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The profit of a pig farm comes from the production performance of its sow. How to better improve drinking water is an important topic that improves the reproductiveness of sows and reducing the mortality rate of households. For breastfeeding sows: more drinking water = more milk!

Basic digital information of drinking water

Water temperature does not be too high or too low, too low water temperature can cause diarrhea and other digestion, too high water temperature will reduce pig drinking water. So the sow drinking water temperature is recommended between 13 ° C to 20 ° C. The height of the water dispenser needs to be installed according to the highness of the pig, generally from the height of the mother pig drinking, about 64 cm. Water pressure is higher than 1.8 – 2.0 liters / minute or so, the water pressure is too high, which may be frightened by animals. It will make animal standing time too long to cause lack of drinking water.

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Further, at the beginning of the water field design of the pig farm, the main water pipe should be deeply buried in the underground at least one meter, and then the temperature temperature is increased. Local infrastructure practice implementation. The misunderstanding of some pig farms boss in the south is not considered in winter antifreeze, and the summer main water pipe is too shallow or exposed in the open air, and it will cause too high water temperature, and it will also affect the pig’s drinking water. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the water lines and separation of different stages at the beginning of the design, and install the decompression.

Water quality management
The pig is very sensitive to the smell of water, if copper, iron and other heavy metal exceptions reduce the amount of pig drinking water. In Europe, the pig farm will do two water quality tests a year. The test report is also an important reference information for veterinary work.

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How can I improve? Male pig drinking water

The amount of water drinking water in breastfeeding is closely related to the amount of food, and it is possible to improve the sow drinking water to directly improve the amount of sow, thereby improving the amount of urmulus. Especially in the case of high temperatures, if we can be fed according to the hormone secretion of the mother sow, we can improve the fish feed and drinking water in the sow.


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According to the lavage of sow hungry and insulin secretion (due to domestication of the pig, the two hormone secretion laws of people and pigs are similar), we can Attempts to feed 40% of the feeding volume of the day in the morning, 30% from 9:30 am, 20% – 30%, 10% in the afternoon, 5:30 pm. Since the water supply of the water, the water supply is certainly unable to meet the demand for breastfeeding pigs, especially when the mother should have a few times more water, drinking water in ordinary cases. Therefore, in the afternoon, you need to add water in the bowl. Since the sow in the afternoon and night did not eat, 6:30 in the morning can eat 40% of the feed to increase the milk performance of the day.

At the same time, employees can also observe whether the feed in the food trough is finished at 1:00 pm, and then check whether water is drunk in the food trough at 3:30. If the individual sow is abnormal, it is necessary to test the body temperature and find a problem.


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