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Technology | The rainy season is here, the attention of this attention is

During the breeding process of the scorpion, the rainy season is the season of scorpion, how should we avoid and reduce the diseases in the rainy season? Now we will introduce the disease that often happens in the rainy season that summarizes in breeding, so that everyone can treat in time in the case of pathogenesis.

Frequent diseases in the rainy season:

1. Rain: Diariol is the most common disease of the scorpion, if it is just because the intestinal response caused by excessive eating, the amount of food should be reduced in time. Some scorpions are bloody or pus, which is ill, commonly known as red white disease. This disease is mainly caused by not clean, or fed the evil meat. After discovery of blood, after pustuating, you should check all feed and assisted foods fed, confirm whether it is safe, and add drugs for treating dysentery. In general, such conditions will not be infected, but treatment will lead to individual death in time.

Second, the cold: the scorpion is more common, the incentives are mainly the weather changes, such as rainy days or day and night temperature difference will cause a cold, showing a runny nose, and the mood is low. In a comparison, the colds of the scorpion are better cured. In order to reduce the incidence of colds, the aquacultine should be appropriately added to the prevention of colds in the above weather conditions, which can effectively prevent the disease.

Third, Encephalitis: The incidence of diseases in this type of disease is not high, but the mortality rate is high. The disease symptoms are usually under fever temperature conditions, and the scorpions are sluggish, local spasm, stand and walk around and spit with white. At present, the cause of this disease is still a conventional discussion, which is generally considered to be induced by infection and poisoning factors. Treatment: Commonly used dehydration, by treatment with 20% mannitol or using sedative, such as a rhinezine solution, 10% olfactory sodium hydride solution. For a general brain disease, such as the treatment is approximately half of the survival. The cure rate of acute encephalitis is very low.

Four, legs soft: legs are often happening in the summer and autumn. During the feeding process, especially in the feeding period, the individual will appear weak legs, serious or even stand upright. Causes the backlime, like a hunchback. The soft symptoms of legs are because the scorpions are in a narrow space life, and the free-movable area is almost no. In addition, there is not often tangentian and their feces, so that the wet is full, longSome physical qualities are poor, and the immunity is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and spine arthritis, which is the root cause of the leg soft condition.

Five, Dry Claw (Cracks): The cause of the jam disease is multifaceted, mainly nutrients or deletions, such as low protein intake, lack of vitamins and other trace elements, and then It is a harmful parasite intrusion and fungi infection. The dry claw is the initial performance of such a disorder. If any of its development, there will eventually have a cleavage. When it is difficult to treat, the possibility of cure is smaller, and the result is a slag or agreed until death. To this end, this type of condition should be early to get early. After dry claws, use a compound vitamin C (aqueous agent) to apply the affected area, or apply urea ointment to the affected area, 3 times a day, generally a week.

In short, we should do the prevention and treatment of the above common diseases in the rainy season. Only in this way can we reduce the mortality rate of the rainy season, improve the cultured efficiency of the scorpion.


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