trapezoidal can be updated every day, which is called a batch batch management, which is the most common day-to-day management tool for the argument. What can this tool help managers?Some work? Today we do a detailed analysis of how to use a variety batch management board.

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The number is not fill in when the number is not changed, and the number reduces the red pen.

Step 1, set the target
What is the core task of the daily management of the pig farm?

is the completion of various production goals!
is high efficiency, low cost completion goals!

The so-called “high production level” that does not complete the production goal is a rogue!

Complete a variety target (124 heads) is the basis and premise of completing other production objectives.

Step II. The concept of composition

is analyzed: the object with the same attribute can be called batch;

The concept of a batch is the same time interval. The sow is called a group of modern pig farms usually achieve the weekly working system, so we will call a weekly breeding sow as a week, of course, there are also 3, or 4, or 5 weeks. The picture above is a pig farm in 800 sows (three-week batch). The 2017 pig production score is the total number of pig production.

The composition of each breeding approval includes the following three parts:

A. Sil sows after weaning;

B, return, empty, abortion, multi-breeding Pig;

C, backup estrus, breeding sow;

According to the composition of the composition, the gap is flexible and flexible, the reserve sow cultivation plan, the use of drug control estrus, etc. , Achieve full production plan as soon as possible, improve efficiency. Step three, formulate the next batch of backup cultivation plans

The pig farm according to this branch, the estimated childbirth rate, the average of 7 days after weaning, etc., in the breeding 6-8 weeks, basically calculate the number of rearing sows required for the breeding batch, advance to the plan to achieve the purpose of balanced production.

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Note the meaning of the sow and piglets in each box

step four, analyze the real-time gradation of each matching batch

Every real-time pregnancy loss of each with a batch can be clearly seen.

and can continue to drill down and analyze specific losses per head.

Step 5. Analyze the losses of the cysting batch, thus summarizing the law, minimizing the loss after breeding.

Batch management board is the most powerful tool for the production site management of the pig farm and the production site, which is also the basis of the batch, visualization management. It is a long, composing The supervisor must be mastered and skilled.
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