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the delivery room is large-scale farm production The core area, efficient management and refinement operation processes are the key to successful breeding piglets. In a period of about 6 weeks of production cycle, it is necessary to experience an empty disinfection, the sow is in advance, childbirth and delivery, breastfeeding and immunization, weaning preparations.

The class staff can only help the sows provide more qualified wear pigs to provide more profiled piglets in their focus and key links.

The production model of piglets 26 ~ 28 days, can divide the work of the house into 6 phases. This article will focus on the remaining three stages:

First Preparation of the stage,

The second phase of the sow transfer is prepared,

The third phase of the production and postpartum treatment,

fourth stage piglets With the feed,

The fifth stage weaned prepares and immunization,

The sixth stage is off.
Four, piglets to potential and feed
Work focus

7 ~ 8 years old pigs began to feed, and the 7-day-old non-leaving boar is going to potential.
Operational Process

Piglet Replenishment

In order to maximize the growth rate of pig breastfeeding, it is very important to make a replenishment, and it is also prepared for food and solid feed after weaning. Its intestinal velvet is adapted to this change and learns to find it).
From 7 to 8 days, it is easy to fix a color, easy to clean the tank in the piglet, and a little high-grade trough is familiar in the trough in the tank.
With the increase in age, each feeding is based on pinch, put, and consolidate, and replace it in time when fecal contamination feed is found.

Small boar, except for the problem of medial sputum and in the field, the 7 days are all about.
There is a multi-mouth dosing method in production, low infection rate and easy to heal. Preparation should be ready for alcohol, iodine, surgical blades, cotton balls and health drugs.
Washing exercise:

Wash the hands and disinfection, hold the pig’s legs, and clamp the pig’s head with the knee, check whether the pig pigs have a cavity or diarrhea, if there is a good job Record to the original seam, wait for its diarrhea to recover, then go to the moment;
If you don’t have a 75% alcohol cotton ball, put the left hand thumb and forefinger on both sides of a testicle, squeeze the skin, cut Open the skin and white film, the incision is just the testicular extrusion, extruded the testicles, pull it outward, disgifies the sipence and blood vessels, can not leave the connective tissue outside the wound, iodine disinfection, the same method Remove the other side testicles.
It is best to prepare two to three sets of instruments, different pigs, replacement of surgery knives, alternately disinfection.
Special attention

The feed tank must be easy to clean, easy to place, when there is inside, there is a timely cleaning, the position of the feed tank is easy to discover, the breeder can not be free. Will move it.
Washing operation should pay attention to the replacement and disinfection of the blade, avoiding the dissemination of the disease in different piglets, the disposable blade is easy to change, to replace the new blade in time, easy to perform and facilitate the wounds of piglets.
When there is a few piglet diarrhea in a nest, it is best to prevent drug prevention treatment of all foughs.
Five, weaning preparation and immunization
Work focus

Time to remove the insulation lamp, training the pigs to eat, the sow is prevention and reduction to prepare the weaning.

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Operational flow

Piglet 21 days left and right should gradually withdraw the heat insulation lamp, so that the piglet adapts to the temperature of about 22 ° C, and the trained pig will eat, The eater needs artificial snacks.

Piglets 10 days of immune blue ear disease disappear vaccine and 1 of mycoplasma, 1 year of immunogen 1, 21 days;

14 days after childbirth to immune and pseudo Raby virus vaccine,

Started reduction 24 days to reduce the supply of milk, minus 1 to 1.5 kg per day, minus 2.5 kg before weaning.
Special attention

This stage should focus on training piglets and drinking water.

When immunization, the injection site was sterilized, first rub it with 5% iodine, then deiodine with 75% alcohol, to achieve a pig, a needle;

cleaning in time Disinfection, you can flush with water and boil and disinfected with boiling water, and then drying.
Sixth, weaning transfer group

Work focus

Piglets, sows Successfully transferred to the boom and fossil, first turn the mother pig, then transfer the pig.
Operation process

Weaning work on time in the morning, first of all, the sows that will continue to be transferred to the breeding,

then transfer the eliminated sows to the birth of the sea , Piglets use four-wheel cart, according to the principle of two or nests,

Weighbridge is expressed, accurately recorded to the boom.

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Weaning for piglets, subject to physiological, psychological, environment and other stress, so piglets should ensure conservation The temperature of the house is higher than that of the housekeeping milk house 2 ~ 3 ° C, and the night will keep lighting all night while strengthening the prevention and health of piglets.

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