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Technology | The main factors affecting high-yield stable production
1. Nutrition: unreasonable, inaccurate, not scientifically adding nutrients in pregnancy, can not be gradually incorporated, rationally added, high demodes, front high, can High-yielding and stabilizing production affecting the mink, increasing the occurrence of self-suction, tires, nest and postpartum, and thus affecting the yield. 2. Disease: Do not do a good job in preventive disease treatment in time, can not be dominated by preventing, combining, prevention and treatment, the disease, etc., can increase abortion, premature birth, death, casualties, and postpartum lack of lack of lack of milk. 3. Amazing: When you have a strong shock, frightened, like a thunder, lightning, locomotive, firecrackers, and unpacking inspections within 24 hours after childbirth, can seriously affect the survival rate of the quite, increase the child貂 casualties affect yield.
4. In the case: unreasonable control of pregnancy, after physical condition, do not do fat, moderate, timely control, hello, can cause empty nest, premature birth, abortion and tire phenomenon Thereby affecting the yield.
5. Vitamins: You cannot properly add a variety of vitamins and additives, you don’t guarantee the growth, development, health and production of minks, thereby affecting production.
6. Light: Cannot rationally increase the illumination of gestational periods, it is not possible to promote the early, production and high yield of the mink to affect the yield.
7. Normal nest: I can’t completely change the old traditional concepts and thoughts. I don’t change the habit of giving grass before the past April, I can’t put an end that I didn’t do practical, but caused the occurrence of hub casualties, thus affecting the yield.
8. Results: To thoroughly change the process of flushing, manure, and from the trunk, must use manure to apply the survival rate of the recovery, otherwise it will affect the mink Yield.
9. Department of birth, postpartum management: Strengthening feeding management before and after the nest, avoids damage caused by improper feeding and management. It is necessary to do more than a few meals in feeding, and you will add less. According to the weather, it is necessary to change grass and withdrawal, and ensure that the temperature and ventilation are good. In particular, before the nest, it is necessary to make a timely feeding, clean up the bastard every day, keep the clean and hygiene in the nest, and ensure that the child is healthy.
10. Population: Time to eliminate long-term weak illness, loss of appetite, old dragon clock, and don’t love the bore, they are all kinds of low-yield and non-boring, avoiding the waste of manpower, material resources and resources.
11. Self-biting, edible: timely control of bite and edible breeding, do things, use all resources that can be used to create wealth, otherwise, production will also be affected.
12. Concept: If you can’t completely change the old traditional concept, change the old way of operation, you can’t guarantee the boutique, scientific breeding, and thoughtful management, then you want to promote the high-yield and stability of the mink, it is an empty talk!

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