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vital to the health of piglets
scale pig farm conservation stage, we should focus on conservation stage What are the sections? Is it only possible to do health care? The author and all the breeding friends talk about the problems. Today is the last talk. (Connection content)

Nine, drinking water management

For pig people, don’t forget that water is also nutrient, but many people will overlook it. If the pig is not drinking enough clean water, it will affect its feeding capacity. The lack of lack of lack of lack of milk is unfavorable, so we must ensure the supply of conservation.


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1) You must check the water dispenser every day to ensure water.
2) Sometimes it is even necessary to measure the minimum water. There is a proper water flow of 0.5 liters per minute. Pigs will not stay in water such as drinking water. If the water is insufficient, drinking water will be limited.
Ten, I understand some of the rules of the pigs

Natural world, the wild boar breastfeeding pigs are gradually weaning. As pigs began to graze, they have reduced their sows with milk. Sow will also reduce the time of feeding. Finally, in 15 to 19 weeks, the pig is naturally weaning.

The scale of the farm has changed this natural process in 4 to 5 weeks. Pigs can only learn to eat in just a few days, and they may take a few weeks in nature. In addition, their physiological and immune functions need to be quickly adapted to ensure healthy growth.
Therefore, in the first day of weaning, pigs will look for their previous food and comfortable environments everywhere. Although they will also get food and drinking water, but their feeding and drinking water may be very small, and there is no regularity.

Each pig can only adaptThe time is different. Some pigs need to eat for 6 days. The first 5 days after weaning, most pigs will drink water, then, with the increase in the amount of food, the water is also increased.

The first day after weaning, usually only 15 to 50 grams, and some will be used as maintenance. Low feeding capacity and a large amount of physical consumption, resulting in a decline in the temporary growth rate of piglets. In the next few weeks, pigs’ feedstock will gradually increase, and finally, piglets will be more maintained in the day.
Eleven, the bad behavior of the child:

A very significant bad behavior is the same as a counterfeit behavior. If the act of bite / bite, it can cause legs, and grow poorly and die. Generally, there is a fight with a fight to start the same kind of behavior. Once the pig begins to be injured, the bloody taste of the injured pig often lures more pigs to participate in this process.

The following methods can be used to treat these bad behaviors:

1) Remove the fighted pig.
2) If necessary, the injured pig can be separated out.
3) Painted antibiotics and preservatives in pig damage.
4) Antibiotics must be injected on a pig that is very serious.
5) Place some large salt blocks on the floor. This helps stop the bite / bite.

The best way to prevent it is prevention with other stress-related diseases. Preventing the stress of piglets, should be remembered:

1) Inside the pig life is 48 hours, it should be implemented (about 10 mm). After the disinfection of iodine.
2) In order to prevent pigs, they should provide some toys, such as waste tires, balls and plastic ropes.
Twelve, the importance of understanding the weaning

Successful incurable breeding, depends on the correct design of the pig house, proper ventilation, disease control and appropriate nutrition. However, if you want to achieve the most ideal results, you need a good management strategy and pig technology.

A main management decision is to pursue weaning weight. This is actually impact on the future of pigs in the future. Table 5 introduces the effect of piglets on the growth of piglets.
Table 5: The impact of the growth of the weaned milk

The lightest 6 pigs the most 6 baton Differences after weaning Three weeks after weaning, 12.316.94.6 after weaning, 12.316.94.6 after weaning 16.321.24.9
Source: Vido Swine Technical Group

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For an excellent pig man, the most important It is the indicator of the minimum weaning weight and reach this indicator. At present, most companies, the 23-day minimum weaning body weight is 5 kg. This goal can be reached with the following method.
1) In the delivery house, collect the smallest piglets with the same house, foster a good mother, and the milk sows produced more milk. Foster sows should keep at least one of its own pigs before, to ensure that it can receive other foster pigs. When the foster pigs reach the indicator body weight, it can be improved.

