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In the pregnancy, foxes have the highest demand for nutritional levels, and there is a diverse to supply their nutrition, easy to digest, clean and fresh feed, and require feed diversification to ensure necessary amino acids and vitamins. The appetite of the pregnant fox, but the initial (20 days ago) can’t increase the amount immediately, in order to keep the fox. The appetite loss of foxes before and after the origin, and the diet should lose 1/5 of the total amount and the feed is raged.
All-day drinking water, water dispenser, food storage should be brushed every day, 1-2 times a week, the bumps should be paved within the box, and the cold flow is invaded to cause a cold. The feeding personnel must pay attention to the dynamics of the fox group every day, and find that there is a disease, it should be treated in time, so that it will restore appetite as soon as possible, levy to affect the development of fetus. If there is a surprise day, it should be injected with progesterone 20-30 mg of progesterone in a pregnant fox muscle.
Do a good job in pre-preparation. Divide the box in front of the pregnancy fox 25-10 days before the preservation work. For the fox who has arrived in the expected date of birth, it should be observed to see if there is no birth to birth, whether the hair around the breast is better, there is a difficulty performance, if there is, it should take corresponding measures. The feeding staff should also pay attention to the maintenance of the cage, prevent running fox, otherwise often cause abortion due to capture, or cause other pregnant foxs.

Mother Fox is particularly strong in pregnancy, pay attention to feeds to feed nutrition, should not feed mildew feed to prevent miscarriage. At the same time, you should also do a good job in the hygiene and disinfection of the fox, keep the foxes, and minimize the occurrence of stress factors. Scan code for more

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