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Since the sunshine time is shortened and the temperature is gradually decreasing, the sauce is strong, in order to make a safe winter and provide nutrients for sexual organ development, during which time, the daily granulation standard should be appropriately increased, and the kind of fertilizer is appropriately increased. First provide adequate variable protein (30-35 grams per day) and protein feed rich in methionine and cystine such as: auspicious trumpet and gold medal. Second, it is necessary to give appropriate amount of dampened fat (one per day for a minimum of 10 grams per day, but do not exceed 20 grams). In this case, the beast must be implemented, after the selection, the seed, the leather beast is raised. This period is to meet the normal growth and development of the mink, usually the diet is: animal feed 200-230g, cereal feed 20-25g, malt 8-10g, vegetables 20-25g, yeast 1-1.5g, salt 0.5g . Animal protein is mainly marga, and then matches some meat and ugly; cereal feed is: 70% of corn sides, 10% soy flour, wheat flour or wheat bran 20%. In addition, some bone flour should also be added appropriately. The digestible protein in the diet is not less than 20-24 g.
From mid-October, he started the management of the slime treatment. It is necessary to watch the water to change the hair. First, see the head of the mart, because the autumn change is starting from the head, if the hair is red, indicating the nutrition of the previous period Poor levels, insufficient protein intake, this situation is definitely not good in this case. Then it is not bright to see the skin, if it is not bright, it is also nutrient lack, the protein is low, the animal feed is not good, the protein is not full. Therefore, it is necessary to give the water to sufficient nutrition, and the feed structure is reasonable.
2, love and diarrhea, this stage is easy to pull the red white and white, generally caused by the seasonal, temperature changes. The antibiotics is not good, the preferred method is to increase the amount of crude fiber (promoting intestinal peristalsis) in the feed, and some bran can be added properly, and some probiotics are added separately, such as: polysetoxin regulatory intestine The plums, improve the resistance of the body to pathogen, and reduce the incidence of diarrhea. Antibiotics are killing bacteria, and probiotics are probiotics in the intestine.
3, dogwood, fine viral enteritis is caused by viruses, there is no good treatment, and can only be treated with the preliminary immunization. The symptom of canine disease is the full group of appetite, the eyes are awkward, and the frontlaw is large. Small viral enteritis is a manure as a ham, and the feces are on the net.
4, do not control water at this stageThe amount of feeding and physical condition, how much is the water can eat, the fat point does not matter, because the water is often the development, reimbursement, growth, etc. of the reproductive system, and adjust the physical condition after the cold.
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