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Although the household pig care is what is doing every day, there are still many details that you need to pay attention to this topic and peers today. From the sow, the child’s care method and attention details are given to you from the sow:

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1, first to clarify the full monitoring of maternal pig delivery, the purpose of monitoring is to reduce childbirth The dead tires in time are found in time, the sow is abnormal, and the vitality and survival of piglets are increased. 2, followed by the various birth preparations to be sufficient.

Before the sow is delivered before delivery, it is necessary to prepare the utensils to be used in the delivery, such as: Wipe it to the soft cloth of the pig’s body, dry powder, potassium permanganate, disinfection bucket or pot, heat Lights, mop, etc. The most important thing is that the sow vulva and breasts should be cleaned with 0.1% potassium permanganate water, and do not make the sow’s staining manure.
3, once again, the service should be standard.
After the piglet is born, it should be removed immediately and oral mucosa to avoid suffocation. The scale pig farm pays more attention to the cloth or towel on the rubber on the piggy pig. Some use the sterilized soft fabric, some use the dry powder for the piglets. It is recommended that you must pay attention to each A small link, because the newborn pig skin is thin, when wiping, it must be used to disinfect the fabric of soft water absorption and use it to ensure the health of piglets.
3, there is a plan for the treatment of newborn pigs.

Due to the mucus in the mouth or the sows in the post-birth, there is no breathing, pay attention to observing whether the umbilical cord beating can determine if the piglet is a false death, then timely rescue, both hands caught two pigments. The hind legs, hovering, take the tail roet, or grab the head of the head in one hand, and press the chest as the center of the pressure until the piglet has the reaction to restore breathing.

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4, pay attention to the control of small ambient temperature of the room Newborn piglets are very strict for temperature, because the new piglet temperature adjustment function is not perfect, the skin is thin, the fur, the skin is less fat, and the new piglet is less hot, there are many exactly, so the primary piglet Death death is susceptible to cold and dampness. Usually, the newly emitted piglets can be thermally enhanced by electric heating plates or incubator. The temperature of the new piglets is suitable for 32 ~ 35 ° C, and the growth of pigs is growing with piglets. The temperature is gradually lowered (2 ° C per week), and the temperature before and after weaning is about 25 ° C.

The above is some details of the pig’s birth, let’s talk about the details of the pig’s broken teeth:

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1, postpartum piglet Nursing, the most important part is anti-pressure dead. As mentioned earlier, the whole process of sow must be monitored. In addition, for the newly produced sows, within 72 hours, it must be careless day and night, especially for head sows, milk is not too The ideal sow and a relatively large fat sow. Piglets that are born to be eight legs should be legged with bandage.

2, piglet is broken umbilical To break the blood in the umbilical belt to the piglet in the piglet before breaking, and the hand is tightly used by the route 2 ~ 3cm. It is too big, it will be too small, it will still bleed, so you must pay attention to the technique and strength! Broken ends of the broken end of 2% disinfect in 2% iodine.

3, shear teeth or molar

The renovation of the pig’s dog tooth will damage the mother pig nipple when they fight to eat milk, and severely hurt the same boy, the sole pig is going to cut it in time. Dog teeth. The pliers of the detect must be sharp, the dog’s bodies should be flat, don’t cut short, so as not to damage the piglets. The pig farm recommends using a molar stick.

3, broken tailMethod

The purpose of the end is to avoid the pig because of the end of the tail. Use a special iron cutting tail, pliers cut the pigtail, the tail usually stays 2 ~ 3 cm long, then disconnect the iodine-free anti-infection, the tail avoids cutting too short, and the short-term electric packaging is moderate, Don’t be too fast, sometimes it is too fast, it will bleed, it is required to be moderate, in order to ensure that the pigtail tail is not bleeding.
These work If you have a right tool car, you can do more work together, it will be more efficient, and it also reduces the number of tuition pigs. After cutting the teeth, then some small details should be paid attention to when the piglets should be taken:

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1, first distinguish between jasmas and normal milk. The milk secreted by the sow is called colostrum in 24 hours after childbirth, and it is a normal milk after 24 hours. Elevated energy can provide heat sources to piglets, more immunoglobulin, which contains volatile, and new-rated pigs can directly absorb the immunoglobulin in the extinctum in the body. It was determined that the immunoglobulin in the late milk decreased to only 70% of the end of childbirth, and only 50% were originally 50% after childbirth. After 12 hours of childbirth, 70%, while the childbirth decreased by 90%, it can be said that the health of each piglet depends on the amount of primary milk intake within 6 hours after childbirth. In general, within 24 hours, the amount of squeezing of the purge per health should be at 170 ~ 200ml. After 24 hours, the colon membrane is closed, and the piglet cannot absorb the immunoglobulin in the milk.


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2, the fixation of the piglet nipple.

The process of breastfeeding is divided into nipples, Select the nipple, dominate the nipple, and fix the nipples. If no one is intervention, when competing for the nipple, the physical healthy piglets often occupy the top three pairs of breasts that have been eaten by the milk, and the nipples behind will leave the weak piglets, which will cause the whole [nest pig development. ”

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In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to artificially assisted piglet fixtures to eat milk, artificially assisted fixed nipples often use “catching two-headed middle” method, that is, forced physical fitness Piglets eat the nipples in the back of the mother pig, the weak piglet eats the front nipple, not a lot of homage to eat milk, so it is conducive to let the same boy grow up neatly, but to do a good job of fixed tits, after the birth It is necessary to have a hard-working house staff to be patiently prepared, so that it can really have an effect. Source: Professional Manager

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