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the normal operation of large-scale pig farms, in fact, 85% of the work is repetitive, Any repetitive work should be process. Any process-based job is standardized. Any standardized work is that employees can learn. All employees can learn to work well. If the pig farm wants to increase its long-term stability, it must have a complete and systematic process, standard and talent system construction, and don’t have it.

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Preferred Points

L <110 天的妊娠母猪转入产房l 在112 天以前饲喂妊娠料,饲喂量同妊娠舍的量相同l 113天起饲喂哺乳饲料,后备母猪2.4 千克/天, 成年母猪2.6 千克/天l 妊娠的第114,115,116 天每天饲喂1.5 千克的哺乳料
Pre-examination of the premature sow should be checked:
Whether the temperature of the room is suitable for sows and piglets if there is enough water supply to the sow to be able to start the feces of the sow, whether the soft boom is soft, there is no other stress factor

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L During the same price, the pigs who have been expected to be expected to be produced in the same week, L-115, have not yet produced the sow injecting prostaglandin (happy health ) Initiation L, the last day of the previous day, the sow, the sow, the prostaglandin inventory can be injected in 114 days

The management of the day of the day

Swarf premature symptoms / activities: sow prior An hour performance is uneasy, pre-It is necessary to produce pigs. It can squeeze out of the raw milk for a few hours a few hours ago. Is it clean after the sow? ? Check that the heating facility that places piglets ensures that piglets are produced at a suitable temperature! !

Guaranteed that the temperature of the piglet activity is 35-37 degrees, the late period is 32 degrees, the temperature of the room is 23/24 degrees, and will drop to 21/22 degrees later. To avoid childbirth, it is usually a piglet with a pig, and there will be a piglet every 15 minutes. If the production of the child is more than 45 minutes, it is necessary to use people to help

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The use of oxytocin is if there is no pig output after 15 minutes, and it is necessary to use artificial assistance. Make sure the genitals and arms are clean, using lubricants to apply the arm L processes to 4 hours, and then inject the oxytocin 10IUL to all sows in the output of 6-9 pieces of pigs after injection of oxytocin IUL. Don’t let them catch cold, or they will not find the nipple. => Let the piglet eat the raw milk very important L. 6 hours after the pigment is very important, you must eat the raw milk L piglets from the early milk to get the maternal antibody L piglets 24 hours before you can fill the mother Pig


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L Title Exhaust Sign Mother Pig End L End l Large Piglet Break Muzzili and Disinfection Limizes When there is too much, you can make your individual Piglets have been removed for a while so that small piglets eat more colors.

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Day 1 Management L piglets said that the primary life l Check the pig pigs with genetic defects L, the ear pony or ear disappears l broken umbilical tape reserved 4cml broken tail disinfection treatment Bracelet 2/3 part
l If the sow Uneasy, or piglets bite the nipple of the sow, can be treated with piglets, weight, light piglets can not treat L Check the body temperature of the sow, if more than 39.5 degrees, the mother pig has a problem to treat whether the vulvine of the sow is Normal L see if the sow is a problem
l Piglet behavior tells us that some of the health status of the sow L sow’s lactation capacity L piglets, the temperature is suitable
l Tell us some of the temperature L disease (uterine / breast inflammation) L Dietary capacity (ideal / normal / abnormal) l Does piglets need to molar

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The principle of foster: l If the number of piglets is more than the number of sows, the number L is best to fill the earliest birth of piglets, because they have the opportunity to eat more colors. L usually foster pigs in the same place in the same place to foster pigs to bring benefits to piglets. When to fave piglets is critical. It is advisable to foster after 24 hours after eating.

The management of the second day, the sow can again view the body temperature of the sow L. View the behavior of the sows pigs to take the necessary actions 3rd, 4 days of production l Pay attention to small boarsLeaving, no treatment Fresh L According to the sow’s ideal feed volume curve, L sow, 21-28 days after birth, milk L, the best sow in each pig house is weaning, the day, the day does not feed the sow, the day does not feed the sow

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Timely a good job in recording the situation in which the room has occurred in time will help you improve the next batch of work. Occupational Manager .jpg

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