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gilts determine the future of a farm, farm managers should Pay attention to the choice of post-prepared sows and cultivation. Here is a legal system for the original breeding:

A farm has a fare sow in 2017

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To know, this is in large Select strength of the original farm to stabilize! So 90% of the backup cultivation rate, how is it?
The key points of the cultivation of resembled mother pigs

The key points include:

First preparation of the selection of the sow, the rear preparation pig should choose the genetic potential, good body, effective nipple 8 Pigs in pairs and above, the vulva size; secondly, the biosafety of the backup, including disinfection when entering the pig, the isolation feeding after the pig; the next is the feeding procedures and precision nutrition of the reserve sow, follow-up Also includes the implementation of the immune program and the timely attraction work.
There maybe some pig farms will say that some of the key points we have done in production, but our production achievements are not ideal; in fact, the problem is in the pig farm, the answer must also be in the pig farm, pig farm management It is a systematic engineering that often pays more attention to disease prevention and control in pig farm management, and the degree of payment of nutrients and feeding procedures for sows is not enough.
So what kind of feeding processes will make the pig farm cost better, maximize efficiency? Next, let’s take a look at the precision feeding process for high-yield sows.

Reserve sow precise feeding process

Zhouling (Zhou) body weight (KG live weight) Feeding capacity (kg / day) 19752.32492.2523942.32492.35271132.5281172.55291222.6301262.6311313.0-3.2
Note: The reserve breastfeeding process is started 16 days before the breeding of the reserve sow

a. It is randomized every 2 weeks. The weight of the sows after the 6 head, the relationship between the age and weight given in the above table, timely adjustment of the feed of the bouthantant pig; strictly control the relationship between the age, weight, and daily feeding.
b. Winter feed can be increased by 5 to 10% on the summer.
c. Ten days before planning breed, free to eat excellent feeding (at least 3 kg / d), add glucose.
D. Decrease the feeding amount to 1.8 ~ 2.0kg / d in 7 days after breeding.
E. The rear sow starts the immunization procedure from 120-130 days, starting to be attacked at 150-160,

f. Reserve pigs 2 times Love, I chose 2-3 pizzars who have been killed in the middle of the year, and the boar is up to the back of the piglet. It is 5-10 minutes per column,

g. For the estrus, hit Broken label and use paint,

h. Fill in the estrus and sow information to the estrus record,

i. Reserve sow, breeding requirements: weight should reach 150-160kg, Before the breeding, there must be between 15-18mm; between 220 to 245 days, no more than 250 days, 2-3 estrus, it is best to breed at the third estrus; all vaccine immunization After that, as long as both body weight and the number of estrus can meet the standards.

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