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Prostaglandin first by American obstetricians Kurzrok and Lieb found in human semen, I originally missed only men Such a substance is present in the acidic ester extract of prostate and is therefore named prostaglandin. In fact, many organizations in the animal can produce prostate.

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So far, prostaglandins have been found to have more than 20 kinds. According to the substitution on the five-carbon ring, it is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I nine, each of which is divided into three categories in the double-stranded number of two chains in each type. Such as PGE1, PGE2, PGE3). Chlorine pre-elevated alcohol (CLO) is a derivative of prostaglandin F2α with high efficiency dissolution yellow.

D-chlorine pre-amnyl alcohol (D-CLO) is the right-fluidistite that is artificially synthetic prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) homide-chlorine pre-allyl alcohol, is known as “some countries in Europe” Dalmakin. The dosage form made into injection is available. D-chlorine pre-alklene injection applied D-chloro-chloroene alkenol injection of D-chlorine pre-colorant alcohol (0.075 mg / ml), mainly used in the same period estrus and pig induction of pigs and pigs induced, general For muscular injection. 1. Main biological effects and mechanisms

Prior studies have shown that biological effects of chlorine pre-elevated alcohol (CLO) are similar to pGF2α, but their half-life is longer, and the activity of dissolving the yellow body higher.
1. The action mechanism of dissolved yellow body is:

(1) PGF2α inhibits progesterone synthesis, accelerate progesterone degradation. PGF2α inhibits cholesterol from the mitochondrial membrane to the inner membrane transport, and causes a decrease in cytoplatin P450 side chain alzyme to induce an active oxygen free radical or an intermediate production, thereby inhibiting progesterone synthesis; yellow body elementin (LH)By accelerating 20α-hydroxylase reaction, progesterone synthesis can promote progesterone synthesis; and PGF2α has anti-gonge hormone action, such as causing a decrease in HCG receptor level, decrease in binding force, suppressing CAMP to gland hormone, preventing CAPM to form steroids Stimulating effect.

(2) PGF2α causes fluidity of the yellow body cell membrane to decrease, increases the membrane immobilization, the activity of phospholipase A2, and Ca2 + absorption of ATP-dependent Ca2 +, membrane sialic acid dense, induces membrane inositol phospholipid decomposition.
(3) PGF2α induces apoptosis of yellow body cells. According to reports, activated oxygen free radicals can trigger apoptosis, and PGF2α increases the expression of Bcl-2 gene-related gene BAX and interleukin-1 transformase (ICE). In addition, PGF2α can also cause monocytochemical induction proteins – 1 (MCP-1) to promote yellow cell apoptosis.
1.2 Promoting ovulation PGF2α During the ovulation process, directly acting on follicles, stimulating the contraction of smooth muscle in the ovary wall, making follicles.
1.3 PGF2α can promote uterine contraction, increase the natural secretion of oxytocin, and increase the sensitivity of uterine smooth muscle on oxytocin, reduce progesterone level, and induce childbirth.
1.4 PGF2α has a contracted effect on the fallopian tube, which can accelerate the pregnant eggs from the tubal to the uterus.
1.5 PGF2α can enhance the effect of fine tube transportation sperm, which helps to eat, control testicular cells to produce testosterone, so that testicles tissue blood vessels, enhance sperm vitality.

2, the application of chloroquine alkenyl alcohol (CLO) in the reproduction of the motherst

2. Adjusting the sow estrus

Nai Xi et al. Chlorol (CLO) 0.1 ~ 0.5mg / head treatment 15 to 20 days after weaning, the production of sows (Hubei white pig), 7D emotional rate of 82.8%, 91.7% of the fetus rate, 10.44 ± 0.12, and after weaning, emotional rate 81.8 %; The PMSG treatment group is 60.0%, 77.8%, 9.90 ± 0.77, 83.3%, respectively. Chlorine pre-alklene has a good effect in lack of love sows, and have good effects in eoxy and ovulation, quenching rate, number of births and hassry after weaning.

2.2 Used to induce the same delivery of the sow

Tao Tao, etc. (1996) with chlorine pregnancy of the mother pig in the pregnancy, the mother pig, starting from injection to childbirth, blood collection at 12h Then, the blood sample was then used to analyze the blood preoperative blood preoperative ketone content (15.95 ng / mL), and gradually decreased, minimized (5.39 ng / ml). This shows that exogenous chlorine prodrienol has a dissolution effect on the pregnancy pregnant yellow body before childbirth. Experiments have found that during the daytime delivery rate of 40.00%, 88.24% and 75.00%, respectively, during the daytime (0.05, 0.10, 0.20 mg / head) of 56.96%, 87.50, respectively. % And 78.57%. The average daytime delivery rate (84.91%) of the experimental group was significantly higher than that of the control group (45.65%); treatment to delivery interval is 24.4 h.

Table 1 Time Interval (d) from injection hormone to childbirth (D)

Pregnancy Date 110111112113114d.hammond et al. 030.32727.526.4edward Wierzchos and other 24.33825.72.5800 average 24.8429.2339.5930 .2526.4

Cao Tianxing and other studies have shown that after the long-term sow of the pregnancy 111D, the plycolide (0.1mg / head) of 24 h, with the muscle injection 10 unit oxytocin / head, its average The time was 2.94 ± 1.67 hours during the day, and the daytime was given by 90.0%, the effect was treated separately with chloroene alcohol (0.1 mg / head), and the sow was obviously better than the control group and the alienol group used separately. The above experiments have been described that the induction of sow is better than the oxytocin OT binding chlorine, and the amount of chlorinated alcohol is preferably 0.10 mg / head.
3, small junction

PGF2α analog chlorine prior allyl alcohol is used in the same period estrus treatment to bind to progesterone treatment. For the birth of the sow, childbirth is blended with myobutributin, the time is shorter, and the day delivery rate is higher, which is conducive to production management. A large number of experimental studies have shown, Use exogenous prostaglandine and its analogs — Chloro-alkin alcohol induce a good effect, not only makes the mother pig in a certain period of time, easy to collect production management, while Due to avoiding the lag production phenomenon in natural delivery, it is convenient for the sows in the same cycle to interruption milk, and the whole process is implemented, and the next breeding cycle is entered.

In the practical application of factory pigs, the time of injection of chlorinated alkenyl alcohol is injected according to the natural childbirth law of the breeded varieties. In general, it is recommended that the sow is more than 113 days of injection to ensure that the fetus gets sufficient growth and development, which is easy to manage. Or in the batch delivery, the previous day of the countdown period is the next day, all unsuccessful sows are injected, 1 ml of D-chlorine beforehand. In the actual operation, all the treated pigs must be accurately grasp the date of pregnancy, and should be injected before 9:00 am every day to improve the daytime delivery rate of the sow, the injection dose of chlorine in chlorine is in the muscle. Note 0.1mg is suitable. D-chlorine pre-elevated alcohol (happy) only needs to be 75 micrograms (1 mL).

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