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In recent years, China’s blue fox has increased, and the variety is also constantly improving. Many farmers have introduced Blue Fox when they have slightly felts, scorpions, and silver foxes. The blue fox breeding form is better, but the first year of breeding is not very ideal. Where is the reason? It is worthy of our deep reflection. Reason 1: Restoration of mother fox and leaf fox

leads us to prepare mother and foxes are fat; it is difficult to adjust the physical condition, but sex maturity is inconsistent. The resequential fox has been given three or more selection to obtain excellent varieties and genes. But we have a big problem in feeding. The post-matching Mother fox should pay more attention to his physical condition and muscle fullness. Thereby achieving optimal breeding performance.

Cause 2: Over-end adjustment,
Many farmed friends feel that their breeding field mother-in-law and weight have reached “standard”, they do not respect the law of animal growth, and rush to control the feeding capacity, and prevent treatment. Large. Thus leading to the genital development of the backfox, affecting estrus, slow or non-estrus. “Little girl” is restricting the control of nutrition, and there is no adequate nutrients to develop reproductive organs. Can you give birth to normal birth? Reasons 3: Vitamins and trace elements need long-term addition
Farms pay attention to the addition of vitamins and trace elements for reproductive period, but it is difficult to control the roof and degree of vitamins during us. Some haven’t eaten vitamins. Therefore, vitamins and trace are not only to add long-term addition to consider could not eat and absorb them. Absorption is the last word! Cause 4: Subject adjustment

Both know the fox’s physical condition adjustment is very important in the reproductive period. First of all, we must understand the difference between “fat” and “body model”, so I know the proportion of body length and weight. What is the muscle of the mother fox. Second, there must be planned adjustment, strictly forbidden for the pre-physical condition control, and it is “hunger” to lose weight. This will cause estrus and deformity, “abnormal”, or even cause the ovity and no ovulation. [size = 1EM] Vitamin’s impact on reproductive period

VA: Participate in the formation of folk fox ovarian development, follicular maturation, yellow body formation, and the improvement of epitheal epithelial cell function and embryonic development. VD3: Improve the phagocytic ability of macrophages and stimulate monocytes proliferation. Promote calcium phosphorus absorption, reduce the possibility of paralysis, reduce weaknesses, and improve the health of the beast. VE: 1 Reduce the fetal weight absorption, 2 antioxidants, and prevent the occurrence of yellow fat 3 to improve the number of young revenues,4 Increase the VE content in the milk, 5 to improve the health of Mother Fox to increase the ovulation rate, 6 to reduce the number of false foxes.

Folic acid: folic acid: Participation in energy metabolism, and stimulate estrogen secretion, reduce the rate of emotions and shorten the emotional interval, improve the number of children after the first child, Promote uterine expansion and placenta formation of uterine expansion and placenta.

VB1: 1, the form of TPP constitutes an important coenzyme participation in sugar metabolism; 2. Promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion. VB2: 1, is the composition ingredient of the body’s important coenzyme; 2. It plays an important role in the conversion of protein, fat, carbohydrates and metabolic release energy. VB3: 1, important Hydrogen Coenzyme 2 Participate in g of yeast 3 with pantothenic acid, biotin to participate in fat protein DNA synthesis, reduce typical symptoms “triam” dermatitis (skin), diarrhea (digestive system) , Dementia (nervous system). VB6: 1, participating in amino acids, glycogen, fatty acid metabolism; 2. Participate in the energy conversion of the brain and tissues, the biosynthesis of nucleic acid metabolico a moisture. VB3, 6 long-term lack of low-pyramid anemia, the developmental disorder of the central nervous system, and there is a neurological condition when severe. [SIZE = 0.8EM] This article summarizes

carbohydrate, protein-amino acid, fat-fatty acid, vitamin, mineral element is the five major nutrients necessary for animal life. Vitamins also called “Vitamin” to maintain life must be nutritious. He is coordinated with the “chain” of five major nutrition. It is a more smooth, please pay attention to the importance of nutrition.

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