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Author: Shi Zengbin
editor: pig professional managers
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Because the working relationship, I visited many farms in recent years to find nursery or fattening house there is always There are only many scrotum ambigulent pigs, and if you ask, it is even a lot of conservation technicians or campaigns who will not be tested, and they feel this, specialize in this article, hoping to produce the technical personnel of the production line.

Generally, according to the small grain of the piglet, the name is also different. If the trace site is in the umbilical part, we call umbilical hernia; if the leakage site is on the side of the abdomen, we call the abdominal hernia; The posterior leakage of the post-test groceles is called the scrotum. Pig farms are generally more common in one side.
For the cause of piglet umbilical hernia or abdominal wall, it is generally considered to have two aspects:

1. Congenital reasons: During the growth and development of the pig, the umbilical hole is closed, due to The abdominal cavity is large, and the intraperitoneal content is removed from the umbilical hole.
2, the day after the day: It is often due to improper operation method during the delivery process, causing the umbilical infection, causing the umbilical hole to break the disease. There are still some factors, piglets suck each other, struggle, constipation, over-food, squeezing, and capture, excessive curse, etc., can induce umbilical hernia or abdominal hernia.
There are two reasons for the causes of porcine category (intestinal groads into the hydrocene cavity).
1, the congenital ganggoul of piglets is too large, which is often caused by hereditary genetic. Under normal circumstances, the testicles of the pig fetus have dropped below the ingurate of 80 to 90 days after the eggs were affected, and the testicles were decreased to the scrotum at 100D or more testis, and the testicles were completely developed by 10 to 15 days or just after birth. At this time, the total sheath is developed to a certain pressure, until it is born or after birth, the testicles are lowered to the scrotum, and the groin is closed. If the groin is too large, it is easy to occur. Often happens during birth. If the ones are simultaneous, most are mostly in the left, so the pig farm has to find a kind of boar who has a hidden genetic levy from the incidence of hernia.
2, the latter day, mainly abdominal pressure is too high, causes the legal grooves to expand, such as the incorrect capture, climbing, jumping, and harms, etc.
Most of the scenes occurred in a scrotumPigs are only normal, and the spirit is good, but with the increase of age, the pressure of the scrotum is getting bigger and larger, and severe pig can only lead to not eating; it can be seen that the scrotum on both sides is increased, sags, and touch No heat pain, the scrotum hardness is different, can be touched to the contents of the pieces (mostly small intestines), such as mentioning the two posterior limbs, often make the contents of the hernia back to the abdominal cavity, but the scrotum is reduced, but then put down or abdominal pressure increase After returning the symptoms of the original pathogenesis.
How should the on-site hernia pig? It is now recognized as the most thorough root cause of surgery. For umbilical hernia, it is mainly a repair of hernia, and is generally half open surgery. For the scrottical sputum, there is generally a combination of people to complete the operation.
The author often uses the test result: the specific procedure is poured by the assistant, and the operator will also natose the contents, and the longitudinally cut the bottom of the bottom of the scrotial bottom, and the neutrients are peeled off to the outer ring. The total sheath is lifted, twisting a plurality of turns, and the line is empty, and the lock outer ring is separated, and then the testicles are removed together with the total sheath and lock the outer ring of the groin. See the following writer operation diagram of the test and testance.

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longitudinal light to open the bottom of the capsule

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Bluff peeled off the total sheath to the outer ring

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Testicular, twisting plum


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After tightening with total sheath, testicles and latching inguinal outer ring

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The left scrotum hernia is ok, and the right testis can be done properly. Occupational Manager .jpg

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