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On December 16, 2016, “2016 Innovation Influence Annual Meeting and National Industrial Services Platform 2016” is held in Beijing Yulong International Hotel, this conference is the annual event launched by Caidi Net. Founded in 2010, it is one of the most influential events per year. The theme of this year’s annual meeting is “scientific and technological awakening leads to innovation”. The annual meeting summarizes this year’s technical achievements and the next year’s scientific and technological trend and direction, and sharing the most successful technology, product, solution case cases of the year, and selection the year’s scientific and technological innovation achievement award. Beijing Yipe Deli Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder, CEO Liu Yanfeng was invited to attend the General Assembly, and won the “2016 Entrepreneurship Innovation Achievement Award”. 2016 Innovation Contribution Brand Award.

“Cloud Bull” is Liu Yanfeng leading the team to further introduce financial, trade, and science and technology integrated service platform for the beef cattle industry chain after the leading agriculture industry chain financial platform “Axin DE”. The way with many industrial enterprises into financial services, “Cloud Big” uses more novel and powerful technology and financial services models into traditional agricultural and animal husbandry, using new business model, financial service model and new technology upgrade A huge traditional breeding industry chain.

As a large-live cattle trade e-commerce platform, it also applies the latest Internet of Things technology and innovative financial control model, providing professional complete service solutions for the industry, to create the pain points of the most traditional industry through innovation, promote the industry The chain is developed, and actively drives economic development in agricultural areas.

At the same time, “Cloud Bowns” actively responded to the government’s precision poverty alleviation policy, will focus on farmers farmers, production, production, and promote the full development of poverty-stricken areas, and use them in industrial chain finance, new technologies. The advantages of networked, e-commerce, trade, etc., in-depth in poverty-stricken areas, in the local area, and combine the industrial chain upgrade and precision poverty alleviation, and contribute to the country. The platform will promote the stability of the beef market in the downstream end of the beef market by integrating the upstream cattle farm resources, technology upgrade, and promote the stable beef product market for consumers, and improve the living standards of residents.

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