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The breeding of resembled mother pigs almost affect every aspect of the mother pig production. From the restriction rate, the number of piglets and the elimination rate and use of the sow, the purpose of establishing a mother pig feeding system is to ensure that there is a long production period after entering the production, and remains healthy, at the lowest Fee production piglets. Here is the key points of the post-preparation of the child’s primary love period, and the actual work is used.
Too much young reserve sow can not breed, only after the first time in about 6 to 7 months (180 ~ 210 days), it is the so-called primary relationship. The emergence of the first estrus means that the mother pig has reached sexual maturity, and it can be breed by pregnancy.
The sow is mature by some internal factors, such as age, variety, weight, and the like. However, other external factors are also needed, such as contact with boar, with the boar’s contact to trigger your young post-prepared mother sauce, and there are nutrition, rays and other factors.
In order to ensure and maximize the genetic advantages of the variety, the pig farm needs to introduce a fixed number of reserved pigs each year, which makes it a week to meet the balanced production of the pig farm. It is very critical to reach the number of breeding in a timely manner, because this will directly affect the number of wear pigs per year (Diata et al, 2000)
for the scientific care and management of the reserve pigs, will be on the pig farm There is a very beneficial impact in future production benefits. The reserve sow is a non-production day of the pig farm that is directly affected by the high-altitude of the peers at a specific period. In addition, the management of the reserve pigs may have been eliminated by more kinds of pigs due to reproductive obstacles, and may also cause low in childbirth rate and loss of property. Therefore, the management of the reserve pigs will have an impact on the production performance of the first childbirth or the sow.
There are many experiments confirmed that the earlier time of the mother pig arrives at the beginning of the primary love period, the reproductive performance is better (the number of births and the final use period will increase). In this case, first of all, we have to select a early cooked sow as a reserve pig, but it does not mean that these sows can breed early. In addition, confirming such a sow, which is conducive to the production cycle, which can be fully handled.Foot periodic breeding management.
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In any case, we must ensure that the rear preparation pig can fully express its genetic potential, estrus. To this end, in real production, we have to use various methods (including nutrition, management, hormone treatment, etc.) to induce the preparation pig in the best time. These methods used are the contents of the rear preparation pig culture plan.

Pig farm production goals are based on genetic performance, so that all sows are based on the best recommendation (from 200 days to 270 days). Although there is currently a trend tend to be born 270 days, in general, in the past 15 years, the breeding time is recommended at 240 days. For the rearing pig breeding, it is appropriate to determine whether the production procedure is appropriate, and whether it is reasonable, better judgment parameters is the reserve pig entry – breeding time interval, this parameter refers to the average number of days after the pigs enter the pig farm. It can be calculated in several ways.

With the growth and development of the rear sow, the propagation organs have matured. If the weight of the sow is matched with the age of age, then the sow is ready to enter the early relationship period. But at the same time, some objective factors are required to trigger the trigger. If there is no such factor, the mother pig will postpone estrus, and the result is an increase in non-production days. In the case of “normal”, there is no other factor stimulus, and the age of the early situation is generally between 180 and 210 days.

Some objective factors affecting the initial relationship:
U Nutrition: This is a key factor. If the growth rate is too fast or too slow, it will delay the truth time. In order to make the reserve pigs reach the appropriate physical condition, the reserve pig should pay attention to the supply of nutrition. The first time the reserve pig is the best back (P2) thickness at 16 to 18 mm, in this case, it is ensured that the thickness of the back is 18 to 20 mm.
U boar’s impact: This is the most important and effective factor in trusting estrus. Generally adopting a large-scale boar with a group of old sows in a short period of time (10 ~ 15 minutes), 2 to 3 times a day. Direct contact causes body stimulation and chemical hormone in contact (chemical positives in saliva), its effect is obviously better than passing the barrier (the same timeThe pig can only contact the effect of a few maternal pigs. Generally, it is recommended that the backed sow is in contact with the boar with 6 to 10 heads. Possibly, the traction of the ligated boar can reduce the work of the personnel. In general, the driving of the mother is better, which makes the boar’s constraint. The influence of the boar makes more reserve sows, estrus performance is more obvious, and it is more conducive to identification. Within the three weeks after the initial stimulation, there will be 75% of the sow estrus. When using the boar effect is not ideal, it is usually caused by management problems (insufficient human hand, the column structure is unreasonable or the column installation is incorrect).
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Umage method: Grouping feeding has advantages over a separate feeding, which is due to the synchronization of estrus and estrus. However, it is recommended to use columns of drainage, non-corrosive and dry ground, and it is also recommended that non-regular mix groups, shifts or replacement managers. All of these programs are exciting for the reserve sows, which can help to induce estrus. U Light: The daily illumination time and intensity are also very important for the reserve pigs entering the initial relationship. Therefore, we recommend at least 16 hours per day, and the intensity of at least 270lux is constantly irradiated. In winter, it is necessary to use artificial lighting to compensate for the lack of sunshine. U environmental factors: This includes multiple factors that can delay estrus, such as season (high temperature, air quality, etc.).

