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(f) feeding system equipment design

1, the design basis

1) feed mill feed store In the finished package, the storage time is _3_ 天; the storage time in the pig farm is _6_ days; guarantee the freshness of feed and the control of feed transport in the field, and the pig farm feed is sufficient, and the harsh weather is prevented. Feed transportation problem.
2) Feed varieties

column pig groups feeding feed species Feed type daily feeding number single-head pig feed quantity (kg / head / day) with a seed before breeding two weeks short HP 55723.2 Pregnancy 1-107 days Unlimited 5563.0 Pregnancy 107 days – Pre-delivery limit 5574.0 childbirth homemast 4-23 days Each meal quantitative feed, freely eat 5573-46.5 reserve 90kg – Two weeks before the breeding Eating 55823.2 Retrieving pigs to enter the market – 90kg free food 55832.5 Bo pig station boar quantitative restrictions feeding 55913.0 Purse 8KG-15KG free training 55010.5


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Transportable transfer Tower

2, feeding system facilities configuration

Size Pig Sheet Tower Song Chain Dash Cup __4__ 万 隔 _1_ 个 塔 _3_ 套龙_3_ set chain – rear backrest _2_ 个 塔 _2_ 套 龙 _2_ set of chain disk each positioning column corresponding to 1 style pregnancy _5_ 个 塔 _5_ 套绞_5_ 套 链 盘 每 定 1 公 料 料 舍 舍 舍 舍 舍 舍 舍 舍 舍 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分6_ 套 龙 _6_ set of chain plates per bed corresponding to 1 set of care 舍 _1_ 个 塔 _2_ 套龙 _2_ set chain –

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(7) Heating system equipment design standard

1. Design content

The content of the pig farm heating design is composed of three parts: heating mode, heating energy and heating equipment.
1) Heating mode: replacing the coal furnace, hot blast furnace distribution heating mode, reducing energy loss, reducing cost, and increased energy efficiency.
2) Heating energy: fuel uses environmentally efficiency energy such as biomass, natural gas, petroleum liquefied gas, improve heating efficiency of heating system;

3) Heating equipment: heat sink, floor heating control Key components such as electromagnetic valves use imported equipment to ensure safe, efficient, high temperature control, and improve system service life.
3, the design is based on

The model is built by energy conservation law, “need to be complementary heat = building loss calories + ventilation loss heat – pig stroke heat”, indoor heat control determines changes in indoor temperature . The purpose of warming warmth can be achieved by increasing the insulation performance of building materials.

In the cold season, the pig house is equipped with heating equipment, and the indoor temperature is in the comfort of the pig. See the table below.

Pig house optimal temperature table

Pig house indoor temperature (degrees Celsius) Comfortable range high critical low critical breeding pregnancy 15-202710 childbirthhouse 18-222710 Purse 20-253016 Isolated House 15 -232713 Reserve 15-202710 Boat Station 15-202513
All kinds of pig house heating indicators (W / h / m2)

Pig houses (Northeast Region) Cold Region (North China Region) Cold Region (Northwestern Region) Summer Hot Winter Cooled Area (Huadi, East China, Southwest) Summer Winter Warm Region (South China) Fort Seed Pregnancy 3012800 Childbirth Home 433835311 隔 保 舍 11387846846 Isolated House 574037279 Reserve 844743240 Boat 25262100
4, heating mode process design

Program Heating Mode Fuel Heating Process Scheme One Concentrated Air Gas + Space Heater LNG LNG LNG Gas Field Configuration Natural Gas Gas Station Station Centralized gas supply, the gas is transported to each house, The burner combustion heating is heated by the radioscopic to heating.
5, heating system equipment configuration
centralized gas supply + space heater

Regional central area Remarks LNG gasification station (storage tank type) 600M3 according to the gas amount to determine the container specifications Taiwan / Dong Space Heater
2 sets of space heaters
2 / unit space heater
Posted 1 / Unit Space Heater

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Space Heater (8) Hydropower System Design Standard

1, Design Principle

1) The main circuit is TN-S Power supply system, the audience circuit line adopts RVV, BVV and other national standard copper wire cable, prevent electric shock to ensure safety. The renewal water system uses PVC water pipes, set along the sky flower, improves installation efficiency, laying aesthetics; configures the pressure reducing valve to ensure that the water pressure is stable, saves water.

