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the normal operation of large-scale pig farms, in fact, 85% of the work is Duplicate, all repetitive work should be process, all process-treated work can be standardized, all standardized work is employee can learn, and all employees can learn the work is good. . If the pig farm wants to increase its long-term stability, it must have a complete and systematic process, standard and talent system construction, and don’t have it.
Friends, if you let you go to a 1000-scale new pig farm to do personals, let you make this farmker’s back to the market, how will you do?
You may think, this is not simple, first set the utilization target of the rear mother pig, if it is 85% utilization, then the number of colonies of the rear sow = 1000 / 0.85, 1176, then use 1176 / 5 = 235, grab a batch of each month, 25 sets of 5 batches, 235 each batch. OK is OK. Maybe most of our pig farms do this, the classic textbook is also teaching, but in practice, we are more and more feeling, if this is done, the utilization rate of the resembled sows is not as high as the original imagination, sometimes In order to complete a weekly breeding task, even some kinds of flexible sows are also involved in the breeding. As a result, there is often a high elimination rate of the head sow, and most pig farms have still have a so-called “second birth syndrome”. .

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Where do we design the introduction plan?

Tell you that there is no future concept of “reservoir” in our designs, leading us to complete a variety goal every week, “Stretching elbow”, always looking forward to the back of the mother, if we expect Every week, there are 53 backrooms. Once it is a mother-in-life, it is only necessary to have a hormone to adjust the hormones such as pregnancy. In fact, we should set this for the new field of 1,000 basic sows.Basic goals:

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The initial production of the rear sow should be in the 225 days to 240 days. Isn’t this a two-week time? Therefore, the correct introduction method should be 13.8% of the total number of points in the head, and 55% of the introduction of the base sow, that is, 55% of the basic sows in the first month), 5% in the last 12 weeks (after the introduction of the following three months The reserve sow is retracted, and after 12 weeks, the number of sows is set to 2,35, then it should be produced 2.35x 1000 = 2350 in the year; 2350/52 = 45 per week Wo. According to 85% of the breeding, the calculation should be breeded once a week. If you have good memory, you should remember that the number of invested in our month is 235, and the sows are 235 / (52/12). ) = 54 head. Of course, you will be stretched!

It seems that once the back home is not as good as we envisaged, the real breeding program is often difficult to do. We may wish to change this problem. To do full of all-in, balanced production, must start from Zhou Balanced breeding, if I now give you 60 hair back, you can complete the 53-headed breeding task? You will definitely say, you follow I am joking, how can it be?

First popularize common sense, the estrus cycle of the sow is 21 days, and the estrusity of the backpack of the nature of the boar is 90%, that is, to 100 in the same period The reserve sow, theoretically there is 4.3 estrus every day, that is, 7 x 4.3 = 30. If it is 200 in the same period of sows, there is a 60-year back to the next week. Since the beginning When you have a breeding, you have always had the right to choose, let who participate in a breeding, let which sow is suspended, everything is said, always maintaining initiative, not as follows in the above.

below It is the number of quantities and breeding quantities in the first year of the new field. What is the inspiration to you?

The first update rate calculation
Zengjie introduced a breeding
%%% quantity 05- January – 2017113, 81380,0012- January -2017213, 81380,0019-2017313, 81380,0026- Jan -2017413, 81380, 2002-201755, 0500,000-20-201765, 0500, 0016-2 Month – 201775,0500,0023-2 – 201785,0500,2002 – March -201795,0500,009-2017105, 0500, 0016-2017115, 0500, 0023-2017125, 0500 , 0030 – March -2017135, 0505, 35306 – April -2017145, 0505, 35313 – April -2017155, 0505, 35320 – April -2017165, 0505, 35327 – April -2017170,005,35304- May -2017180, 005, 35311-2017190, 005, 35318 – May-2017200, 005, 35325-May-2017210, 555, 35301-June -2017220, 555, 35308-June -2017230, 555, 35315- June -2017240, 555, 35322- June -2017250, 555, 35329-June -2017260, 555, 35306-July -2017270, 555, 35313-July -2017280, 555, 35320-Ju 2017290, 555, 35327-2017300, 555, 35303- August-2017310, 555, 35310-August-2017320, 555, 35317-August -2017330, 550, 4424-August -2017340, 550, 4431 – August -2017350, 550, 4407- September -2017360, 550, 4414-September-2017370, 550, 4421-September-2017380, 550, 4428-September -2017390, 550, 440May – October -2017400, 550, 4412 – October -2017410, 550, 4419 – October -2017420, 550, 4426-October -2017430, 550, 4402- November -2017440, 550, 4409-November 2017450, 550, 4416- November -2017460, 550, 4423- November -2017470, 550, 4430- November -2017480, 550, 4407-December -2017490, 550, 4414-2217500, 550, 4421 – December -2017510, 550, 4428 – December -2017520, 550, 44

The above is a weekly introduce plan, combining it into the month, is the following Table.

Introduced in the first year
%%% Number of January 1755,05500,001, 0200, 2005, 2005, 353 April 1720,020021,22255 0021, 200212 June 170,0026, 2002, 2002, 2001, 2001, 2009, 2009, 2001, 616, 2010,001, 6161, month 170,001, 9191, month 170,001,61
Scale farm wants to make production balance From the breeding, the new field should be set up from the reserve sow, just as we play Hubei landlord, you can always catch a good card in your hand, you will not fight? This way you can perfectly perform a weekly breeding task from the beginning, and the number of the invested only is only 1152, and there is still 24 years more than the original 1176, but it is easy to complete the breeding task. This is the charm of the “reservoir” of the reserve sow.

It seems to have a new year’s year’s year’s annual update rate is 12.8%, then the second year, the third year?

I want more details and listen to the decomposition.

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