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Size field realizes balanced batch production, not only reduces disease spread, promotes disease purification, improve management efficiency, increases the welfare of employees’ regular vacation, but also improves feed efficiency, drug cost, etc., reduce production cost, use the same Maximization of resources to achieve benefits.
Do you want to realize the rapid holiday benefits? Do you want to do pigs? Do you want to maximize your column? Do you want to manage production processes more accurately? Lotion production can greatly help you solve the problem: changing the original continuous production method, bringing a group of sows as a group of breeding and childbirth, will be weaning, breeding and delivery in a short period of time And the intervals are clear, and the management uses full-time full-time, and the batch production is the requirements of modern pig management.

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The design case of batch production mode
The batch production has a different batch design, according to the scale of most pig farms, 500 ~ 1000 sows, more than weeks or three-week batch. Antity Group has held its internal core pig farm, and external core customers in the country. Here is a customer far farm in An You Shandong as an example. The 500 basic mother pig farm is a dragon production line. At present, 100,000 commercial pigs, currently designed in a three-week batch model.

1.1 Existing grades and columns

Basic parameters numerical delivery rate /% 86 neck average weaning pig number / head 11.5 weaning to the listing birth rate /% 95 kinds of pig year update rate /% 40 pregnancy days / D114 sow average weaning age / D28 weaning to breeding interval / D5120kg age / week 29 with a collections 480 bed 10 × 16 bed / Dongcheng seizu 14 buildings × 180 head / buildings
1.2 规 planning and production target plan

The key points are as follows: three Zhou Batch production, surrounding age milk
1) If all 10 buildings are used, 5 × 16 = 80 heads per batch, each batch of batch 80 ÷ 0.86 = 93 (86% childbirth rate) It is necessary to raise 586 sows, and there is not enough space for the Huisher, so it is not considered.
2) If the category is used, 4 builds per batch, each batch of delivery 4 × 16 = 64 heads, need to raise 470 sows, and the space is sufficient. The remaining 2 buildings can be used for him. Insufficient fattening space, one batch of production every three weeks, a batch of paren pigs is sold every five weeks. Recommended mother and pigs are insufficient, consider using a fattening pig house.
3) Bring 75 heads / batch, childbirth 64 窝 (86% childbirth rate), weaning pigs 736 / batch, listed 699 head / batch, annual listing 12092 heads (increased 2092 listed meat pigs, do not need to spend The fixed cost is 20%, which saves about 1.2 million, plus the increase in the profits of the listed meat pigs, according to 5 yuan per kilogram of 5 yuan per kilogram, can be increased by about 2.45 million yuan per year).
4) Psy = 27.1, msy = 26.0

1) Prepare the mother pig early, the reserve mother pig breeding conditions: 35 weeks old, 130 ~ 150kg, back The thickness is 16 ~ 18mm, and at least once.
2) The breeding target is 75 every three weeks.
3) Fill in the whiteboard every Saturday, each time I fill out the white plate, and timely statistically productive sows, and analyze the difference analysis, and process the problem sow.
4) Prepare adequate reserve sows in advance in advance.
2, the key to the implementation of batch production model
1) The childbirth is compact. Can not be given during delivery during delivery, D-chlorine pre-elevated alcohol can be injected 24 hours before delivery, 1 mL per sow, ensuring the birth of the sow.
2) Emoticity and breeding are concentrated. Batch production, you need to ensure the same period and breast in the same period of the mammics. Early discovery of problems sows and make corresponding treatment, sows that may be delayed after weaning after weaning.For example, after weaning the first bourgeois pig, the sow of the sow is poor, etc., these sows can be made 1 to 2 days in advance of the large group.
3) Improve the level of estrus identification and pregnancy diagnosis. It is necessary to accurately grasp the estrus identification time of the backpass and weaning the mother pigs, and the estrus status, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the synchronous childbirth. Early pregnancy diagnosis is very important to reduce production efficiency for reducing non-production days.
4) Maintain the stability of the number of pigs per batch. The most important point of batch production is to ensure that each batch of pigs are full of production, only in this way can ensure the implementation of the audience production targets. Several critical data should be grasped, mainly including: 1 quantity of each batch of basic sows and rearing sows; 2 The size of the full-time reserve group; 3 Each batch number; 4 per batch number. The changes in any of these data will result in abnormal operation of the batch production mode.
5) Improve the management level of the rear pigs. There should be enough reserve sows in the audience, and to pay attention to the first estrus date of the reserve sow, it is easy to predict the third, four estrus times, and arrange the weaning mother pigs with the estrus time. Thus, each batch of weaning hassue is maintained stable. In addition, it is important to be an alien mother pig with a batch production plan, which can be stimulated 21 days before the estrus date. In addition, considering that the researcher has an isolated, immunization and adaptation to the environment before entering the field, it should be introduced in advance, and it is recommended to introduce 70 ~ 80kg.
6) Monitoring the effects of breeding season and breeding changes on breeding giving rates, if a decrease in the birth rate, it should increase the number of breeding heads, thereby ensuring that the number of breeding heads per batch.
3, batch production needs Precautions

