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Acute cardiy rhinitis is the acute surface inflammation of fox, 貉, and other fur animal nasal mucosa, which can be divided into both primary and secondary.

1. Primary nasal card he: It is simply caused by a cold. There are more animals that occur in autumn, winter and spring, especially young animals. Allergic rhinitis is caused by dust, smoke, pollen, fungi, pesticide, ammonia, raw lime, etc. caused by mechanical injury.
2. In addition to the living nasal card: accompanied by other diseases, such as canine disease, nurse, rabbit bacilli, and the like.
[Symptoms] The nasal mucosa congestion, edema, exiting slurry, mucus or purulent nasal liquid in the initial path of onset. Animals show frequent sneezing, swing, and wiped nose with prodries, generally 1 to 7 days of symptoms gradually disappear, alleviating, and finally cured.
[Diagnosis] It is not difficult to diagnose according to clinical symptoms.
[Treatment] Eliminating the stimulation of the adverse gas, eliminating the ammonia gas in the shed, rinsing with 1% sate or with penicillin.
[Prevention] Strengthen the health management of the farm, clear the manure in time, and there is not a large amount of urine accumulation under the ground to avoid a large amount of ammonia gas. In addition, when the ground is disinfected with a raw lime powder, it should be low on the ground, do not raise, so as not to raise lime dust hazards animals. Scan code for more exciting content

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