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Weaned milk, the donut after the nest is fast, management is the key to the growth, mainly the following :
First, doing a good and disinfection in the nest, first prepare the desired cage, do not have hooks, highlight the hard object of the nail, it is best to use the spray flame disinfection; secondly Said amine disinfectants, such as bank poison, new Jeer off; three is smoky, completely kill bacteria and virus.
Second, the classification is divided into a large branch of the body, and the one-week feeding will be separately held for a week, so that you have a long-term survival capacity that is prepared, and happily enters the child.
Third, a properly mixed vegetable or multicast, improve immunity.
Four, properly grazing, sunshine, inhibit growth, so preventing strong light in the house.
V. Timely injection of vaccines, according to the survey, summer is the peak period of death, main reason is that the water-mink-mink-impermaturity and osmotic gastroenteritis are preventive, because these two diseases have no special drug treatment In the epidemic season of the virus, especially the young mullet, the mother antibody is degraded on a daily, and the position of the vacant is very susceptible to infection, and the acute is no longer the treatment.
Sixth, daily attention to observe clinical symptoms if there is a mental difference, eat less, check the surplus feed of the bowl, the body temperature is 41 degrees Celsius, the asthma is abdominal, and the hair is bright, the nose is dry, and the sphini is dry. Eye diaphragm congestion, eye angle has purulent secretions, post-holour strike, eye closing, trembling, paralysis symptoms, should be diagnosed in time to prevent acute infectious diseases, no time to treat 2 days to 3 days.
VII, found in time and dissection, check the pathological changes of trachesis, tracheal lymph, gastrointestinal empty, no food, heart, intima, gastric mucosa has a small number of bleeding points, bleeding, twelve Falling the intestines, ileum, colon, rectal and bladder mucosa have different degrees of bleeding point, intestinal mucosa has a bleeding of the black ulcer stove, obvious black color filter mesh, can be seen in the serial layer, the liver Swelling, slight fat degeneration, spleen shrinking thin, periphery has infarction stoves, kidney swelling, have these performances must be infectious disease, to take active treatment.

Prevention method:
1. It is found that the sick is separated in time, using gold iodine, BM poison, spray or drinking water.
2, according to the timely injection of the mantlet-free distemper and infectious enteritis vaccine, each 貂 1 ml ~ 2 ml, because the disease is not special, do not have luck, to effectively see the feeding Threats of density and infectious diseases.
3, feed some oxymithicin tablets to prevent the infection of hematoma.
In short, with the increase of the quantity of stain, the pop area of ​​fine viruses is getting more and more expanding. Take timely attention to prevent injection is the first program, and diarrhea is only a protective reaction, which belongs to detoxification, late period. Pay attention to the supplementation fluid and detoxification, sufficiently supplying water, will increase the cure rate to prevent heart failure.
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