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gilts file card is used to record Gilts During the time period from the date of application till the scene before breeding room Related events and hang them on the pig bar. The reserve sow card is mainly used to record the date of the initial estrus after the mother pigs, and speculate on the estrus time after it is to determine the time and breeding time of transfer to the breeding house. In addition, important information on immunization and treatment is also recorded on the rear softer card for reference in actual operation.

After the reserve sow turned from the rear stock sight to the breeding house, its records also transferred to the sow with the sow, so they reopened new records, this process may trivial, but it is indeed It is a very important job that requires staff to be carefully implemented.

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Keypoints for the establishment of the mother pig file card:

Timely record: The event must be recorded in time, especially the initial estrus time of the little sow, if the record is incorrect, It is impossible to accurately predict the sow estrus time, and you cannot determine the breeding time. If no treatment is recorded, it may affect further treatment or may be mistakenly eliminated. Incident Record: Modern genotype mother pigs generally reaches sexual mature at 160 days, so the arrival of age determines whether the sow can stimulate estrus and synchronous estrus in the adapted period, and determine the date of breeding. In addition, the rear softer card should also be described in the sow, the field number, the source, and reaches the date of the pig farm. Feats: Usually, the rear sow is in the end of the end, or you can re-play in the first estrus to provide an identity mark for the record of all events, and then enter the computer system for production analysis. Each time you record, you must check it out to see if the flashboard is only complussed to the pigs to reduce errors. Now the electronic ear is prevalent, an electronic earbort cost is not about 3 yuan, I think the smart pig farm boss can purchase a special electronic ear tag, ensuring that the pig does not have the worry of the ear.

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Emotional Record: Recording the sow is very important after the date of being stimulated by the boar. To predict the second and third estrus of the mother pig, the corresponding breeding plan is predicted accordingly. Under normal circumstances, use the reserve sow in the third case, but if it is not arranged, the number of resembled mother pigs in the third rate cannot reach a breeding target, and the second estrus can be used. Dacholds.

Treatment record: The information of the reserve sow is treated or injecting the vaccine not only in the drug / treatment record, but also simply recorded on the rear softer card to see the treatment situation and take further treatment. By viewing the record, you can also know that the pig is only healthy. For the diseased pig, such as lame, anorexia, lochia, etc., it is possible to know whether the treatment of the sow is in the pharmacodynamicity period by viewing the record. It was errata during treatment. Recording check: The main role of the reserve softer card is to record estrus, so that the staff arranges a breeding program. This is followed by recording immunity and daily operations for staff, supervisors, and veterans to view in order to find problems and take measures in time. In addition, by looking at the rear preparation sow card, you can know the details of treatment, such as which treatment has been carried out, and when treatment is required. This function of the rear softer card is very important, not only beneficial to the daily operation of the staff, but also contributes to the work arrangement of the entire pig farm.


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After the mother pigs retrieved, hang the rear softer card on the pig bar. The mains of the rear softer card includes a pig ranks, source, arrival date, estrus date, scheduled breed date, and the endorsement, arrival of age. The following items should be prepared in the reserve mother sow: reserve sow, ink pen, marks, work diary, calendar or thousand calendar.

Specific work procedures: The program mainly describes how to fill in the backpass sow card, and assume that the rear preparation is breed in the third rate. However, if the number of conclusted resell pork does not reach the number of breeding targets, it can be used in the second case of sows instead, each breeding company may have different provisions.

1, the induced estrus and synchronous estrus

when the mother pigs were first estrus, or in the first estrus column next to the sow on the mother’s side. Emospherical time.

When the mother sow is escrow, write down his estrus, or write down the estrus time in the second estrus column of the sow. When will you transfer to a breeding room (about 7 days before the third estrus), and fill in this date in the corresponding column.

If the rear presence is not transferred to a variety of houses before the third estrus, write down its third estrus, or record the estrus time in the third estrus column on the mother’s card. And take the original transfer group time, fill in the predetermined transfer time.
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2, lack of love mother pigs:

Note pen on the original reserve sow card, and in the column Fill in the pending and processing reasons for the pig.
Write all kinds of feature pigs on the new backfall sow card.

If the group is mixed with other sows, the sow should be added to the reserve sow card.
3, the transfer group, death, elimination of the reserve sow: Use the marker stroke to the rear sow, and fill in the pending and processing reasons for the pig. 4, if you use a happy pregnancy:

in therapeutic recordFill in the sow on the sow, the date, dose, and injection. 5. If the sow is treated by the disease:

filling the sow on the treatment record, injection date, dose, injection reasons

In the treatment column, continue to fill in One step treatment details.

According to the treatment procedure, the efficacy is determined, and in the treatment end column 6, if the entire pig group is injected with the vaccine:

Filling the sow in the treatment record Causes, injection date, dose, injection cause.
7, writing the daily operation required in the note column.

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Simplified Q & A:
1, Question: What is the main role of the backeda pig card?

Record the initial estrus time of the reserve sow.
2, Question: Recording the importance of the initial estrus time.

According to the initial estrus, the second, third estrus time can be predicted to arrange the breeding plan.
3, Question: What can happen if there is no immune and treatment?

may affect further treatment and immunity. The sick pig may be eliminated in the drug effect.

4, Question: Why is it very important to record the age? Because the sow is mature, it is generally above 160 days ago, and the date age determines the stimulation date of the sow. 5, Question: When is the record on the sow bar and reserve sow card?

When using the flash record (such as estrus, treatment, etc.)

6, Question: The supervisor regularly check the significance of the backpass sow card?

In order to check the work made by the staff and managers.

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