UH hormone treatment: combined with HCG / PMSG, induce estrus on sows in the near future period, but usually requires the effects of the boar and other stimulus methods, do not rely on alone using hormones. With only the boar contrast, use these hormones to better form the same emotion. There are other processing schemes, including co-application exogenous progesterone when using PMSG / HCG.

Although the results of induce estrus do not mean that after the first estrus, the regulation of these factors helps to induce the truth. In order to maintain better production performance in the life of the mother and pigs, it is now tended to breed the third time of the reserve pig.

Let’s take a look at Guangdong Huarwin’s test:

This test is proposedEmotional sows after the growth of genital hybrids induced by genital bids, in order to improve their reproductive performance and utilization. Treatment with FSH (Spirit of Splicing Surgeon) and HCG (Human Eelmet Gad Promotective Gadenant) 6.5 months of age, 75.58% of the hormone induction group of 75.58% of the reserve sow, the second regular estrus ratio It was 67,44%, while the blank control group was 6.80% and 44.22%, respectively; the number of cases in the first breeding age and breeding of hormone induction groups were 259 days and 2.72 times, and the blank control group 266, 5 days and 1.84 times, the difference is significant and extremely remarkable; the utilization of hormone induction group increased by 12 percentage points higher than the blank control group; hormone induced the first fetal mining milk to a variety of hormones in the group of 6.31 days, Significantly short in 9.47 days in the blank control group. The bonus sow is the childbirth rate, the total number of nephrodes, the number of nephrodes, and the number of estrus and varieties of the first fetal breast milk, and the difference in hormone induction group and blank control group are not significant. It can be seen that the estrus induction of hormones can be significantly improved in advance, reproductive performance and utilization in advance, reproductive performance and utilization.

The detailed test scheme is as follows:

Compared with local varieties, the preditation performance is undecisive, especially the postponement of the post-secondary sow. It has seriously plagued efficient production of pig industry. During the long and long binary hybrids, only 25% occurred at the beginning of 195 days. There is a reserve sow in 2 or more estrus cycles for the first time, and the number 1 of the first child has only a reserve child in the same estrus, and there is only 0.5 piglets. It can be seen that the primary love of the rear sow is conducive to the improvement of the reproductive performance and utilization of the post-prepared sow, and the gonad hormone induction is an important method in advance in the early childhood. This test uses the cell engineering product of the Professor Hushan University of Pharmaceutical College, developed cell engineering products FSH (follicle stimulus) and HCG (human choromic gonadotropin) mixed hormone (named VF600), induced 6.5 months old The binary rear preparation of the sow estrus, observed its improvement effect on the primary, utilization rate and reproductive performance of the reserve sow.

1.1 Test time, place, animal

Test time: June 2013 to July 2014; Test Location: Guangdong HuarianStar farmhouse, Lounge: Test Animals: 302 Head 6.5 months old binary hybrids.
1.2 Test Drugs

Yoship University School of Pharmacy provides HCG hormones for FSH (cell engineering production) and Ningbo a pharmaceutical plant.
1.3 Test Scheme

1.3.1 Test animal grouping under the same feeding conditions, selected 6.5 months old, body weight, the same or near the reproductive indicators Rear sow 302. Among them, the 69-year-old bare sow in the early 6.5 months has been aid for the estrus control group. After 6, 5 months, the sows were randomly divided into 2 groups, a set of 86 The head is hormone induction group, and another group of 147 is a blank control group.
1.3.2 Administration Methods of Hormone Induced Groups of Silosa in the Ear Neck Muscle Injection FSH and HCG Mixing Hormone (100 Units FSH and 400 Units HCG Mixture, VFG600) 1 Number: Blank Control Group Siles of the sow in the same position of the same volume of sterilized saline: estrus control group mother pigs do not give any drugs.

1.3.3 Observation Indicators Observe and record the time of each group of pigs, statistical estrus; the mother pig is first breeding at around 8.5 months, record the first time of the group of sows. The number of age and the number of breeding, the total number of nephrons, the number of pieces of the neck, etc., the first fetal fetus of the mother pig, the time and proportion of the breeding, and the phase-out of the test
1.3.4 Statistical Analysis Related Data Significant Levels Adopt T Test.