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2) When there is no sufficient circle to send a pig, some weaned plan can be implemented. That is: 3 to 4 days in advance of half a small pig in a nest. The rest of the pig is weaning together. This allows the remaining pigs to eat a lot of milk in 3 to 4 days, and growth is increased by 35% to 40%. There is a trick here, the first batch of heavy pigs weaned in advance can not exceed more than 4 days, otherwise, it may cause foster sows.

Thirteen, scientific small pig group:

In order to reduce the weaning stain, the bunch of the small pigs in the same nest is in the same circle. Some producers pose the pig in size in order to accelerate the growth of piglets. However, due to battle and stress,The growth of the pig is not accelerated.
Checking work:

To ensure the need to meet the needs of pigs, you must follow the inspection schedule of the following purse. 1) To patrol all pig houses and observe each pig. Don’t disturb them. The inspectors open the door and walk light.

2) I have a conscious touch of the nose of the pig, let the pig contacts you, making it habit. If the pig is easy to scare, you should open the audio, stay in the pig house, let them get different voices.


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3) Observe abnormal behavior in each circle. Piglets must be eaten, drink, or rest. If the piggy is squeezed, it means that the room temperature is too low. If they are lying on the side, it is very dispersed, and the room temperature may be too high. Observe the early behavior of the battle, other bad behaviors and diseases, especially the dysentery.
4) Whether the piglet is curious and spiritual. Healthy pigs generally see people are very curious, they will take the initiative to approach people.
5) Check the highest and minimum temperature of the thermometer in the pig house, and a day temperature fluctuation situation.

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6) Observe each pig. When the person should look down from above, the pig should be a belly, the back is wide. At the same time, the pig must be clean. 7) Observe that the pig is observed, and the feces must be molded.

8) Find any sick pigs should be immediately made and move away.

14. Despite all the ways to make all the ways, we have worked hard to keep every pig’s health, but some pigs cannot be adapted to weaning. Observe those adverse behaviors, such as sucking pig navel, appearanceAnd dehydrated pigs. These pigs should be treated in a little more, and these pigs will be restored to health.

There are two ways to deal with these diseased pigs.

1) Foster these piglets to the good sow with good milk. Most of the problems with pigs are actually the digestive system has not yet developed. If you may first put your milk sow yourself 2 ~ 3 large pigs, give these problems, pigs. But this may not meet the full provisions of the whole process. 2) Only the sick pigs can be moved to a specialized weakness house. At the same time, maintain the warmth of this room, providing easy digestive feed (high feed products with milk products). Most fields may recommend the second way.

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Fifteen The most important parameters of the occupation period are mortality, feeding, daily gain and meat ratio. You can use a table 6 for reference to develop the goals that each field can be achieved. Use all resources, including expert advisers that have experience.

Good best daily weight 400475550 feeding capacity 64071577 ¥ mortality (%)
The growth rate is the best representative index for the overall production score. However, it is not enough to record the body weight of the pig’s enterprising house. Write growth curve is the most important. With this curve, you can know what time production has fallen, where there is an improvement.

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FIG. 4 shows a conservation Section 7 weeks of feeding curve. The information comes from 7 pig farms. 9.JPG

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Each pig farm can take 4 to 5 in the same age, once a week weigh, until the listing. The pig starts to scale weight is 4 ~ 5 weeks old.
The producer can put the information of their own pigs and the Figure 4.
1) It is best to choose 3 to 4 fetal bread milk, and do a record.
2) 7 days, 14 days, 14 days, 21 days, and 28 days weight in weaning.
3) Painting these weight data on transparent paper, overlapped with Figure 12.
4) A few batches of pigs, repeating the above steps.
5) Compare the situation of Figure 4 and your field. If:
a) continuing to maintain a good work or more;
b) The area below the average, you need to do some adjustments;

c) There is a significant change in the black area. If the area below the average, you should analyze the shortcomings of house buildings, environment, health, feed and management and find solutions.

Including the pig farm that has already achieved good results, and each producer strives to strive for high-level production results. Of course, we also oppose the behavior of regardless of cost, blindly pursuing production results. Sometimes it seems to be high production results, but the result reduces pure profit. Therefore, the manager has to calculate the output ratio, only the high level of the operation is to look at all changes is the right way!

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