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(1) Health management of fox
The prevention and treatment of fox, to implement the principle of anti-weight, usually do the management of the fox, prevent disease from feed, drinking water and foreign beasts, and strengthen the pathogen Monitoring and vaccination, eliminating the epidemic in the germination. The hygiene management of the fox area should be strengthened from the following aspects.
1. Feed hygiene
(1) It is absolutely prohibited from purchasing feed from the epidemic zone. There are a lot of infectious diseases being a restriction of livestock and fur beast, from the meat feed purchased from the epidemic zone, and their livestock has such infectious diseases, and these diseases occur after the fox. Such as canine disease, rabies, pseudohavis, anthrax, tuberculosis, cloth, botulinum clostridia, etc. The residual food and the hair removal should be cleared at any time to prevent accumulation of piles, causing corruption.
(2) Do a good job in environmental hygiene around the cage, anti-mouse, feces and other pollutants under the cage should be removed every day, and the cage should be cleaned up, and the flies are mosquitoes, and the insecticide is regularly Spray around and kill the mosquito flies. Use a mechanical method to prevent mice to prevent infection in diseases.
(3) Clean and soft. Metcuffs are essential materials for cold insulation, comb hair and production, dry, no pollution, no rot, prevent other diseases from infection. It is best to expose the sun under the sun and disinfected.
2. Hygiene management of feed processing rooms and feeding equipment
(1) Health management of feed processing rooms. The staff of the feed processing room must be careful and experienced. In the feed room should be replaced with special shoes, others are strictly prohibited. Feed processing room should be anti-virus, fireproof, and disinfecting drugs apply non-toxic and tasteless high-efficiency disinfectants. The feed processing room is cleared, keeps clean, rinse each time, do not leave the dead angle, prevent the breeding of bacteria.
(2) Hygiene in processing tools and food tools. Feed processing utensils and consumption is the necessary utensils per day. Food is often coming, which is easy to become a bacterial breeding base. After each use, it is completely rinsed, regular disinfection, and the food is accompanied by cooking.
(2) Epidemic Prevention Management of the Fox
1. Eliminate the source of infection and strengthen quarantine. The introduction of foxes are isolated for two weeks or more, or after any infectious diseases, there is no infectious disease. Feed, items should be purchased from the non-videopathy to avoid epidemic of infectious diseases.
Do a good job in daily disinfection. The fox entrance and exit should be disinfected, the poolIncluded in a mixture of steroids and lime, preventing infectious diseases, regularly performing overall premonition, and various utensils cannot be used in series. The body of the disease is buried or buried below 1 meter or incinerate, and the isolation site is thoroughly disinfected with boar.
2. Regular vaccination, enhance the immunity of the fox group, before the spring of the spring, that is, the last year of December to the end of January of the next year, complete the vaccination of the main infectious diseases of foxes. In mid-July, you should inoculate the new children and fox again. The seeds should be injected into the vaccine at 3 weeks, and they cannot be injected after the breast. Before the vaccination in large groups, the community (5 ~ 10) testive vaccination is to observe 7 to 10 days, and there is no negative reaction, and large groups can be vaccinated. If an abscess or a serious illness and death after inoculation, other biological preparations should be replaced. Specific vaccination can be refer to the table below:
3. Disinfection is an important measures to prevent infectious diseases, which is to eliminate pathogens that are being transmitted in an original environment in an external environment to cut off infection. According to the purpose, it can be divided, ie prevent disinfection, temporary disinfection, and final disinfection. It can be divided into physical, biological and chemicals according to the method of use. The disinfection method commonly used in the fox area is:
(1) Physical disinfection. Including cleaning rinsing, sun, drying and high temperature, is used to significantly affect pathogenic microbial living. Commonly used daylight exposure, flame disinfection, water steam disinfection, etc.
(2) Biological disinfection. Mainly for feces, sewage and other biological fermentation treatment.
(3) Chemical disinfection. It is the most widely used sterilization method. Commonly used chemical disinfection drugs are bleached powder, potassium permanganate, to Suer, formaldehyde, and alkali. 1 Bleaching powder is used to disinfect the feces, the garbage bin, and the water source is not suitable for disinfection of metal cage. 2 Potassium permanganate is widely used to sterilize the start of corruption, feed formulation and feed processing instruments. 3 to Suer use 5% ~ 10% hot water solution to disinfect the box, the food plate, drinking water, and other feeding vessels and processing modulation instruments, 1% ~ 3% solution to disinfect hands, corpse and anatomical instruments. 4 formaldehyde is used to disinfect the box, overalls, laboratory utensils, etc. 5 The base is disinfected by all the appliances and places except the metal cage, and the effect is very good.
4. Insecticidality in the fox of the fox, surrounding and elsewhere, due to feed residue and manure, common family fly, greenfly and embedded insects, etc., they are infected MediaTo me, there is therefore a must be culled to achieve the purpose of destroying the vector.

The key to flyfly is to maintain a healthy sanitary, often cleaned, feces, and pollutine, should be removed in time to perform biothermal fermentation. Dirty puddles are filld, and the dung pits should be covered. Feed formulation should be kept clean and prevent fly infected feed. Use mechanical or chemical methods to kill it if necessary.
5. Reline rats is a major public hazard in the fox, destroying buildings, destroying feeding equipment, stealing, polluting grain feed and meat, fish feed. More importantly, rats in the occurrence and spread of fox field infectious diseases. Experiments have proven that rats can be delivered to various infectious diseases, such as hook spiral diseases, dogwood, rabies, deputy strikes. Therefore, various methods must be taken for rodent. Commonly used methods is mechanical rodents and chemical rodents. When chemical rodents must pay attention to the night spread, early morning recovery, and then clean up the mouse corpses, properly.

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