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The United States is focused on PEDs mainly in Biosafety Prevention and Shot In the clear strategy, this cannot prevent PED, but it does reduce the loss caused by the disease. Today, we focus on the bio-safety preventive measures for epidemic diarrhea.
Third, Biosafety Measures Implemented

Vehicles, Pig House, Testing, Foster …
1, Vehicle Transport Tool (1) Vehicle Material: Stainless Steel Place. (2) Rinse: Point, and average of each slog field for 3-4 hours of flushing and disinfection. The cab’s cab is dirty, cleaned twice a week.

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(3) Microbial detection of vehicles: protein residual and bacterial virus detection.


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(4) Laphar truck to the isolation time before the pig farm pulled out the sow of the sow: 2 nights + heating; score the pig’s vehicle: 2 Evening + heating and drying; taking the car to the slaughterhouse: 2 night + heating drying. (5) When confirming that a car is very dangerous: Need to increase the temperature of the dry room; eliminate the mother pig to hand over the pigtock; drying is the best way to eliminate the virus after cleaning.

2, slaughterhouse

The unloading slope of the slaughterhouse must perform appropriate cleaning and disinfection every day; when the third layer of vehicles are unloaded, the driver should wear work pants, when returning to the driving bin Remove. The disposable shot is removed before entering the third layer of the vehicle, not the unloading station is removed; the driver needs practical evening training; it is necessary to review the driver to enter and drive the operation process; weeklyIt is necessary to supervise the on-site supervision. If all the operations have been well implemented, the oversight frequency is changed once a month; you need to maintain the first rhinar and clean and hygiene;


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Strict unloading process (worth collecting)
After the driver enters the slaughterhouse, you can’t get off at the slaughterhouse; the vehicle is parked in the designated position, wearing shoes and puts the shoe cover, after The door can be passed on the slaughterhouse; when you get on the car, you need to enter the cab (you can put on the shoe step on the pedal, but you can’t enter the cab), you need to go off the traveled shoe cover in front of the cab. In the garbage bag, avoid the pollution cab; the first layer and the second layer are unloaded by the slaughterhouse; when the third layer is uninstalled, we need to wear the jacket and pants and put on the shoe cover under the boots.

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When entering the third layer, it is necessary to take off the shoe cover. The shoe sleeve cannot enter the car. The boots must not step on the suspension bridge; after uninstallation, we need to wear shoes and step on the crash (boots do not step on the hanging bridge, shoe cover Do not enter the car); enter the cab on the side driving side (need to take off the dirty jacket and pants before getting on the bus, put on the garbage bag, the shoe cover can step on the pedal of the co-driver, sitting in the seat and remove the dirty The boots and shoe covers are placed in the garbage bag, preventing pollution to the cab); driving away the slaughterhouse into the first rolling point; enter the first flushing point, replace the rinse sale, the briquette or joints are taken from the cab. The panel of the coach is a dirty area, avoiding a clean boots stepping. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse and disinfection,

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3, the biosafety prevention and control of the pig farm is flushing with high pressure rushing guns, it is necessary; the pig farm turns the pig corridor sets anti-bird network; the field is regularly ruthless; the pig farm buildings need to be periodically Weed.

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4, Biosafety Check

(1) First protein residual detection, then pathogenic nucleic acid detection; whether to wash clean sampling test: PRRSV, PEDV.


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(2) Joint development of protein residual testing kit assisted biosafety inspection.


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5. Disease monitoring in the pig house

The detection method includes saliva method and testicular liquid method, the detection content includes Lan Ear / swine fever / pseudo-mad / influenza / Diarrhea virus


6, prevent the spread of the internal employee of the pig farm The correct bath process can be effective to remove the pathogens brought by the person.

Washing ratio of different parts: Hand: 3/8; Nasal: 4/8; hair: 3/8.

7. Operating key – limited cross-foster

(1) Limiting cross-foster within 24 hours, it is necessary to use the following rules: limit between 24 hours after crossing Foster; when crossing, you need to consider the matching of pigs and teats; limit pigs in different rooms to cross-foster, do not adjust poor pigments. (2) Statistics found that the mortality rate before weaning is reduced by 2%. Some fields also reduce the incidence of blue ear disease from 16.8% to 10%. (3) It is especially important during PED. ! !
8, the introduction and domestication of the reserve pig (1) Core frequency: 3- June. (2) Rest of reserve mother pigs: PEDV positive samples, or pure poison return. 10% or more, vomiting, anorexia. PED live seedlings immunized: CV777, ZJ08 strain. Strengthen immunization of strong monovolury: AJ1102 strains.
(3) Return to the small intestine sample batch small packaging, no cross-contamination; if the PEDV content is detected by each bag; no other viruses (PRRSV, ADV, HCV).

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9, Immunization

(1) Refund / infection / live seedlings immunization, with fetal immunoactive seedlings, can significantly improve SiGA antibody level; (2) Inactivating seedlings With the immunization of the tires, the time is immunized, and the time is 14-21 days; (3) The best SIGA antibody level is: the average value is 1.70 or more, the protection ratio is 58%; (4) reserve sow need to stick to PEDV domesticated – basic immunity (including live seedlings); (5) Control Other immunosuppressive diseases are critical: PRRS, AD, PCV2, SIV. Four, PED prevention and control points


1, maintain and improve / improve sow immune properties; 2. Control the production rhythm and pig breeding density; 3. Recommended mother sow is domesticated (return or use high quality livelings), prenatal to enhance immunity (recommended Weaki / inactivated seedling reinforcement – safety); 4, good category management (especially fostering and columns management); 5, biosafety control: Communication in the control field (personnel) and field PEDV (Lak car and Feed car); 6, PED antibody level monitoring (there is no very stable and reliable method).

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The above is a measures for the Ped (Pig Fluid Diarrhea) in the American Pig Romber, although each country Different disease conditions, but there is still a certain reference in the control of epidemic diarrhea virus.

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