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(iv) farm manure removal system design

1, manure removal system process design

barn design based on clear Decal mode process design isolation 隔 舍 舍Flat-type scraping mode

pig manure tramped through the drain plate slit through the drain plate, freely falling into the trench, the squeegee machine timing starts to scrape the pig manure water out of the outdoor manifunction, through the siphon suction The manner flows into the outdoor manure ditch, which flows to the sewage treatment pool. The rear-binding breeds pregnant home boar house childbirth home delivery house, the incubation of the pig manure is less, avoiding epidemic problems in the maniferus between the units, liquid suspenders

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2, Treated System Facilities Configuration

Size type Pighouse drainage feces ditch / septic tank equipment

12 million tablet-shaped scrapes separated cement drain plate 3M / block _12_ strip ditch, width 2.8M, deep 1m_6_ set of vertical flat plate scraping equipment Cement leakage plate 3M / block _8_ strip ditch, width 2.8m, deep 1m_4_ set of vertical flat scrapping equipment with a seed of pregnancy cement drain plate 3M / block _6_ strip ditch, width 2.8m, deep 1M_3_ set of vertical tablet scraping equipment boarsMud leak slit 3M / block _4_ strip ditch, width 2.8m, deep 1m_2_ set of vertical flat plate scraping equipment tablet type scraper delivery house cement drain plate 2.4m / block _33_ strip ditch, width 2.2 M, deep 1M liquid / fecaste Cement leakage plate 3M / block _12_ strip ditch, width 2.8m, deep 1M Liutian manure
(5) Circuit control system design

1, design basis

In summer, hot weather, arrange the fan, water curtain cooling, pig house indoor temperature must control the comfort of pigs, ventilation uses longitudinal large ventilation mode, generating air-cooled effects through high wind speed, reducing pigmentation temperature. In winter, cold weather, configure the ceiling windows and the ditch fan, the fan ventilation, the pig house is higher than the minimum breathing amount of the pig. Spring and autumn winter ventilation is gentle and changed, and the ventilation mode is smooth, and there is no stress to the pig.
Model is built by energy conservation, “pigs production hot + wall passing outdoor heat + roof delivery outdoor heat – ventilation Take heat – water curtain with heat – indoor water vapor evaporation Take heat = indoor heat”, indoor heat Control determines the change in indoor temperature. Reduce temperature is achieved by increasing the heat insulation performance of building materials.

Pig house indoor temperature control table

Pig house indoor temperature (degrees Celsius) Comfortable range high critical low critical breeding pregnancy 15-202710 childbirthhouse 18-222710 Purse 20-253016 Isolated House 15 -232713 boar station 15-202513
Pig house indoor ventilation volume control table

The lowest ventilation amount (M3 / H · head) when the pig house is cold (M3 / H · Head) Fort-pregnancy 30510 childbirthhouse 53850 Care House 565 Isolated 15200 Boat Station 35510
Note: Data coming from “GBT 17824.3-2008 Scale Pig Farm Environmental Parameters and Environmental Management”

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2, Circular Control System Process Design 1) Huazhong Region Design Standard:

Pig Harbor Process Design Summer Mode Winter Mode Spring Autumn Mode Ceiling No Hanging Ceiling Do not Hang the top Back to the Hand Wall Virtual Vertical Thane Wall into the wind, vertical + vertical isolation 向Ventilation vertical ventilation side wall into the wind portrait + vertical set of pregnancy 2 pole portrait ventilation vertical ventilation side wall into the wind longitudinal / horizontal + vertical childbirth plan 2 “vertical ventilation vertical ventilation side wall air portrait + vertical delivery plan Two-local communication wind (optional, not in high temperature and high humidity), longitudinal ventilation vertical ventilation side wall into the wind longitudinal + vertical

Each pig house is hot in the hot and longitudinal ventilation mode, open the water curtain and fan, from the water curtain In the wind, the mountain fan exhaust gas, the use of water curtain evaporation and air cooling effects to achieve ventilation cooling; in winter low temperature, vertical ventilation mode is used, open the sky into the windows and some mountain wall fan dungers, turn off the water curtain into the air. It is only a minimum ventilation demand for pigs, and avoids cold stress and heat loss. In the spring and autumn season, the vertical / lateral + vertical ventilation mode is used. According to the exterior climate temperature changes, the transition ventilation mode is gently transitioned, and the air outlets are gradually switched between the sky into the wind and the water curtain.

A, with a kind of pregnancy home, isolation house, boar house, rear backrest

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Two-style full of summer longitudinal ventilation


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Isolated, boar house, rear binding summer longitudinal ventilation

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Pig house in winter vertical ventilation (eating mouth into the wind, newThe fresh air is in the sky, and the polluus is exhausted by the fan)

B, the pole delivery is the summer longitudinal ventilation


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Poster Summer vertical ventilation

Considering the high temperature and high humid climate in the south and central parts, the summer delivery house is vertical ventilation; the water curtain is opened in summer; the fresh air is cooling; the winter is closed, the fresh air enter the roof, winter fresh air is entered by the ceiling window , The polish is taken away by the fan. The occupation is ventilated in summer, and the other seasons are consistent with the delivery house.

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4, loop control system equipment configuration

Size pig house equipment south central region 150,000 full of garland (breeding area 51 “Wall Fan __6_Teng / Building 36” wall fan __2__ 台 水帘 __37.8__m2 / building ceiling window __16__ / Dongfu Huishe (breeding area) 51 “wall Foil fan __24__ 台 / 36 “wall fan __6__ 台 / 水帘 __151.2__m2 / build a small window __51__ 个 分 分 舍 舍 51” wall fan ___2_ 台 / unit 36 “Wall fan ___2_ 台 / unit 24″Wall fan ___2_ 台 / unit 18” Ditch fan ___2_ 台 / unit water curtain __20__m2 / unit ceiling window __12__ 一 / 风 0 0 隔 舍 51 “wall fan __3__ / Unit 36 ​​”wall fan __1__ 台 / unit 24” wall fan __2__ 台 / unit 18 “wall fan __0__ / unit water curtain __20.52__m2 / unit ceiling window __12__ / Unit side windows / tunnels into wind windows / rear bonds 51 “wall fan __4__ 台 / unit 36” wall fan __1__ / unit 24 “wall fan ___2_ 台 / unit water curtain __25 .92__m2 / single ceiling window ___14_ 一 / / boar house (not in the project range) 51 “wall fan
36″ wall fan 24 “Wall fan

water curtain ceiling window side windows

tunnel into the wind window

Posted 36″ wall fan __1__ 台 / unit 24 “wall fan _ _1__ 台 / unit 18 “Ditch fan __1__ 台 / unit ceiling window __5__ 一 / 元 风窗 / 滑帘 plate /

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