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Desumment of the new purchase of pig morbidity: New purchase pigs are stimulated by arrest, long-distance transportation and hunger, etc., after the new environment, due to fed ways and feed, it is difficult to adapt in the short term, which is easy to be in stress State, leading to functional disorders in each system of the body, which will seriously affect the growth and development of piglets. Based on this, the author combines production practical experience to explore technical measures to reduce new purchase pigs for farmers.
1 The technical point of buying new piglets
(1) Guaranteed the health source of new studio pigs. The decisive factor of new healthy piglets is from a pig farm without a disease. The farmers should purchase a kind of boar or sows in a formal way, ensuring that the child is healthy; if you need to introduce from the field, you can invite the breeding of the feeding experience to accompany to purchase, and to a large extent to ensure the health of piglets. Healthy piglets are the key to the success of feeding, which has reduced many unnecessary trouble for future breeding, so choosing healthy piglets is extremely important.
(2) See if “Three Cards” is complete, and clarify the breeding of piglets. In order to ensure the health of piglets, they can fully understand the source of piglets when buying piglets. The pig farm must “three certificates”, namely an epidemic card, origin and transportation and quarantine certificate, and a major animal epidemic. In enough buying, you should ask the kind of feed species, feeding time and number of times, piglet immunity and deworming, aimed at providing a reliable reference for new purchase pigs.
2 Pay attention to the long distance transportation of piglets
(1) Transport vehicles. To select a transportation tool that is adapted to the piglet transportation, the transportation vehicle is thoroughly disinfected with 5% formalin, 3% ~ 5% psium hydroxide solution. In long-distance transportation, if the loading space is not enough, it is prone to severe extrusion, and the pig is only injured or died. The choice of transportation vehicle is suitable, and there should be a cage within the carriage; the carriage should be well ventilated, there is a carriage or grass ash, which can effectively avoid the slash. Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the mixed feed, concentrated feed, and produce the production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of 300,000 tons, total output value of 800 million yuan, is a key leading company in Jinan agricultural industrialization. The unique and Memory farming model is for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users provide a sound technical service system, making the benefits of users to improve and have a good praise from more than 20,000 users. attentionWeChat public number: and Meihua Group understand more farmed information. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. (2) Precautions for transportation and countermeasures. Try to drive the highway to avoid the rugged or traffic jams to extend the transportation time. Parking less in areas that have an epidemic, avoid infection of diseases. In transportation, you should check the situation of pigs, feeding pigs, potted fish, and drinking water containing electrolytic multi-dimensional, glucose or hydraulic salts. When driving pigs in summer, you can spray the pig with clean water; when the temperature is low in winter, warm measures should be made, and straw in the compartment, avoiding casualties.
(3) Note in piglets. After arriving at the destination, we will be unloaded immediately. Pigs that have risal to body temperature, and pigs with infectious diseases should be isolated separately, and pay attention to the health, ventilation and warmth of pig houses. After isolation for half a month, they can confirm that health and disease can enter the production area.
3 Piglet Ceremony Preparation and Feeding Management
(1) Strict Disinfecting of the Circle. Before the column of piglets, the column is clean, clean, and simultaneously use 20% bleach or 20% lime milk; especially the circle of hypophostrictions should be thoroughly disinfected, the disinfectant can use 5% to 10% according to the pathogens Child or 2% ~ 3% sterile water. The order of disinfection is the wall, circle, doors and windows, bowls, terrestrials, utensils, and doorways. The closed circle house needs to be mixed with 10% peroxyacetic acid and potassium permanganate. In recent years, porrobial bacteria, exudate dermatitis, virginophilus, infectious gastroenteritis, and rotavirus, etc., are important causes of pigs, and strict disinfection is the key measures to reduce piglets. .
(2) Raising of piglets. New purchase pigs should try to keep the original feeding method, designed to make the gastrointestinal tract of piglets, and minimize stress. Replacement of feed in the process of feeding piglets should be scientific, reasonable, and farmers must gradually replace the kind of pig feed species, feeding quantity and feeding habits. It cannot be changed in one time, and the piglets are suddenly stressed. death. Feeding piglets appropriate amount of green juicy feed or granule feed, after gradually adding fine feed, feeding, after it is completely adapted, let the piglets will be free to eat. At the same time, ensure that the pig is plentiful and clean. In the first day of purchasing piglets, feed 1 timeElectrolyte aqueous solution or 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, or add anti-sputum in drinking water, and insist on supplying piglets with clean drinking water. The piglet is fully adapted to the new environment and new feed, it can feed pigs normally.

4 Prevention and control of pigs

Add a proper amount of strong planetin in piglets, prevent piglets from dysenter; add yeast powder or soda in piglets, can increase the adaptation of piglet gastrointestinal Ability; in determining that all piglets are normal, the piglets, pigs, pigs, pig lung diseases, pigs, pigs, pigs, and high-pathogenic blue ear diseases such as porcine, pigs, high pathogenic blue ear diseases. . At the same time, piglets are 45-60 days, select new, broad-spectrum, efficient, safe dewormy drugs to remove piglets in vivo in vivo. Excessive parasites can be used for 5 to 7 days with Evi mixture, and sprayed pigs and circle colors with trichlorocyte alcohol; it can be used in vivo demetis and left-handedimidazole. Timely take a deposit of fermentation, incineration or deep embedding treatment, cleaning the feces in the pig house, and disinfect the coil house and its surrounding environment with 10% ~ 20% lime milk or bleached powder, completely eliminate parasitic eggs, reduce piggy two Opportunities of infection.

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