1) Determine every batch of interval in accordance with the area of ​​random and each of the livestocks, large pig farms have actually been implemented Sub-production, only after weaning is not batch of isolation and feeding, mainly in the case of conservation, fattening part into a batch of feeding to improve the status. Small pig farms can choose 2, 3 or 5 weeks a lot. If considering the estrus cycle of the entire pig, it is recommended that the small pig farm uses 3 weeks a batch operation.
2) The quantity of birth bed and delivery house determines the quantity of each batch of sow, and it is also related to the number of raised pigs, and there should be obvious partitions between different batch delivery houses.Leaving measures.
3) The delivery rate of each field is different, and the results of winter and summer will also be different. Therefore, as the variety of different seasons in the field determines the number of sows to match the number of sows in line with the needs of childbirth units (giving birth to bed).
4) Determine the approximate method of the batch sow, generally more often used simultaneously and drug control (tetrakenone).
5) In the numerous number of pork, the number of heads will be reduced because of batch production, consider cooperating with friendly pig farm to share the boar, and jointly fund the purchase of excellent boars. Artificial insemination technology is a must-have technology, such as a deep insemination technique to improve the utilization of boar.
6) The source and quantity of the reserve sow should be planned in advance, consider the purchase or its own reproduction. When you want to enter the production of pigs, you should observe at least an estrus cycle. After complementing the foundation, then enter the breeding pig, in detail, grasp the estrus cycle of the bacon, can reduce the use of estrus.
7) After the batch production, in order to make full use of equipment after the care of the care, all work should be mainly based on the collections after conservation.
8) The entire pig group should be produced, collecting the breeding giving rate of each month, considering the annual update rate of the sow, the breeding giving rate is determined by each batch of breeding sows and update the number of pigs.
9) A lot of jobs, should be adjusted or trained in advance, and the technical manpower is put into the most important breeding, childbirth and childbirth.
10) Using the update of the reserve sow plan, select the neatly consistent seed pig, and then give a stable neat pig semen, you can produce a neatly consistent meat pig, the meat pig’s gathered production plan in batches It is absolutely necessary in production, which will enable the pig house to achieve the optimal utilization.
4, management measures for batch production

