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each time the farm to check the situation of choice, in fact, the labor efficiency and staff capacity. In most cases, two kinds of investment were appropriate one day. The correct estrus identification work should be able to distinguish the sows in the early days of estrus.
Scale pig farm is generally affected sequence: reserve sows, weaning sows, return sows. Then there is a sow from the weaning, empty, and abortion sows. A potential return performance is a longer longer than the pregnant sow standing, more frequent. If the sow is very stable, then he is preparing for the fertilization. Sowing should be 1 hour after the investment, so that the so-called “no period” can be avoided.

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Tracing boar is updated every 6 – December. The tray of trains must be brought once a week and eliminate the mother pigs once to maintain its sexual desire.
After the first breeding of the rear sow, 15 days of the first breeds were transferred to a separate limit column, so that they would adapt early. If estrus is not obvious, you can use the boar or artificially stimulating the breast base and the pussy, see if the pussy has a mucus flow. If there is a mucus, do it to mark, more observation. The mother sow neck shoulder, side belly, lower abdomen, rear mammography, genus, and back, etc., the vocational breed personnel should know and understand.

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Production of some unfavorable environmental factors, such as natural heat, density, shift stage, vaccination, ear thorn, etc. can cause the post-preparation of the pig’s estrus, this It is difficult to find those estrus individuals. At this time, you must make experienced people to make estrus identification.

1.The purpose of clarifying the situation.

The investigation of the virginity is to discover the estrus sow, according to the status of estrus sows (mental state, vulva and color degree, secretion of mucus viscosity) to determine the first multi-breeding time, and find timely Problem sow, do a good job of recording and treatment, to reduce the number of non-production days. 2. Master the investment point

The investigation is divided into boar’s autograph. When you have a boar, you ask your eyes, your hands, your foot. Always keep suspicion, do not let go of any one-time savory. Artificial investment refers to the physiological characteristics and life habits based on estrus sows (estrus mother pigs are used to sleep early, and there is more obvious symptoms at around 10 o’clock in the morning), in the best time to observe the mother pig, daily The best observation time before feeding the sow in the morning, during ten o’clock in the morning, there is a sow. So most pig farms with boar’s ruthenium schedule at 5-7 in the morning.
3. Judging the stretched reaction

Do not have thousands of sows in front of the boar in front of the boar, and don’t judge the estrus and not reactive reactions. Time, to be suspicious, actively press the back pressure, and stroke the above illumination. Observe the pig only.
4. How to make the sow in a stretched reflection during the production process?

The sow is the best effect when the sow is in a stretched reflection. When the breeding, the virgin boar space is standing in front of the estrus sow, and at the same time take the back, stimulating the mother pig ribs, and touching the mother The pig breast, stimulating several methods of the genitals of the mother pig, ensuring that the sow is in a stretched reaction. After the end of the extension, continue to stimulate the mother pig for a while to prevent semen backward.
5. Pig field normal investment process

Every morning with the boar of the boar, with the boar, the early morning is the most important job in the day.

Ten o’clock every morning to observe the graphic pig, inflammatory pig, check the pig, abortion pig, inflammatory pig;

The pig farm regularly handles lack of love

I don’t estrus the sows on time and according to the procedures.

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6. Eventual time schedule

a. Any two exemption time is more than 8 hours, and the product is taken from the feed time.

b. In the summer, the breeding in the morning is completed before 8 o’clock, and the afternoon should be carried out after 6 o’clock.

7. Weaning mother pig capitals

Weaning mother pigs start from wengyama, we must seriously observe their estrus, people go to observe whether there is inflammation in the mamorous mother, don’t After waiting for the milk sow, I went to observe after estrus, because some weaning mother pigs began to perform inflammation before estrusting, which is easy to be neglected by the breeding, which will lead to the breeding pus.

8. Problem sow 查 要

After the problem of flowing abortion, the sow is the first time in the problem of the mother sow, the first estrus time and estrus Situation (estrus, inflammatory situation, treatment method), calculate the time and record of the next sow estrus, calculation time should be based on the first estrus time, push 15 days in advance, to observe the sows in advance Whether or not the estrus is normal. Because estrus sows are about 21 days, but this is just an average, and the site should pay attention to observing whether the sow is estrus, whether there is inflammation in the early stage of estrus. The sow of the inflammation is generally pus in the early period of estrus, the middle of the estrus is no longer pus; the sow of the inflammation is generally pus in the entire period of estrus.

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