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I. Mastitis
Motherlfitis will generally do not cause mysterian death, but due to the serious loss of lactation, thereby affecting the growth and development of the young fox. The young fox can no longer eat breast milk, should be artificially breastfeeding or nanny fox. If you give birth to mastitis in the next year, it should be eliminated.
Second, Fox Bacillus disease
This disease is popular in many fox breeding fields, which is an hidden disease. In addition to abortion symptoms, other clinical symptoms are not obvious. This disease can be cured, but it is not possible to eliminate the state of bacteria, and should be separated from the world with the world. The disease has potentially dangerous to people and other foxes and animals, and the method of controlling the disease is to regular quarantine on the fox field, to determine the disease, detect the fox disease, and the procedures are as follows:
1, All kinds of foxs once once, detected positive foxes until they were all negative.
2, completely disinfect the foxes and foxes and their affiliates.
3, isolate positive foxes, and treat, should also include positive young foxs, eliminate healthy foxes.
4, when the entire Fox Group broth is negative, the fox group has a joint test for the Fox Group, and Lei Yisheng conducts one year, once a quarantine every six months, conducting one year; In the future, changed to one year of quarantine.
5. As long as the positive fox is found in the fox group, it should be restored to a monthly agglutination test.
6, the fox foundation introduced new fox from the field, only the Bacillus agglutination test negative person can introduce the fox, and observe the new fox introduced into the fox area for one month, three Bacillus Quarantine can be released.
Third, the parasitic disease of the fox
There is a more serious hazard, hookworm, whipworm, and aphid, control of the occurrence of digestive tract disease, and the main time of regular deworming.
We must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of mites, because the mites are parasitic in the skin, causing local itching, destroying the growth of hair, making fur quality decreased, preventing the disease usual avermectin, Yin Wei bacon, harmful, 虫Ding is the treatment, but the dose should be strictly controlled to prevent poisoning.
Fourth, Fox’s viral infectious disease
is currently a class of major infectious diseases in the harm of raising fox, in contrasting hepatitis, dogwood, fine viral enteritis, etc., mainly take preventive injectionStrong immunity to control the popularity of this type of disease. VC uses in various diseases to help animal recovery.
Five, other diseases of fox
There are many kinds of foxes, such as gastroenteritis, food poisoning, acute stomach expansion, and difficulty, veterinary personnel need to diagnose and correct treatment, to ensure the health of fox, improve The economic benefits of raising cavity.
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