1) Change the feeding management mode and use the full batch of batch production.
2) The sow is cleaned and deworming before the birthhouse. Pregnancy 4 ~ 7 days pregnant sows enter the delivery house, 2 weeks before the entrance, the pioneer, in addition to the inside and outside parasites, the day of the sow is completely cleaned and disinfected, can enter the delivery home to the production, keep the delivery home clean state .
3) When the sow is given in order to adjust the need for mutant heads, it should be carried out after the delivery of sufficient rings within 24 hours of delivery, so that all pigs have only the same antibody level.
4) Reduce the density of the feeding. pigThe belt bundles can reduce the spread of diseases, and the feeding density of the preservation of the pig weight should be controlled below 0.33 m 2 / head or more, and the full-blown floor of the fat is 0.75 m 2 / head or more. Using suitable care management methods, moderately reduce the feeding density of pigs, which can control or reduce the loss caused by disease.
5) Increase the feeding space of the weaning pig, and increase the number of feeding (4 ~ 6 times), early teachings (7 days age), let the smash pigs adapt to the life of the fine milk solid food early.
6) Improve air quality. Suitable to control the opening and closing of the canvas or fans, allowing the pig only with a good air quality environment to play genetics.
7) Control the temperature. Piglets have maintained 33-35 ° C on the day of birth, and the breasts are broken to the next day, it is best to keep 30 ~ 33 ° C, which can reduce weaning stress.
8) Appropriate vaccine plan. Many pathogenic infections can cause changes in the immune system, improper immune operation, may exacerbate potential diseases, so reduce unnecessary vaccine immunization or post-delay operation time, you can make pigs only in less stress development.
9) Strictly perform disinfection work. Disinfection work should be performed at the weather conditions, and the rain is stopped when the rain or moisture is heavy, and the disinfection is implemented at a high temperature. Wearing teeth, injections, and going to work, should be disinfected equipment and surgical sites. In order to reduce the humidity in the house, the wet can be disinfected with “natural net”.
10) Practition from clean field. It should be invested by the stringent species of epidemic prevention, to avoid bringing back to the new pathogen, the control of the healthy pig source passes the “An You Pig Health Physical Examination Center” to select the introduction source, if necessary, to close the pig farm, take the domestication and purification, use The high-ranking boar semen in the boar semen supply center, or breeds a pig.
11) Neozo pig should ensure that sufficient raw milk is sufficient to maintain high amounts of transitional antibodies to resist foreign pathogen infections. Feed additives or adding nutrients to prevent secondary bacterial infections when the growth period is necessary.
12) Concentrated weaning. After weaning, the pig’s turn group is all thoroughly thorough, and there is also a weakness of the weakness of the nursing value, it is concentrated in a circle. Using dry and wet dosage method, it can greatly improve the birth rate. In order to reduce all kinds of stress such as transitions such as transitions.
5, the end language
According to the actual situation of the pig farm, based on the maximum extent,The principle of conservation space equipment, design reasonably batch production model, and implement scientific and reasonable planning, strictly implement the operation process, achieve balanced batch production, not only reduce disease spread, promote disease purification, improve management efficiency, increase employee The benefits of regular vacation, and can improve feed efficiency, cost of medication, and reduce production costs, maximize the interests of the same resources, and provide the gospel for the majority of farmers.
Thinking: What kind of way should the Chinese pig farm LANE prevention and control?
The United States has walked many detours in controlling blue ear disease before 2000, and the current situation is the core group (boar station) and most of its expansion pig farms are PRRS negative, and the situation of commodity pig farms is similar to China. However, because most of them are two-point production, it has little effect on the sow. It is recommended to produce two or three-point production on the production process. By implementing the full-time pre-blocking dissemination chain, the production process of pig farms is the most important measure of the United States to control the disease.
About vaccine injection: Because the variation of the PRRS strain is too large, there are too many subtype strains. The surface of the vaccine strains is too narrow, so the effect is not obvious, and the US is currently only injecting the PRRS vaccine. Different virus vaccines are copied, spread, and generated antibodies in vivo different processes, swine fever, dieb, pseudo-rabies and ring viruses are mainly replicated in regional (local area), and there will be no viral blood in most cases. All pigs must vaccinate immunization; the PRRSV vaccine is a systematic replication, the vaccine is weak, and the PRRS vaccine is really injected. It is recommended to inject 10% of the pigs. In the United States, considering safety and effectiveness, the PRRS vaccine used is regional separation viral vaccine: the subunit vaccine made by separation, purification, extracting PRRSV membrane protein (chromatography and electrophoresis), that is, our own PRRS vaccine.
In the United States, there is a successful plan for the cultivation of the mother and pigs, that is, in the reserve pig 25 kg, it is used in this blue-ear virus (PRRS strain) serum infection, and there is information indicated that the use of sows or the onset pig. The contact effect is not obvious.
Blue Earvirus (PRRSV) is most active in the conservation stage, and the colorful pigment is a very effective measures to control PRRS. By combined with full-time, early weaned and two-point production, every other period of time 2 Concentration pigAnd taking a strict sterilization method, which can significantly keep pigs suffering from PRRS troubleshooting.
How to make a negative group after the seed of the seeds infected with blue ear disease (PRRS), in the case of all researchers, through the poisonous laser subtypes in the field, by clearing the pig In the later stage, the environment is completely disinfected and anti-“biological”, and the pig group can form a porcine group in a porcine group, which is also a PRRS negative group, but still Other subtype PRRSV strains may be infected.
Through serum ELISA to detect the level of antibodies in the pig, the prevention method for the test results did not have a good prevention method, and the key to control measures is the consistency of the PRRS antibody level of the sow, the cultivation of the reserve pig. It is recommended to regularly monitor the strain subtypes of the pig farm by gene sequence analysis (restriction enzyme digestion) by sequencing the PRRSV gene sequencing.
For the pathogenesis, serum artificially infected pig farm is stable in the sow, and the reserve mother pigs that are self-supporting the pigs are still in the case of the original PRRSV serum infection.
There is a pathogenic pig farm (if there is sporadic hidden miscarriage, although the sow is very small, the pork is very difficult to pass). It is recommended to give birth to a large dose of antibiotics (such as Aik) before the day before giving birth. Piglets are weaned when weaning, such as Aikikiki, the temperature in the conservation is around 30 ° C (maintained for a week), which may be helpful for controlling the disease of the control. The blue-ear virus PRRSV itself will not only cause too much problems with the pig, but the secondary bacterial infection will bring a large loss of production. Therefore, identify the infection, how to use antibiotics and manage management work in production It is especially important.

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