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Author: Shi Zengbin
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farms cost control system: Pedigree gene accurate nutrition + + + Biosafety Environmental Control + standard management

1, PSY increases by 1, the cost of fat pigs is reduced by 0.12 yuan / kg
2, weaning to fattening 7-120kg, the ratio is reduced by 0.1, the feed cost is reduced by 30 yuan / head; terminal boar itself The material ratio is reduced by 0.1, and the proportion of the boar on the fat pig is 0.035, which is equivalent to a fat pig feed cost; according to the proportion of the proportion of the muna, a self-sustain ratio is reduced by 0.1 The boar’s annual feed cost contribution to its 1600 descendants is “reduced 16,000 yuan”, so there must be excellent growth data when choosing boars.
3, a pig sperm 80ml contains 30 billion and 1.2 billion breeding and production results, so it can maximize excellent boar.
4, the number of occurrences of the production is 9.5-11, and each increase is 0.5, the weaning cost is 12-15 yuan.
5, precision nutrition: precision raw material detection + precision nutritional demand + precision Formulation adjustment + precision production processing + precision feeding management
6, under the case of total precision in the whole pregnancy (290kg), ” The high and low high “mode is significantly higher than the” step by step “mode (0.4 head)
7, there is a most suitable back in different pregnancy (” step by step “: 0D-16.9mm, 30D-18.84mm, 90D-17.54mm, 110d-18.42mm; “high and low high” mode: 0D-14.93MM, 30D-15.59mm, 90D-17.18mm, 110d-18.14mm), overfertile or too thin leads to decrease in production performance; “High and low high” feeding mode; sow 膘膘 control is the core of sow feeding management.
8, 90-110 days of pregnancy, increase the feeding amount will greatly improve the sow, but not significantly improve the production performance and the primary body weight, but reduce the number of weaning heads, increase the feed cost, and not recommend the feeding in the later period. Feeding (recommended 2.8kg / d)
9, pregnancy rosin / lysine ratio (0.27-0.47):When the number of production is not more than 12, it is not improved production performance when the number of diet is not exceeding 12, and the number of eggine levels in the production can improve the production performance. The performance of the diet is 0.37. Performance.
10, in the growth of the pigs, the best growth performance and money ratio can be achieved than the restricted feeding.

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11, standardization management: adoption of the same period estrus, the same period of childbirth, system standard, skill promotion, sign management, incentive mechanism, data management, and circumferential production system . 12 Production and class 85 / person.
14. Average labor costs of weaning piglets: 26 yuan / head
15, the last week of pregnancy has been adding glucose 150-200 g / day to the breeding;
16, the birth weight is 0.6kg (1.2-1.8) The 21D differs from 0.8kg, 65D differs 3kg, and 149D is 7kg.
17. In the late pregnancy, according to the number of sow historic production, it is 0.3-0.5kg / d, and it is recommended to use tatticks: higher amino acid content, energy and vitamin.
18. Domesticated pig feeding: 2.8-3.0kg / d in front of the prenatal, 0.5kg up to 7kg per day 10 days after childbirth. The formula is 2 kg + 0.5kg * n.

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