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The United States is focused on PEDs mainly in Biosafety Prevention and Shot To clear the strategy, such a measure cannot prevent the occurrence of PED, it does reduce the loss caused by the disease. Today, we focus on the bio-safety preventive measures for epidemic diarrhea.

From the world to China, from the winter to all year round

In the United Kingdom, PED was found in the UK; 1978 Isolated to PEDV And identified as an infectious pathogen; in the 1970s-90s, in Europe, it was popular in Europe. It later disappeared. In the 1980s and 1990s, Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea) have reported PED, proliferation after 2000 To other Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines) and Taiwan; In October 2010, China broke out highly pathogenic PEDV, swept the country; in April 2013, the United States found highly pathogenic PEDV.


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Possible cause 1, 2004, the scale of pigs started in China, the rapid increase in feeding densities in pig units;
2, domestic pigs disease disease Increased complexity, resulting in a decline in the overall immunity of the pigs;
3, the evolution of PEDV itself, toxicity.
Second, the United States quickly solves the experience of PED

What can we learn?
US Treatment method of PED

Implement strict biosafety measures; aimed in an orderly aimer; a practical topic research on production needs, once there is a timely promotion; establish a national disease sharing And analysis system; national allocation of high-density testing (fixed to the Department of Test Laboratory of Agriculture), the pig farm is free).

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United States Royal Pig Property: Red represents the highly intensive pig.

American 2013 working focus:

PEDV history and current molecular epidemiology; pathology and antigen variation and serum cross-reactivity; diagnosis and PEDV Spread and inactivation; PED prevention and control – vaccine; new diarrhea related coronavirus discovery – DCV.
Although we are also doing, but there is no formation, each is the government …
American work ideas: division of labor + cooperation
All kinds of associations organizational funds – funded research institutes – large breeding companies – Independent third-party institutions, etc .; where did the PED virus come from? How to spread? How to protect susceptible animals? Separate viruses, analyze viruses, detect viruses, vaccine development; what role in the pig industry association?
China may not miss technology, but lack effective organizational and management (spirit of cooperation).

Total knot

Prevention and control of infectious diseases, no doubt, immunity is key measures: immunization includes immunization of rhersion to immunization and disinfection / inactivating seedlings. It is necessary to realize that the PED immunohist is short, and the PED needs to be the best with the immunity of the tire (4 weeks before the birth, the discussion of live / death). PED prevention and control, in addition to immunization, biosafety measures are important.
(more exciting, treated tomorrow)

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