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Currently, the most cold time in the year, is also a lot of pigs When the field swine influenza (PED) virus is relatively rampant, how can the scale farm can avoid the tract of swine floppy diarrhea (PED), please listen to the sound of experienced service experts in the industry, maybe he is a saying Your brain is open! In fact, it is not that you will not raise pigs, but you may have some shortcomings for rear sows. Pig flow-term diarrhea PED is often the weak link from the pig farm – the future generation of the backup or youth sows, so the health of the pigs, especially the reserve sow is the key to the prevention and control of pigs.

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2018-2-1 09:07 upload The key to Pig Flower Diarrhea (PED) Control is to improve the charity of pigs – specific immunity and reduce the amount of porcine influenza (PED) virus. These two aspects are very important, paying attention to one of the aspects and ignores the failure of swine flooding diarrhea (PED) control. The domestication of the rear sow plays a very important role in these two aspects.


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1, the rear-back sow is the premise of doing a good porcine group, and we know that the pig’s flow liner diarrhea (PED) is mainly harmful to the production of a piglet. Especially for newborn pigs within 7 days. Due to the birth of new piglets, PED viruses will be infected, and they will appear in 2-3 days. Therefore, we can only get protected by immunizing sows, allowing new piglets to protect by ingesting maternal antibodies. The main use of the protective effect in the maternal antibody is secreted IgA (SIGA). To make sows produce SIGA, you must let the sow enter the intestinal mucosa.Sufficient swine flooded diarrhea (PED) live virus, induces the initial immune response. On this basis, by prenating immunostatic vaccine, induce a re-immune response to improve the level of SIGA in the sow. If there is no muclease immunity, only the effect of immunoactive vaccine does not work. Mucosal immunity can be selected to induce mucosal immunity with a piral strain or a strong poisonous (low passage number). If a wild is in an oral immunization, there is a risk of taking strain, and it is generally recommended to carry out domesticated diarrhea (PED) domesticated Domestication in the reserve sow. 2, the domestication of the reserve pig is the primary factor in controlling environmental virus load

Generally, after mixing the pigs, it is possible to lead to popular pigs in the field. Diarrhea (PED) viruses are prolonged and detoxify in the reserve mother, leading to rapid increase in viral load in the environment, and then cause the entire pig group to be unstable. If it is fully domesticated during the rear-bonard stage, there will be a large amount of PED virus in the mixed group, so there is also a significant reduction in the risk of PED instability.


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1, the first is the selection of the isolation site

Since the rear bonded sow is in the domestication of the risk, the isolation site requires independent of the isolation site Isolation area outside the pig farm. Personnel, items and vehicles, etc. of the isolation field are completely separated from this field. If it is the isolation house in the pig farm, it is often difficult to do person, items, etc. are completely isolated; at the same time, due to the birth of a large amount of stasis containing a viral, it is difficult to ensure that it is not recommended to other dispensing or units, so it is generally not recommended. At this point of origin, the rear porcine fluid diarrhea (PED) of the backpass is carried out.

2, followed by the choice of pig flow line diarrhea (PED) domesticated pathogen

The disease is generally selected on the spot or the feces or intestine of pigs in the same system. If there is no enough condition to be stored, the disease can be amplified. The amplification of the disease can be selected from the feces or intestine of the hazardous pigs in the field without eating raw milk. The bowel pigs are collected in 12 hours after diarrhea in the abdomen piglet. Note that the virus is required to perform PCR testing, which contains only PED viruses, and also eliminates the swine fever virus HC, the pig blue ear disease virus PRRSV, and the pig pseudo-rabies can be used to return. The frozen sickness should avoid repeated freeze-thaw, while the storage time should not be greater than 6 months. Of course, it is also possible to use a vaccine that is strong (lower passage of the passage) to the reserve pig.
3, after the isolation field and the patient are selected, the domesticated work can begin

Before the domestication, the rear bonded pig is stopped for more than 4 hours. Fully mince the disease into a paste. According to the rear preparation of the sow, the standard of 5 g of the disease, 1L water, 1.5 kg of feed is added to the porridge. If it is a limit column, the porridge can be added to the bowl of the bowl according to the reserve mother, and the weight is 2.5kg of porridge per 100kg. If it is a big column, you need to prepare the tank in advance to ensure that each pig can eat such feed at the same time. According to the total weight of the total weight in each big column, the porridge is also 2.5kg per 100kg body weight. When feeding, you should only get rid of those who are lying or not eating only to the nearby trough. The second day after feeding, the veterinarian record appears obvious anorexia and water-like diarrhea, and tagged with spray paint, the whole group of diarrhea generally last forever. Typically, the proportion of the pigs with obvious symptoms is 80%. Diarrhea generally lasts around a week. One month after the whole group of diarrhea is stopped, that is, the detox stops can be mixed. Backstakes Pig Purgent Diarrhea (PED) Domestication Attempts to try at home in China, a very good prevention and control effect. I believe that with the promotion of swine floppy diarrhea (PED) successful prevention and control experience, there will be more and more pig farms to pay attention to the mother pig PED domestication. I hope that you will have something to gain this article.

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