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Distinguished sow is the lifeblood produced by pig farms, and the quality of breeding pigs directly related to the production of pig farms, healthy breeding pigs can produce Healthy piglet. Therefore, strengthen the pig feeding management, improve the quality of pigs, to ensure the health of the pig, in order to improve the production benefits of the pig farm, the following is the sow feeding plan for a group technology, which is very practical.
First, the sow is most afraid of high energy intake

1. 3 days and 8-25 days, the high energy will cause the affordable egg to death, gas Failure, so that the empty proportion is rising, the number of production is reduced. 2. 70-90 days in the middle of pregnancy, high energy will lead to poor development of pregnant sows, and the postpartum lactation is reduced.
Second, the feeding plan of sow science

1. Immediately decrease the amount of feeding to 1.8 kg / day on the day of breeding, to feed the pregnant sow (14% crude protein content ). The nutrients obtained by the sow are always supplied to the development of embryos, and the need for embryos is very small. Under normal circumstances, the nutritional level of pregnancy is unlikely to affect the number of young.

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2. After 4-60 days, feeding 2.0 kg / day of pregnant sow.

3. 60-90 days after distribution, feeding 2.0-2.5 kg / day of pregnant sow.

Shot of the sow is pregnant 35-90 days, the growth, body reserve, physical condition adjustment recovery period, properly decreased or feeding the sow, pregnant sows before childbirth To achieve a good condition, the P2 back thickness during childbirth should be 18-19mm.

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4. 91 days of pregnancy – feeding a tariffs 2.5-3.0 kg / day. (0.9% of the crude protein content of the diet, lysine 0.9%)
1 This stage is the rapid growth of the fetus and the growth period of the breast, regardless of the small sow, the mother pig, should eat 9500 kcal digestive energy /day.
2 Pre-pre-pre-pouring sow will make the mother pig postpartum appetite, the amount of food is reduced, affecting the amount of sow.

3 Increased feeding of parenchyma pigs to increase the cost of the pig’s new life weight. 4.JPG

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5. Male sows – feeding at 3kg + 330 g × tissue / head sow calculation. Take less feeding methods or freely feed.
[1 During breastfeeding, the sow should be added to increase the number of feeding, such as dividing 4-6 meals. Summer and night, feed, less feeding at noon.
2 Use a suitable particle size (600-800 microns), and the particle size is increased to increase the surface area of ​​the cereal, and the interaction with the digestive enzyme is increased to improve the digestibility. The particle size is also easier to make the machining and mixing. However, overcrowding increases the energy consumption of feed processing, causing dust problems and increasing gastric ulcers. Overcritical can also reduce feeding volume.
3 Summer Due to the decrease of sows, pay attention to adjust the feed nutrient concentration and increase fat raw materials. During breastfeeding, the mother pigs will affect the normal estrus and the number of children in the next child. Therefore, it is emphasized that it will feed more and thin sows.
4 Pay attention to the removal of the cuiselling tank every day to prevent the mother pigs from being edible feed.

6. Weaned sows – the sow is reduced by 3.0-3.5 kg / day on the day, and continue to feed the breastfeeding sow.

After the sow is weaning, the pig should only separate, avoid weak pigs to eliminate the injury; the head is broken, the pigs are best to feed, and the thin sow and the head mother pig are properly added. Injection is pregnant to promote it as soon as possible, if there is negligence, it may cause some sows to eliminate the early elimination (thin and weak mother pigs are more, with a lot of sows, and milk).
Third, pregnant mother pigs must have moderate physical condition

1. The consequences of overfertility: due to intraperitoneal adipose tissue pressing uterus, affecting the development of the fetus, outputting weakness, postpartum It is easy to appetite, constipation, lack of lack of milk, and the lactation period is too fast. Some pigs will die due to fat and postpartum operations. Reduce the amount of urging diet, reducing the amount of boiling milk, and increases the sensitivity of thermal stress. 2. Those consequences: pregnant mother pig nutrition intake is insufficient, affecting the development of the fetus, is weak, and because there is not enough nutrient storage in the pregnancy, after the postpartum, it consumes a lot of nutrients due to lactation. Insufficient postpartum milk, affecting the growth and development of small pigs, it is also too serious, increasing the possibility of fracture, and even eliminated in advance.


