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In the morning: It is a long separation, 45 days, you can divide (3-4 only for a cage) to avoid joining and weak, smashing, fighting, weak, weaker, can continue to breastfeeding a period of time.
Three defenses:

1, to prevent common sect of infectious diseases. For example: viral enteritis, canine disease, viral encephalitis. The vaccine should be injected in a timely manner.
2, to prevent poultry, especially the pet dogs from entering the breeding area, and seal the breeding zone with asbestos large watts. I remember that my dog ​​animals should be in the fox, and they will play “triple seedlings” at the same time. This will block cross-infection sources for various epidemic diseases more effectively.

3, to prevent the death of the disease, don’t throw and anatomy, the method is best to take the pit.

Four Qin Qi: It is necessary to brush the early breakfast. Every day, the cage is cleaned once. Summer, every five days of lime, the lime is sterilized, and maintains hygiene. Second, give the scorpion drink water twice a day. Three diligence, the elderly after the nest, press the sodium amazine according to the sodium amazine. Four must be observed, and seek symptomatic symptomatic treatment by timely checking in a timely manure.

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