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1, I want to ask, how is the tranquorery work of the reserve pig, how much is the expected rate?

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Generally we recommend that the pigs begin to contact the boar at 160 age; 160 – 180 canal can be mixed in 24 hours and the boar of the transportation tube, our The goal is to have 70% of the reserve pigs have estrous records at this stage; 180 – 200 days, two hours a day, the pigs mix bar, in this stage, estrus reserve pigs need to transfer to limit columns, our goals At this stage, 90% of the reserve pigs have an estrous record; 200-220, 2 hours a day, picking boars in the limit column corridor (this stage is estrusive back to the limit column)

2, hello, we are a new pig farm, which has introduced a lot of backups at one time. It is not enough big bar. Some backup has been transferred to the limit column very early. How do these reserve pigs?
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The back of the pigs can achieve the important aspect of feeding is an important part of management, and the reserve pig that transfer to the limit column cannot be used freely in the big column, so We must guarantee that these reserves are given enough feed every day. First, the pigs have an adapted period after transferring the pig from the limit column, and the feeding level has gradually increased. It is required to gradually refill the amount after 6 days of transfer. The increase is not less than 3.5kg / day, and the material box is adjusted to 4kg / day in the subsequent stage. By extending the feeding time, it is usually 1.5h, and the continuous distribution is urged to eat as much as possible, while avoiding Feed waste.

3, I would like to ask, how to develop the immune program during the backup,Use those vaccines?

A: The health of different farms is different and the pressure of infection is different. Therefore, there is no four seas that can be placed in any immunization process. The specific problem is treated; usually we will be based on the introduction test results and Evaluate the risk of disease infection in the farm to formulate an immunization process, even if the immune procedures used by a group company use it differently; but usually we will not blindly use a large number of vaccines, because too high immunity will not bring us Adventive income, we are more concerned with more food to eat more, better estrus, do not want to introduce too much immune pressure during the reserve cultivation; we recommend that the rear preparation pigs should complete all vaccine immunity before breeding. 4, hello, we have a new farm to introduce it, it is very embarrassing. Want to consult with no introduction.

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Congratulations, I wish you a good start. Generally, we will repeatedly inspect and test the equipment, drinking water, electricity, loop control, material line, heating, alarm system, etc. before entering the pig; ensure that these equipment do not have a saucer after the reserve pigs, no Make a blunder. There are many problems in the new field new equipment during the mill. The soarry of these problems, the better it; if it is winter, you must preheat the room, so that there is a comfortable condition after entering the pig, which is beneficial to restore; Anequent; after long-distance transportation, pigs are stressed, easy to infect diseases, and it is recommended to add antibiotics to feed and drinking to help pigs in this period.

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