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Using mats, grass curtains, etc., and open The cage is covered to make it cool. Supply a lot of clean drinking water and bathing water, spray the roof with cool water to cool down.
Second, carefully feeding

After 8-10 days of donman, the bumps were removed. Adjustment of feeding in the morning: 30% of the diet, 10 o’clock, felt all the food discs, 10% of the diet, 50% of the diet of 19:30 in the evening. This feeding method can effectively prevent the feed to get defeat. Add 10% -15% of peanut cake to the sun, which can reduce some animal feed, reduce the feeding cost, and have a good premium, and have a good preventive effect on the gastrointestinal disease of the mink.

Third, the sanitary disinfection

Summer bacteria is rapid, feed mold is fast, to strengthen health management, establish a comprehensive health management system, timely cleaning, residual food, dirt; , Food should be cleaned; cage, the ground should be regularly disinfected, pay attention to feed storage and inspection, strictly prohibit the feeding of acid defeats; 0.1-0.2 grams of gentamicin is added every 2-4 days per kilogram of feed to avoid Gastrointestinal disease occurs in the mortuary.
Fourth, disease prevention and treatment

The vaccination should be vaccinated after the moboscopic, to enhance its specific immunity to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Among them, viral enteritis vaccines, canine disease-like vaccines are very important. It should be noted that the high temperature weather and high temperature period should be avoided when epidemic prevention, so as not to cause care for care. It is necessary to do early test, early treatment, and early treatment of premature testing, early treatment.
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