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Piglet Health is a very important issue in large-scale pig farms, fully understand and master the nursing method of new piglets, Effectively reduce the mortality rate of lactation piglets, thereby improving the economic benefits of the pig farm. Let’s talk about the nursing methods and details of new studios.

Although the household pig care work is everything is doing every day, there is still a lot of details to pay attention to the production of batch production, we pay special attention to the nursing in the week of birth, today, this topic and raise Pig family discussing together.

1, preparations before the birth of piglets

Before birth, you must prepare all the utensils, such as: Wipe the cloth, Michi, etc. Potassium manganate, pot, thermal insulation lamp, etc. It is important that the sow vulva and breast parts should be cleaned with 0.1% potassium permanganate, and do not let the pigs and diapers are born.

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When decentralized

Born piglets should immediately remove their body and oral mucosa to avoid suffocation. The scale pig farm is more emphasized for the things used by mucus on the wiper pig. Some softeous fabrics that use new disinfection. Some dry powders specializing in piglets should be said, they must pay attention to each of the processes. The small link, because the newborn pig skin is thin, when wiped, you must use soft water absorbing fabric to disinfect it, make sure piglet health.
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3, part of the newborn piglet for the fakes of newborn pigs

The mucus in the mouth is or the sow is over-long. The tail, the back and forth, until the piglet has the reaction to restore breathing.

4, pay attention to the control of the room environment and local small ambient temperature
The temperature requirements of the newborn pigs for small environments are very strict, because the new pig temperature adjustment function is not perfect, its leather, hair Less, lower fat, and the new piglets are less hot, there are many exactly, so the beginning of raw pig is easy to be cold, damp and invading, and even death. Usually, the newly-produced piglets can be incubated with an incubator. The local small ambient temperature of the new student piglet is controlled in 32 ~ 35 ° C. As the piglet grows, the temperature gradually decreases (2 to 3 ° C per week).

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Local small environmental insulation


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Let’s pay attention to the details when the pig is broken. :
5, correctly break the umbilical

It is best to use the rope or line to ligation, here to talk about the way of knitting the umbilical cord, the strength of the handDon’t be too big, you have to take it, too big, will break, too small or will bleed, so you must pay attention to the technique and strength! After breaking the hugue, the broken end is disinfected with 2% iodine, and the umbilical cord is preferably 3 to 4 cm.

6, shear teeth

The renovation of the pig’s dog tooth will damage the mother pig nipple when they fight to eat milk, and severely hurt the same boy, the sole pig is born in time to cut the dog teeth in time. The pliers of the teeth should be sharp, the section is flat, do not cut short to avoid damage to the pig. Conditional pig farms suggest that molar rats are used, which is also in line with animal benefits.

7, the end of the end

The purpose of the broken tail is to avoid that shelf pigs are injured or even died.

Can use special iron cuts, pliers cut the pigtail, the tail usually leaves 3 ~ 4 cm long, then disconnect the iodine-free anti-infection, the tail is avoided, the cut is electricity When the wire wise is in moderate, don’t be too fast, it is advisable to ensure that pigtail tail is not bleeding at the end.

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Some details that piglets should be paid attention to when eating raw milk and foster:

8, fixed nipple

breastfeeding is divided into find The nipple, the nipple, the nipple, and the filled nipples eat four stages. If you don’t have any artificial intervention, when the sow is taking the milk for each pig for the nipple, the strong piglets often occupy the three-pace of the three-pace of the milled milk, and the two pairs of nipples behind will leave weak piglets. The development of the whole nest is not neat.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to artificially assist piglets to eat milk, artificially assisted fixed nipples use the method of catching two people, that is, forces the strong piglets to eat the lattice, weak piglets Eating the nipple in front of the nipple, there is no big place to eat milk, so you can make the pigs when you are making milk more neat. It is necessary to ensure the effect of workers in a few days before the fixed tap. 9, Foster payment

lactation stage sow sowThe ingredients have a great influence on piglet growth. As the sow begins to latch milk until the end of the lactation, the ingredients of sow have changed significantly.


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Figure 1 Silous milk immunoglobulin G (IgG) content
Fig. 1 lists 0 h after 45 days after delivery of 45 days (D) after delivery of sow, immunization Changes in globulin g (IgG) content. It can be seen that the milk IgG content is maintained at a high level in 6 h in the sow, but the milk IgG content (34.7 mg / ml) is reduced to half the level (64.4 mg / ml) at 12h, and the sow after 24 h. The IgG content in the milk is very low (10.3 mg / ml or less).
So, if the piglets in the nest need to be fostered, it is best to transfer to other lactate sows after being born in piglets, because the lactation of the sow has been taken for 1 day, if the piglet has not eaten In the case of raw milk, foster, the level of antibody in piglets is very low, and the survival rate will fall.

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The sow is high in milk (primary milk) secreted within 6 hours after childbirth, and the piglets should be as fast as possible, especially weak. If the conditions are allowed, it can be artificially collect within 6 hours after childbirth, and the piglets are evenly fed to each piglet, thereby ensuring the health of the whole fossa pig.

In the actual production, the production of household guards is required to carefully patrol each pig house every day to assess each pig. At the same time, there are some common equipment, such as syringes and needles, commonly used drugs, and tags with oily pen with notebooks. Pigs with sick, lame, injury or vitality are only tagged and have additional care for them later, or turn them to the quadrant. Also check, adjust the feeder, and remove the mold tank in time, Removed and recorded the death of death, check the highest temperature and minimum temperature of the pig house 24 hours and adjust the ventilation device to the required state.

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