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Four, summer pig breeding points

1. Effects of feed mold toxins 2. About 25% of cereals per year are affected by mold toxins In recent years, the immunity decline in pigs, the effect of feed mold toxins can be said to be one of the reasons. 3. Pigs are sensitive to mold toxins, and sow feed is contaminated by sizzlene (F-2 toxins), often visible vulva redness, breast tissue increases, embryonic death, return, abortion, unester, uterine off, Symptoms such as deodorization. V. Five, the sow is most afraid of high temperature

In 3 weeks after breeding, high temperatures will increase the death of fertilized eggs, affecting embryo in the uterus, resulting in elevation. 2. 3 weeks before childbirth, byAt this stage, pig pigs grow too fast, the sow is the blood supply of the uterus to reduce the blood supply, resulting in lack of low supply, weakening or even death. Sixth, pregnancy sow management

1. The sow is immediately adjusted to single bar feeding while reducing the amount of feeding (1.8kg should be). 2. Variety – 3 weeks and 3 weeks before birth – pregnant maternal pigs in childbirth to strengthen cooling work in summer, reduce early abortion, avoid premature birth or weakness of sows. Seven, summer cooling measures

1. Delivery house: 1 sow head and neck drops cool down – must have a romance to effectively 2 spray cooling – can’t cause a wet spending 3 hair dryer – can not be blown directly to piglets 4 Negative pressure exhaust or water curtain cooling – pay attention to the insulation of the new piglet

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2. Variety pregnancy: 1 flushing cooling – must have a romance to effectively 2 hair drying – 3 spray — —– 4 When the environmental humidity is greater than 80%, the water cooling effect is not large. Regardless of dropwater, spray or rinsing, there must be a romance to drive. Eight, drinking water precautions 1. The water pressure and flow of the water curator should be appropriate, and the water flow rate of the hand pressing the water is preferably 2 l / min. 2. Winter 15-20 liters of water / day, 30 liters in summer. 3. Water pressure is low (no matter how winter and summer) will: reduce feed feeding capacity, decrease in milk; if the water flow rate is 500 ml / min. To meet the daily needs, the sow is at least 60 minutes a day. Some sows cannot withstand water drinking in particular after childbirth. Therefore, the amount of drinking water is reduced to the lactation and feed volume. Weight loss increased by 7-9 kg. 4. High water pressure (no matter how winter and summer) will: water stimulate throat, reduce drinking water, reduce the amount of feeding, decrease in milk; the column is full, the piglet is easy to get in trouble. 5. The height of the water dispenser should be appropriate. High position – difficulty in drinking water, reduce drinking water; the location is too low – unwaked water and waste. 6. High water temperature is too highOr too low will affect the vegetarian seeding. The water supply pipe should be buried under the solar, preventing the sun from sunlying too high. When the temperature in winter is lower than 7 ° C, it will increase the water when feeding the wet material. 7. Many farms have found that the water injection in the bowl is useful after the feeding trough is useful. Because pigs are reluctant to lick the water, the water in the bowl is very important. For the sow, the suggestion of the tank is 3.8 cm or more.

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Nine, sow, childbirth

1. The sow is from about 2.5-3.0 hours. If the donation time is too long to check if there is any difficulty, and timely help or ovulate. If the birth is not treated in time if you can’t take timely, you will be treated in time. 2. The pregnancy of the sow is 112-120 days. It is normal. It usually has no birth to use beautiful uterine in the uterine in the uterus in the uterine, usually more than 115 days. 3. During delivery of sows, 5% glucose physiological saline can be intravenously filled with 5% glucose physic saline 1500-2000ml, and the sow is intravenously, and the fishing scored 15-20ml + Vitc20ml + Vitb in the first bottle ( Composite) 20ml + antibiotics (such as pionex, etc.); the last bottle is added to the 20 units of the production sow, the initial sow is 10 units, the drip speed is slow, the last bottle of glucose should be near the sow Tet the drip. 4. Do a good job in nursing care of maternal pigs, prevent the mastiaulous syndrome after maternal pigs. Check the sow in the sow, appetite, body temperature, sleep posture, vaginal drainage, breast, etc., to take immediate treatment with abnormal sows. 10. About the prevention and control of the sow

The sow will reduce the feeding capacity, decline in milk, and milk syndrome after easy production.

Prevention measures:

1. Phen nitrate 10-30 g / head, once a day. It is also possible to sprinkle 1 tablespoon of 1 tablespoon of the constipation of potassium chloride or 1% magnesium sulfate. Or 50 grams of artificial salts per day, or PortugueseForty oxidase is added 0.2%, 10 days per month. 2. Check the water dispenser to ensure the sufficient drinking water of the sow. 3. Conditional fields can feed green feed.

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4. Summer feeding wet material is better, but pay attention to mildew.
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