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2, the results and analysis

2.1 6,5 months old unsuccessful Reserved sow hormone “

Table 1. 6.5 months of age is not estrus, the sow hormone is attracted to the effect

The number of different samples / head within 7 days after the injection Emotional ratio in 7 days

hormone induction group 86 65 75.58 blank control group 147 10 6.80 There was no adverse reaction after the hormone induction group, and there was no adverse reaction after treatment, and the estrus ratio was as high as 75.58%, blank The control group was only 6,8% in 7 days (Table 1). The results show that the Emotional effect of the class FSH and HCG mixed hormone in 6.5 months is obvious, and the role of the same estrus. 2.2 Required sow estrus regular analysis

The time interval between the 2 times of the reserve sow is 18 to 23 days, and it is determined as a regular estrus. This experiment observed the percentage of the regularity of the regularity of different estrus during each group. It can be seen from Table 2 that after the successful launch of the latching sow, the proportion of subsequent regulatory estrus is 67,44%, and the blank control group is only 44.22%. The proportion of hormone induced group regular estrus is significantly higher than the blank control group. The results show that after the start of hormone induction of hormones, the second injection is not required, and most pigs can enter the normal estrus and physiological cycle. 2.3 Recommended Sour Emoticity and Reling Rate and Utilization

This test statistics the average ethics at the time of the first breeding of each group, the number of days of breeding, and the number of estringes. It can be seen from Table 3 that the first breeding age-age estrus control group was 249.5 days, and the hormone-induced group was 459 days, which was significantly or significantly shortened than 266.5 days of the blank control group. When breeding, the average number of estringes, the hormone-induced group is 0.88 compared with the blank control group, the difference is very significant (P

can calculate the economic benefits of the post-preparation of the pig hormone after calculation, from the average first Calculated with the age, the reserve sauce is more than 10 yuan per day, and the hormone induction group and the blank control group have an average of 7.5 days in advance, according to the 100-heads of pig calculations, resultingThe benefits (259 × 89.53 1 266.5 × 77.55) × 10 = 25212 yuan; from the increase of the utilization of the reserve sow, the test pig farm is about 2100 yuan, eliminated the mother pig The average price is 1 550 yuan, according to the 100-heads of the mother pig calculation, the resulting economic efficiency is 100 × (89.53% a 77.55%) × (2100 1 550) = 6 589 yuan, two one 31 801 yuan, and the cost of hormones is below 5,000 yuan. It can be seen that the economically benefits of the reserve sow use hormone tradition, ROI is 1: 6.36.

In the discussion, please note that important conclusions in the text are:

3. The effect of reserve sow hormone is induced Genoprotective hormone induction is effective. This topic group adopts the PG600 [400 units of PMSG (pregnant marmilic gonadotropin) and 200 unit HCG mixture], the HCG mixture of Hibo Lee, Spain [400 units PMSG Hyperdeatoids produced by 200 units HCG mixture], Ningbo Sanyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. produced by hormones for the rear preparation sow, the effect (not published) is similar to the VFG600. Note that the product VFG600 produced by this topic group of cells is remarkable to the sow. This test data once again proved that the early post-prepared sag (estrus control group) has strong reproductive performance, which provides a thinking for the breeding breeding breeding. The utilization rate of lean-gum type sows has always been a pig production problem. This test passes the tract measures to increase its utilization by 12 percentage points (raised from 77% to 89%), and the number of hours in breeding increases 0.88 times, premieration 7.5 days in advance, the first birth of the first child in the backpass has no adverse effect, and the second child is equivalent. There is no hormone dependence. In addition, we believe that the correct concept of hormones is that hormones are not able to replace the traction of boars, excellent feeding. Do you need to choose hormone treatment measures to check if there is a management issue. The class FSH and HCG mixed hormones can be used as a remedial measures. After the management measures are in place, the reserve sows in the early days of the primary relationship will not appear in the early days of the primary and child, should consider using hormones, and the injection hormone can be 3 ~ 5 days. Form a peak period of estrus,Effectively reduce the invalid production day of sows, which is beneficial to balance production.
3.3 Use class FSH and HCG mixed hormone to induce estrus recommended: the best solution for reserve sows induce estrus is to start using boars in 160 to 180, and do 1 in the afternoon, each time The male pig pigs have been in contact for 10 minutes. Record the reserve sow of the 6.5 months of age, distinguishes management of the 6.5 months of the unfair reserve sow, according to the birthday of the reserve sow, the batch of injection hormones, after the injection, the small mother pig can concentrate, It is conducive to subsequent equilibrium.

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