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Today, most pig farms intend to find some innovation points to improve pig farm performance by participating in the landscape lectures. . Interested topic: Advanced breeding facilities, newly listed vaccines and veterinary drugs, the latest developments, while also focusing on the dynamics of scale pig farms, and so on. However, we tend to miss the most basic production points of the pig farm.

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Although the PIC has a global pig nutrition expert team, in this article, we don’t intend to compose or specific formulations for feed nutrient components. Because domestic feed companies also have many excellent nutrition experts, they are committed to providing the industry with the best feed formula. Pig man should ask yourself: “Whether all pigs can eat enough feed to meet the growth needs”, or ask another question, “,” or ask another question, “asking if the feed occupies 65% production or pig cost Can it guarantee that the feed purchased is effective growth, not wasteful. Referring to the following picture:

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Feed Waste

It is precisely because the pig farm feed waste is existed every day, we may haecce often, or there are too many feed in tanks. As long as pigs are healthy and growing, these can be another matter. However, if you turn these “Waste Feed” to measures, you will pay more attention to waste. Suppose 1 pig is 40g of feed every day. Of course, this part is difficult to control, so for the farm of 1000 sows, each pig is 20 fertilizers per year 20, feed waste Calculation formula:

1000Sorry sow * 20 fattening pigs * 110 days (fattening period) * 50g waste feed = 110000KG or 110T feed waste / year

or feed average price is 3.5 yuan / kg = 1000 mother farm annual In the feed loss of 385,000 yuan

There may be another extreme extreme in the production, as farmers are worried about feed waste, they strictly control feeding, or set the automatic troughs to provide minimal feed, so When you check the column, you will find that many pigs eat enough feed, all in hunger. In the 1 hour of feeding, the management personnel will often indicate that the feed is insufficient if it is clearly seen that many pigs look for feed.

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Feed Interrupt / Delitary / Hunger State This situation often occurs, when the tank does not check and properly repair, even if it is purchased Expensive tanks, there will also be the case where the feed is blocked and the incomplete is not smooth.


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Sometimes, the larger induced pigs may be in a sufficient amount of feed, but in The weak pig will be hungry and become anxious. These in vulnerable pigs are hungry and frustrated, you may see the phenomenon of the bite, these pigs will start biting the tail of those who are unwilling to leave the tank.

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Reason for bite tail
Insufficient feed, the amount of feed can lead to a worsens in the column, some pigs are sufficient to explore growth potential due to adequate food, and the other pigs can only maintain the need for survival and will not feel hungry.

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Wellness difference

When the patrol, we hope to see: the same column, the size, weight, and physical condition are consistent, all pigs It is calm and leisurely, which means they are sufficient and comfortable. They are close to you because they are curious, not how to say “I need food.”

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Pig is relaxed, curious trough recommended

The types of feed cells and many models. There are also many manufacturers and suppliers of China’s trough. We should discuss how to make reasonable use and management tanks and each type of tank suitable for feeding a few heads. pig. The table below helps guide to use different types of tanks.

Care 0-27kg (0-60 lbs) Growth PX (15 inches) Empty fed pig’s head number 1616 Each material of each material fed pig’s head (tube groove) 168 single tank (dry / wet) feed hole feeding pig 168 feed coverage 0-7 days = 50% after 7 days later = 20-40%20-40% of the tank capacity required for each pig, Kg (pound) 1.1 (2.5) 3.2 (7)

PIC tank recommended
The so-called “feeding space”, here is clear It is the food tank of the dry material. The reference value is 125p / head. Calculation of feeding space: The ratio of the length of the tank and the number of pigs in the column. The recommended tank should also ensure that the shoulder width space in the feeding, allows multiple pigs to eat together. The feed hole is at least 950px to meet the demand of the large fat pig as shown below.

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Suitable tank hole interval

Tank coverage

Definition: The horizontal bottom of the tank is covered by the feed cover. Appropriate adjustment tanks ensure that you have enough feedals to reduce waste. Suitable feed coverage is achieved based on different feed types (particles, crushing, powder) and particle size. We must check and adjust the tank every day to ensure that the bottom feed coverage of the tank is moderate.

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The above figure shows that there is too much feed

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This figure shows that the feed is just

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This figure shows that the feed is not enough

daily management of feed coverage is critical, which may affect growth performance. Increasing feed coverage can increase daily weight, while reducing the feed coverage will increase feed conversion rate. However, excessive increase or reduction of feed coverage will result in waste or hunger, which will seriously reduce growth performance and farming profits.

Tank capacity

Another factor we need to consider in the purchase of the automotive groove is the capacity of the tank capacity. The design of the automatic tank is to meet the supply of feed 24 hours per column. This does not exist that the material slot “fare” or a feed without feeding at a certain time will not occur in growth rate and health. Many “flexible” situation will cause porcine malposis (such as bite, bite, abdomen) or other problems, such as ulcer, intestinal blood syndrome.

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Ulcer We can calculate the required tank capacity, Pigs in the fattening stage are expected to feed the feed of 3.2kg daily (4% weight, 80kg average body weight), which means that a feed slot needs to provide 60 pigs to eat 24 hours feed, namely 192kg (60 * 3.2 = 192kg) . Many tanks cannot accommodate so much feed, so a packing is required to continue the feed supply multiple times to ensure that the tank is sufficient or the amount of material is installed.


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