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west of Guangdong Province scale pig farms generally reflect the long trend of sows Chengyou Yan, to The work of the house has a great impact. Through the investigation through many pig farms such as Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Yangjiang and Maoming, Guangdong Province, and found that many pig farms have misunderstandings in the process of shortening the breeding of the mother pig. This paper passes the analysis of the cause of the sow proceedings, proposes a set of effective correct ways.

The author of the Guangdong Zhaoqing Agriculture School
When derived by the house, I hope that the mother pig can make a production in the normal proceedings in the 3H, but it is often violated. After investigation, about 30% of the sow proceedings extended or even difficult, not only caused trouble to the work of the breed, but also caused harm to the sows and the newly-produced piglets. Therefore, some pig farm breeders will take extreme means to force the mother-of-pig proceedings, and it is not known that the harm caused. This requires the rational plan deployment of the Pig Farm to take integrated measures to shorten the mother-of-pig proceeding.
1 Difficult Hazard of the sow
1. The long-term hazard of the sow
The normal sow proceeds are 2.5 ~ 3h, and the production time exceeds 3 hours as the production process. The sow is too long, the sow can consume too much, and the fatigue is excessive. Long, the lochia is slow, not net, the uterine neck does not recover, the pathogen microorganism is extremely easy to invade, causing endometritis; the sow proceeds are too long and easy to lead to sows outside yin malignant edema, deprotective anal.
1.2 The long-term hazard of the production of piglets
The excessive labor caused the fetal stay in the birth of the birth, and the fetus has been squeezed, and it is easy to smash, and there is a dead tire. Even if it is not dead, it is also the brain. Hypoxia weakness. The sow is too long, the milk quality is declining, and the piggy diarrhea has increased, the growth rate is slow, and the incidence of Zigi pigs is increased.
1. Impact of the excessive process of labor
The sow proceeds are too long, will increase the workload of the initiator, and postpone the receipt from get off worktime. Most sows are producing in the evening, and they are even more hard to make the night shift. Some pig farms have more effortless and thought burdens, leading to unstable personnel, and affect the production management of pig farms. In order to take a break early in get off work, some label will not care about the operation procedures for normal delivery. When assiscate, the violation takes the extreme means to force the mother pig proceed.
2 Different causes of sows in the production of sow
2. Improper feeding management
Because the pregnancy is not raising, the sow can cause the sow to be narrow, or the sow is weak, which will lead to the priority of the production process. It is required to gradually reduce the 2kg of 2kg before the origin, and it is best to feed it if it is less feeding on the same day. However, some pig farm feeders feed out produced mother pigs are full, digestion is too much, and the procedure, resulting in the production Not easy.

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2.2 High temperature influence

