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non-productive sow (NPD) days, the domestic farm management is loose and not the boss It is also easy to cover the complicated trivial matters in the farm. Some pig farms have no breeding 2-3 months after weaning, still mixing days in the limit column. Such empty pigs are in the pig farm. If there is no technician to take the initiative, the feeding staff is low, and the boss pigs are also outside the door. As a result, the abnormality of non-production days increases. In fact, the abnormality of non-production days is more terrible than some infectious diseases, and it is constantly eroding your arrogant silver every day.

1, Non-production days (NPD) affects the pig farm

How to shorten the NPD of the NPD of the scale pig farm, should be a long-lasting topic of the scale of the pig farm, never want to I think my farm is better than others; only using the right production management software can calculate your non-production number, and you can know where you are worse than others. Don’t know how much you are behind others.

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Non-production days definition: Any reserve pig that produces sows and more than adaptive age (generally set at 230 days age), there is neither pregnant and no breastfeeding days, said For non-production days (Non-Productive Days, NPD). This is required for 3-6 days to break the milk to breeding interval. During this period, the production of sows is ready to be estrus, which can be called required for non-production days. In addition, some pregnant sows have abortion, or all of them have died, it is equal to anything, from breeding to abortion, the number of days when the dead tire is also seen as non-production days.
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Calculation of non-production days

NPD = 365- [LSY × (LL + GL)], where LSY refers to the number of downs of each sow, called “tire index”, LL is the sow milk The number of days, GL refers to the number of pregnant days of breeding to childbirth, usually 114 days. For example, for a large-scale pig farm, I hope that each sow is produced by 2.3 woves, 28 days old milk. Of course, the pregnancy is 114 days, then NPD = 365- [2.3 × (28 + 114)] = 39 days.

The loss caused by the number of non-production days
Taking a pig farm of a feeding scale of 1000 sows as an example, the number of non-production days is set to 5 days, and if you do 28 days of break, ideal The tire index (LSY) is 365 / (114 + 28 + 5 + 0) = 2.48; if the 21-day breast milk is performed, the ideal tire index (LSY) is: 365 / (114 + 21 + 5 + 0) = 2.61.
Take 28 days of easy milk as an example, the actual bid index (LSY) = 365 / (114 + 28 + 5 + x), where x represents the number of non-production days per tire, when X = 10 days, the tire index (LSY) = 2.32, then The number of non-production days of each mother, is a higher production level; when X = 25 days, the tire index (LSY) = 2.12, then the number of non-production days per year is 64 days, it is a general production level.

Higher production level and general production level, the difference in the two is 28 days, assuming that the piggy day of the sow feeding per day is 2.5 kg, the price of each mercy is 2.5 Yuan (current price), assuming that the cost of feed accounts for 70% of the total cost, the latter’s sow’s year is increased: 2.5 × 2.5 kg × 28 days × 1000 head / 70% = 250,000 yuan.
If each mother’s pig nest is weaned 10 piglets, the higher production level pig farm is more than 1000 × (2.32-2.12) × 10 = 2000 heads per year than the general pig farm. If the profit of the fertilizer in the column is 100 yuan, you can earn more 200,000 yuan a year.
In turn, it is generally, generally spending the feed per year of 1050 kilograms per year, equivalent to 2.5 × 1050 = 2625 yuan. High level pig farmThe amortization of the piglet is 2625 / 23.2 = 113.1 yuan, and the general pig farm is 2625 / 21.2 = 123.8 yuan, that is, the high production level of pig farm can save 10.7 yuan per fat, the total cost savings 1000 × 23.2 × 10.7 = 248,240 yuan. The above three profits is different from the sum of 250,000 + 200,000 + 248, 240 = 698,240 yuan, which is the loss of 28 days of production days per sow to increase the loss of this pig farm. These money can be considered a loss of pig farm benefits, so the number of non-production days is the natural enemy of the pig farm! The assessment of non-production days is the core of pig farm management, how to improve the reproductive efficiency of pigs is the topic of each pig farm manager must face.
2, measures to reduce the number of non-production days

1, the backup sow is in the right time to be a reserve sow, which is generally transferred to the production group at 170 days after determination. . From the day of transferring the production group, you must carefully record your estrus, so you can predict the best breeding time. For example, a sow is estrus on the 4th day of transfer, then 2nd, 45, 66 days should be second, 3, 4 times, and the 4th estrus is 236 days old, most suitable for breeding. If you miss this window period, it will increase the number of non-production days in 21 days, which should be avoided in production.
2, strengthen the breastfeeding of the breastfeeding, shorten the number of weaned milk to a variety of space, indicating that there is a close relationship between the physical condition of the microfama pig and the number of weaned to the varieties (WEI). Strengthen the management of sows during breastfeeding, minimize the weight loss during breastfeeding period is the key to shortening the number of weaning to a variety of spaces (WEI).

High temperature season, production of mother pigs due to reduction of fever during lactation, only 65 ~ 70% of weaning within 7 days, then immediately after weaning, immediately after weaning, Muscular injection of Haibole is pregnant 1 The header can increase the rate of weaning in less than 90% in 7 days; Spring and Autumn have more than 10 days after weaning, it can apply drugs such as Haibole to hi. The purpose is to reduce non-production days.
3, returning mother pigs in time to bind the boar to the pregnancy every day to stimulate the sow (the nose to nose, so that those unsatostless sows will be returned as scheduled (18 ~ 24 after breeding Day), and timely population. For sows that are returning, miss 1 timeAt least 21 days of non-production days, this is not allowed to manage.

4, early detection of empty sows, promoting their estrus for sows that are not pregnant, but also have a pregnancy, can use pregnancy diagnostics, I will find it in the 25th-30 days, rush back Breeding, promoting its estrus. If the empty is caused by a long-lasting yellow body, you can consider the application of clowns.

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5, control pregnant mother pig abortion, the deadmability is increasingly pregnant, abortion, and death, the more non-production days, the greater the loss. For normal production, the abortion rate during pregnancy should not exceed 2%, and the deadness should not exceed 2%. More than this value is abnormal, you need to find a reason seriously. 6, the sow of the old, poor production performance is most economical in the day of weaning. From the perspective of maintaining the best place to stay in the pig, we should try to avoid a lot of elimination of the first and second fetus mother pigs. Therefore, in order to prevent the so-called “second birth syndrome”, it is often necessary to perform the head of the fetal mother pig. Injection of pregnancy practice, promoting the proportion of estrus within 7 days after weaning of young mother pigs.

Finally, a comment is not an advertisement, non-production days (NPD) detailed calculations generally rely on professional production statistics software, smart bosses may wish to install convenient and fast production statistics in their own pig farm ( For example, micro pig technology), to make timely understand the non-production day of your own pig farm, thereby doing targeting.

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