2) Leakage switch, wire and cable use Snney and other foreign high-quality brands to ensure system safety and stabilize operation. 2, Hydropower System Technology Design

Signal Water Wire Production Area Water Tower Water, through the outer tube to each house, the water pipe is filtered through the filter, and the pressure reducing valve is reduced pressure. Enter the house, connect the faucet and water. The power supply is reached by the electric wire, and the main wire is added to the main leakage switch, and the electric wire is divided into the internal equipment from the main leakage switch. Wastewater area
3, hydropower system equipment configuration

Pig house drinking water system lighting field main circuit insulation circuit generator with Huandian 1) Positioning bar configuration water level meter, one per 25 meters; 2 ) Shot of the sow configuration of the roller water treatment; childbirth home sow, boar brill configuration rollingWater dispenser, piglets to configure a small bowl of drinking aeter. 3) Fertilization house, the production of the drug consumption per unit, and each unitary sow and piglets separately separate the water supply system. 4) All connecting PPR main water pipes and galvanized pipe pipes are hoses, hoses are 16 * 12PVC polyester fiber reinforced hoses, pressure ≥ 0.8 MPa, and copper joints. 5) Surface water pipes in severe cold areas below the frozen soil. 6) Fire and pig houses can share a pipeline; one waterproof tube is arranged every 16m2, and the waterproof tube power is 36W /. It is required to increase the light intensity of the light to increase the lighting in the pig head in the breeding area to enhance the childbirth rate; other pig houses are not less than 100 LUX. The main circuit is set by overhead, and use copper core wires The three-phase five-wire system is used, and each pig house is configured to configure a separate circuit breaker. Configure a socket for each branch page, and the socket is configured. 80,000 scale, 1 200KW + 1 600KW generator. 1 200KW generator is used to ensure the lowest ventilation requirements of the pig house, and another 600KW generator is used in the case of satisfying the full load power. Birthhouse reserve 隔 公 猪 保 保 舍
(9) Safeguards and emergency plans

1. Safeguards and emergency plan design

Project Design Remarks Fire System Childbirth Configure a fire hydrant system, and other fire extinguishers are used to configure fire extinguishers. Fume Alarms, etc.
The lightning protection system has additional lightning rod, lightning strap, and precision equipment to increase lightning protection kits.
The power supply system is configured to have a diesel generator, which has an emergency automatic conversion device, which is automatically started within 10 minutes. Each house is equipped with a power outage.

2, safeguards and emergency planning configuration

Project pig house configuration design fire protection system
4 weeks all 25m per 25m, connect outdoor water supply pipeline and plus Pressure pump. Configure 2 sets of push-type dry powder fire extinguishers. Each unit of delivery is set up a indoor fire hydrant, connecting outdoor water supply pipes and pressurized pumps. Configure 2 sets of push-type dry powder fire extinguishers. Renewal of other housewood walls are set up every 25m to connect an indoor fire hydrant, connecting outdoor water supply pipes and pressurized pumps. Configure 1 set of pusher dry powder fire extinguishers. Isolated Sherung Pig Shelter Each unit is setIndoor fire hydrants, connecting outdoor water supply pipes and pressurized pumps. Configure 1 set of pusher dry powder fire extinguishers. Lightning protection system has a lightning protection needle, lightning protection belt, and each set of precision equipment increases lightning protection kits. Power supply system The whole diesel engine Chongqing Cummins brand, generator Wuxistanford brand, supplying the whole field.

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