Guangdong Province high temperature time, the effect of born mother pigs, sows in thermal stress for a long time It will lead to excessive adrenaline secretion. Excess adrenaline causes uterine vessel contraction, thereby reducing the amount of oxytocin secreted after the pituitary body to reduce the amount of uterine smooth muscle, and the resulting sow is extended. Of course, at a high temperature for a long time, the sow is easy to die, and the mum is an il, and the labor will be extended. 2.3 Feed mold
The rain is humid in Guangdong Province, the relative humidity is very high, and the feed is extremely easy to modify, producing a large amount of yellow beequidin, corn ingricone, T-2 toxin, etc. These toxins have invaded the digestive tract, causing severe edema in the intestines, the sow constipation, leading to the labor process. In addition, corn green alkenone has a similar estrogen, and the sow is escaping F-2 toxins for a long time, and it is easy to cause difficult birth.
2.4 Infection infected impairment disease
When sow is infected with swine fever, pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, eclipanitis, fine viral diseases, and porchievania, etc.In the mid-pregnancy or late fetus, the fetus is dead in the sow to the sow, often produces 1 head or the dead or mummies that are covered by the rotted tire. Some processes are up to 3d, or even longer. When there is high heat disease, it will also cause the maternal pigs and the production of deaths and labor.
2.5, variety
Modern hybrid thin meat sow overall processes are long, especially due to large area of ​​positioning columns. Xin Dan, the number of new female pigs, the number of people, there are more than 15 heads, some or even 18, the production process is 3-3.5 hours, so the environment, the fetus, the physical condition, etc., the sow is more 4 hours.
2.6 Other reasons
The primary sow is due to narrow birth, and the production process is too long. After more than 8 tires, the old mother pigs are easy, and the production process will have a production process. The location is not quiet, the sow is stressed, the same proceedings will extend. There is also the fetus, and the fetal situation of the fetal position will cause the sow to cause too long, but this is just an individual phenomenon.
3 Some wrong ways to shorten the mother pig proceedings
3.1 Abuse of oxytocin
Some pig farms lapsers, do not have expertise, when the sow is difficult to produce, it has always thought that “oxytocin” is harmate However, I don’t know, the consequences of abuse of oxytocin are very serious. Oxytocin can only be used in the production of production, such as the production of the sows, etc., and can be used in a small amount of injection. If you want to use oxytocin to help, or wait until the mother pigs have a few piglets, inject the oxytocin to speed up the production process, this approach is wrong. Oxytocin will make the fetus to strip from the maternal placenta, causing uterine malignant edema, causing endometritis, or even 2 or more piglets simultaneously enter the birthplace, causing dead tires.
3.2 Forced sauce
Some pig farms launched, seeing the sow proceedings a little longer, I am not willing to wait, I am worried that I will have a rest to rest, I can’t wait to reach into the hometown pig. Pig. Original mother pigs can be produced, and the result is to help each sow. When the pig piggy, some breeders did not disinfect. In order to speed up the speed, the action is too large, and it is easy to damage the production path, and inflammation occurs.
4 shortening the correct method of the mother pig proceeding
4.1 Pregnancy Mid-term reform position column for the column feeding
The positioning column can really increase the utilization rate of pig houses,It is also easy to manage the feeding management of pregnant sows, but the drawbacks of the positioning column are also obvious. The pregnant mother is unhappy, and there is a lot of difficulty in lie down, almost only all day long. The lack of sports sows, will definitely prolong the production process during childbirth, even difficult. Therefore, the European Union stipulates that the sow after 35 days of pregnancy must be kept in the big column, and each sow is provided at least less than 2.5 square meters, which is not allowed to be kept in the positioning column. At present, my country can not do it completely without using the positioning column, but the conditional enterprises can consider the pregnancy of the pregnancy.

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4.2 Controlling the body of the sow

Pregnant sow must be controlled, generally requiring weaning to a variety of time-shaped score into 2 ~ 3 points, pregnancy 30 ~ 90D body shaped score is 3 points, 90 ~ 110D body shaped score is 3 ~ 4 points. More precise pig farm, you can do your back to measure, strictly follow the thickness of the sow to determine the amount of sows. The pig farm management should train the pregnancy-saving family, and strictly determine the type and feeding amount of the feed in the pregnancy stage and body shape in the sow, and the final is finally in the standard body shape, and pay attention to gradually decreased.

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4.3 Tight Monitoring Feed Mold Toxin

In view of the growth season of Guangdong, there is a phenomenon of flexible mildew, so when the feed is stored, it must be Stacked in a place where dry, cool, ventilation and terrain. It can be added to the feed to add a mold that is resolutely discarded for moldy feed. 4. Control ambient temperature Yuexi-scale pig farm pregnancy houseMeasures to heat up and cool down in childbirth, generally take wet curtain, fan, sealed shading windows, roof spray system, neck drip, and walkway sprinkle, even the temperature is as high as 35 ° C, must also ensure that the small ambient temperature in the house is below 26 ° C.

4. 5 Use some functional additives to regulate the lack of production capacity, is the practice of comparative reality.

Yeast can be used to increase the feeding capacity during pregnancy and lactation, improve production efficiency; then cooperate with soy flavonoids to promote follicular development, increase production milk. In areas where feed materials, especially corn mildew, must be often added to the addition of denity, avoiding mold toxin pollution, and reduces unnecessary losses.

4.6 Other measures

The age of the primary matching pigs and the body is important in line with the variety requirements, and cannot be paid up early. Southern Pig Farm can use drugs such as D-Chlorine Pre-elevan alkyl alcohol to give birth before 12:00 every day, try to avoid high temperature time. The location environment should be quiet, well ventilated, so that the sow is finished in a comfortable environment. The latter period can be intravenously 5% glucose to ensure the physical strength of the sow. After the piglet is born, it is necessary to put it next to the sow breasts, stimulate the secretion of the mother pig hypothalamus secrete oxytocin, shorten the procedure. When the fetus is too large, the fetal is abnormal or the stenosis of the birth, it should be taken in time to shorten the procedure. (this platform is slightly deduced)

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