Teddy dog’s beauty Raiders

The Teddy is cute, but it is not so easy ~ Especially the Teddy dog, if it doesn’t care, it will become very bad because it is necessary to trim. In addition, the anal gland is also a problem. If you don’t clean it for a long time, it is not only the odor brings a disease. Today we will talk about the beauty Raiders about Teddy dogs. timg (2).jpg

About Teddy Baths

1. Clean your ear and nails before cleaning, then use long cotton The ball is blocked to prevent water.

    2. Squeezing the pet’s bath out a little re-diluted with water; gently crushed the anal gland with your thumb and forefinger, to serve as the effect of the anal gland; use the dilution bath to apply the head and the whole body, along the head The part is back, the abdomen and the limbs are gently rubbed, do not let the bath flow to the Teddy dog.

  • 3. After you, use the water to clean the whole body and tap it, then thoroughly rinse it.
  • 4. With the bath towel, the Teddy dog’s body is hover to dry the water on the stage; the remaining moisture is blown dry with a hair dryer, starting from the head, and brush it in front of the roots. Blow drying; the hair dryer is re-folded with the hair with a comb.
  • Teddy dog ​​cutting step

1. First capture the strip.

⒉ Backline: The back line is horizontal, the extension of the elbow vertical from the elbow is slightly labeled. 3. The hips are cut from the hip bone to the tail root 30.

4. The hind body cut into a slash in the direction of the leg, and flying to the ground vertically into a straight line.

    5. The chest trim is first used with a comb oblique comb to make a horizontal trim, and then trim forward, so that the whole chest is present in a soft and round feeling.

  • 6. Waist belly: Pay special attention to the waist line, the waistline is driven to the last rib backward position (but does not decide, the waist line depends on the overall bone characteristics of the dog). The abdomen cut into a slash, tilted from the elbow to the waistline.

  • 7. Send the body on both sides and the back of the body, look down from above, dogsThe body is in a flower shape.

  • 8. Head trim. The scissors are cut in the direction of the ear, and the head is decorated with hair scissor. The ear is usually not trimmed, but generally does not exceed the sternal position.
  • Teddy dog ​​sorting and shaving

  • Let the dog stand on the stage, from The back of the back is slowly brushing in the direction of the abdomen; after brushing the back, the brush is sequentially brushed into the abdomen, and inside the front of the front; combing its head; finally brush the tail of Tten Dig.

  • 2. Shaving:

  • When the pet king, the pet king recommends that you should use the right hand, hold the dog’s mouth left hand; self-eye hip to the nose, the corner, the neck, Shaving the cheek, ear of the ear; the four feet is just repairing the foot pad, the shaved feet should be a thumb and the index finger to separate the feet, be careful to shave it; the back main body and the surrounding, the abdomen All must be shaved; the part of the tail root to the anus shaves 2 ~ 3cm of the Words of Words.

Teddy Dye Preparation Tools:

Prepare something before dyeing, brush, gloves, color, straight, Ribbar, fur.

  • When combing: When combing hair, only dog ​​hair can be implied, do not apply any modifications.
  • Dyeing: back, tail, ear (with the ear of the ear, get everywhere

Specific content:

When dyed It is necessary to use straight to comb, confirm whether the hair is stained. After the color is blown by the electric blow, it is blown away. After the tail is dyed, use the tin paper to be used, and the skin is tied back. Each step, The roots have a brownish bruises. After the ear is hurt, the leather band is also tied to have a hair, first use the water to put the back of the hair, and the last dyed ear should wipe more.


Skin disease or ear is not dyed. If the dye is not cautious, don’t wipe it. When the ditch is, it must be tied in the hair, and it is never tied to the skin. So no blood is not circulating, causing necrosis. In addition, the color of dye is depends on the season, gender, etc.There are defects, daily use of traction rope for an hour, posture correct platform for 20 minutes, starting from three months, the end should be exaggerated, there is a curve.

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