Test if you are a competent cat slave

u=375577507,1557184899&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Cat is a natural carnivore, but how to raise cats, feeding your cat correctly and suitable for their food? The 12 questions below can tell you whether your feeding method is correct.

1, cats eat raw fish?

NO! Cats long-term raw fish, will lack vitamin B1, or will not completely absorb It causes cramps and even death, remember to cook the fish, but also steamed the fish, and save the nutrients of fish.

2, fresh!

YES! Feeding Cat’s food must be fresh, not fresh food contains a lot of bacteria, and the vitamin and nutrients contained low.

3, the big fish is a big meat, love cat?

NO! Cat likes less meals, they will cause a lot of health problems, we should Strictly control the food of cats, give them a balanced nutrition. 4, the cat is also vegetarian?

NO! Cats can absorb the nutrients in plants, if they have long-term vegetarian, so they will lose their blindness, even death.

5, ganglin slides? NO! Do not feed the cats of the cats, ganglin contains an antibiotic protein, which will neutralize An important vitamin in the cat, causing them to absorb the ability of vitamins. Note! There is no problem with cooked eggs and egg yolk.

6, cat love to eat liver?

YES! Cat only likes to eat liver, but eat excessive will cause the cat to have vitamin A poisoning and bones. So I will give them the liver of the liver for a long time. In addition, the cats do not eat too many by-products, such as animals, are difficult to digest.

7, cats love to drink milk?

YES! But please note that don’t feed adult cat drinking milk, otherwise it will cause their gastrointestinal discomfort, if necessary It can be changed to feed cat only dedicated milk. 8, the cat dog is different?

YEs! Cat dogs need for nutrients, do not feed cats with dog food. Dogs need more calcium, less protein, and the cat is reversed.

9. Dry food is quick and convenient?

YES! Feeding Food is fast and convenient, but when cats are in patients, such as intestinal disease, heart disease, etc. Do not eat dry food. The old cat is due to their digestive ability, absorbs the nutrition in dry food, so they should not eat dry food.

10, cats want to eat hot food?

YES! Cats can’t eat cold food, otherwise they will lead their gastrointestinal discomfort. However, the cat does not like too hot food, so the food for feeding cats is best to adjust to the right amount of temperature.

11. Timed eating?

YES! People’s three meals Time, let alone cat? Cat mainly feed cats to protect its digestive system . Eating habits when you are uncertain, it will easily make your cattle stomach. In addition, a half-kg of heavy cats generally need to drink 30ml water every day. 12. Convert Diversity Cat?

NO! For love cats to convert food, the whole process takes five to seven days, the weight of the old food is about 1:4, Then two days were 2:3, gradually transferred, so that the stomach of the kitten gradually habitually changed, and did not adequate gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting.

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