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The growth and development of the mink is closely related to the light. If you pay attention to the lighting of the light, you can effectively reduce production costs and improve economic benefits can effectively reduce production costs.

The so-called illumination control is artificially or modern electronic technology, simulating changes in natural illumination cycles, for the reproduction of the mink, reimachables provide suitable illumination, in order to make the water production to adapt to human needs The direction is developing faster.

During long-term evolution, the growth and development and breeding breeding of the mink have formed a secret connection with changes in natural photop cycle. In the natural state, the mink is replaced with the season, that is, the change of the natural photop cycle has been propagated once a year, and the hair is twice. In the artificial controlling state, the water can be propagated during any period of one year, and can effectively shorten the breeding cycle, and achieve 3 births in 2 years. At the same time, you can make the mink winter skin in advance, slaughter, save feed spending and management fees, and greatly reduce production costs.

The artificial controlling plan is not related to the date that starts shortening the sunshine. Even in the hot summer, it can also promote the summer long winter hair. However, in production, attention should be noted that there is a non-stop winter hair growth. After the winter, the lighting time is extended, although accelerated organ development, but does not cause summer hair growth until Xia Mao began to grow. If you extend light before winter, you will stop winter hair development, and inhibit the growth of sexual organs. Therefore, the breeding site should pay attention to the best time of artificial control.

If you want to shorten the breeding cycle, the production is generally controlled from December 21, starting 1 hour light every day, extending to 8 hours a day, after each 5 The day increased by 15 to 30 minutes, until May 1, the sun, and the number of days were 15 hours and 25 minutes. This method can significantly improve the breeding rate of the mink. To promote the maturity of winter, the production is generally controlled on June 21, most of which use 40 watts of sunlight illumination, the artificial light cycle changes to the local natural light cycle change speed of 2 times, adjustment once a week, make the light The time is shortened, which has urged winter hair to develop rapidly, usually mature on the winter fur on October 6th.

7 ~ 8 days after the end of the breeding, the light is extended by the light.When the lighting time per day reached 14.5 hours, the controlled coating chamber cover during the lamp, so that the mink fully accepted the light until it started to stop the glory. This method is used, and it is active and strong, and it is high in the reaches.
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