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Pig disease is an important factor in restricting the rapid development of pigs in my country. Immunization: It is one of the most important means for preventing and controlling diseases, and is inseparable from the development of the immune process. The basic principles developed by the pig farm immunotrophic procedural are the prevailing programs for the development of animal health and different vaccine characteristics according to the prevalence of infectious diseases in a certain region or in the farming field, including the type, order, time, time of vaccination. , The number, method, interval, and other procedures and order.
I. Target Principles
2, protect the breastfeeding pig: pig flow tract diarrhea first 40 days old, 20 days of immunity.
3, while protecting the sows, the fetus, piglets: pig fake travelers, swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.
4, protecting the same pig with undressed: emergency immunization.
Second, the geographical and personal sexual binding principle
Due to local / field / group, the type of disease is determined by pathogen and epidemiological investigation, the type of disease is determined, the homology is high or cross-protected. Such as a mouth-made mouth.
Third, mandatory principles
Class A (one class) animal diseases. Such as hooded, swine fever and highly pathogenic blue ear disease forced immunity.

2, key immunity: pig ring virus disease and blue ear disease, severe immunosuppression.
3, key immunity: sow, brain, pig, small virus, and pig flow tract diarrhea, piglet mycoplasma pneumonia.
4, choose immunization: bacterial epidemic (pigpercellococci, pig vane pigophilus, vaporized vaccine, etc.).
Five, economic principles
Severely affect growth rate after infection, resulting in largeEconomic loss, put into output ratio of pig ring virus disease (80 yuan), pig gas, 60 yuan), pig infectious atrophic rhinitis (25 yuan).

Sixth, seasonal principles
3-4 months (pigs & brains) / 4-September (Streptococcus, weakened smoky pig multi-system weaken syndrome) / 10- in April (foot-and-mouth disease / pig Popular diarrhea).

Seven, Staged Principles
Generally, it is immunized 3-4 weeks before the phases of the susceptible phase, and it is necessary to strengthen the immunocellular virus disease after 4 weeks. Aged).
Eight, Safety Principles
For the first time, new manufacturers, new varieties, different batch vaccines, first small group tests are closely concerned about immune side reactions, such as fever, spasm, abortion, death. Then make it again.
Nine, avoiding the principle of interference
1. Mother source antibody: The pass rate fell to 65-70%, the first-free pig fake dog.
2, vaccine interference: 2 vaccines are general interval, such as blue ear disease – swine fever.
3, disease interference: onset or sub-health, it is easy to interfere with the immune effect.
4, stress interference: transportation, weaning, transfer group, toast, replacement, climate mutation drug interference. Antibiotic / antiviral drug is disabled 1 week before and after the live seedlings / weak drug seedlings. 1 week before the vaccination is vaccinated to avoid immunosuppressive drugs (such as fluorini, sulfonamides, dimensions, etc.).
Ten, Immunization Monitoring Principles
4 weeks after immunization, the immune is successful; the antibody maintenance time was monitored 3-4 months.

First level: control pig disease, reduce death

Second level: scientific immunity, pigs must not be sick

1. Monitor the immunity effect and overall protection level.
2, provide a basis for the development of a reasonable immunization process.
3, early / auxiliary / quick diagnosis.
4, quarantine phase-out positive strain pigs.
5, purify the pig (third level).

The immunotype procedural development needs to consider the status of pigs, epidemic, local epidemics, vaccine immunogenesis, immune time, site, frequency, etc. Therefore, the pig farm needs to combine yourself.Status of immunization procedural; at the same time, it is necessary to continuously optimize the adjustment with a perfect epidemic and immune effect monitoring system, so that the pig group has established strong and effective epidemic prevention barriers!

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