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First, this is the most important point. When a farmer is purchasing a species, it must adhere to the choice of high-race, namely pure, body, no harm, and pure population. At present, my country’s ideal breeding variety is Usui, and its leather is better, the market recognition is high, and the demand is large. The body has a strong sense of disease resistance, and the survival rate is high. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the organs of the 貉 are complete and normal, especially the sexual organs; secondly, it is necessary to see if they have hair, and find that there is a phenomenon, it should be considered a residual, can’t be divided, and incorporated. Second, feed is now, some scale farmers are mostly used in full-price feed, which save the time of food, and feeding is also relatively safe. But for the early family, the food is also formulated. When selecting, you must use clean and unveiled corn, fish powder should choose a special fish powder of the scorpion; in the feed period, the auxiliary feed of the feeding, such as small fish and various animal visces, residues, etc., must be fresh. Don’t use the freezing products that are not grasped, so as not to eat adverse reactions after the scorpion, resulting in losses. Third, under the case of preventive disease, as long as the vaccine is injected in the case, it is very low, but it should also pay attention to some common diseases, such as diarrhea, cold, anorexia. The aquacultine should reserve drugs for treating these disorders, discover patients, and immediately treat symptomatic treatment. As long as early treatment, these diseases do not have a serious impact on the growth of the scorpion. Fourth, putting this is the last link in the breeding process, and is also the most critical ring. The far-reaching goal is to sell the breeding of the breeding, and achieve the praise value. Once in the operation of the skin, the skin is broken, the leather immediately changed, the value is big discount, or the leather is not reaching maturity and is eager to put skin, resulting in human becomes inferior. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, it is recommended that there is no farmers in breeding experience. When intended to peeled, they will be specially engaged in peeling people. In this way, although some costs are spent, it is still very cost-effective to harvest high quality leather. China Farm Tongchuang, ISO9001 International Quality Certification Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise! Its production and operation “auspicious three treasures”, “Golden Dragon” series products are the first brand of fur animal premix! ! !
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